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Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Kunou woke in a laboratory. A man in with a white lab coat and strange glasses was looking at her. He smiled an almost evil smile and said, "How do you feel?"

Kodachi shivered a bit and said meekly, "Fine sir, but what am I doing here. You're not going to hurt me are you," her eyes looked up at him as a timid rabbit would look upon a lion.

"Oh no, my assistant found you and your brother hurt on the street and brought you to me. I have no plans of harming you at all, it's just that you have such interesting power signatures running through you both. We extracted your brother's heart crystal, thinking that it might be due to pure heart crystals, but alas that was not the case."

Kodachi sat up and she saw her brother's form lying on a nearby bed. She timidly said, "My brother what did you do with him?"

"As I said I took his heart crystal for examination," The man smacked his head and said, "Oh I suppose I should put it back he'll die without it."

Kodachi gasped and the man rummaged through his lab coat pockets, "Now where did I put it. Kaolinite!"

A red haired woman in a lab coat came into the room she approached close and said, "Yes, Souichi-sama?"

Souichi pointed at Tatewaki's dying body and said, "Where did I put his heart crystal. His sister seems somewhat concerned about his health."

Kaolinite touched him lightly and said, "You were saying something about removing the imposed light and then using its inner darkness to create something called a Daimon, my lord."

He giggled a bit and Kodachi mewled in fright as he held up a strange test tube filled with pink liquid and said, "That's right, that's right I did. Sorry young girl but your brother won't be long for this world without his heart crystal."

He poured the pink liquid into a beaker and the two combined to form a sort of embryo which grew in size and broke the beaker. The thing floated into the air and became an egg. Souichi grinned and said, "See, a daimon egg. With it we can find pure heart crystals."

Kodachi had enough she dropped from her table and ran towards the door screaming in absolute terror. Red hair wrapped all around her before she reached the door and Kaolinite said, "That won't do, not at all."

Kodachi blubbered, "Please what will you do to me."

The man came closed and said, "With the Daimon's we can find pure heart crystals. In those pure heart crystals can be found three talismans. When those talismans are brought together an item of great power called the Holy Grail, is created. With the Holy Grail we can take over the world!"

"But, what does that have to do with me?"

Kaolinite took the Daimon egg and placed it on Tatewaki's body. The egg merged with him and flowed over him until he rose as a dark black form. The strange creature was shorter than Kunou and had two black boken like arms and all it could say was, "Strike, strike."

Kodachi gasped in horror and fainted. Kaolinite just patted the Daimon on its head and said, "Not yet my little Strike, not yet."

The red hair brought Kodachi close to Kaolinite who woke her up and said, "You have a choice little rabbit. Become a little pet Daimon like your brother or allow me to simply remove this disgusting spell that has been placed on you. After that your dark heart will shine through and perhaps you can be part of our little group. Just think together we can be the Witches Six, dedicated to bringing the Messiah of Silence to the world."

The twisted shape of what had once been her brother came closer and Kodachi mewled in terror, "Please don't turn me into that," she begged.

The red haired witch smiled and said, "Strike give me her heart crystal."

The daimon punched a boken into Kodachi's chest and retrieved her heart crystal. It bounced up and down in glee. "Strike, strike!"

Kaolinite patted it and took the heart crystal in her hands she grimaced at a white spot of light within the crystal and held it out to the white haired man with glasses, "Here Souichi-sama can you remove this offensive blight for me?"

The man took the heart crystal placed it in a beaker and the light drained away. He smiled and said, "It will provide some power to create more Daimons." He pulled the dark crystal from the apparatus and said, "Here Kaolinite now it is infused only with darkness."

Kaolinite smiled as she took the black crystal in hand and placed it into Kodachi's chest. The girl awoke and a haughty and proud demeanor came over her features. Then she easily slipped free from Kaolinite's hair and stood in a combat position saying, "Who would dare to trifle with the Black Rose!"

"We found you and brought you in. It seems that you were infected by some insidious spell."

Strike approached Kodachi and she stared at it with contempt, "Ah yes, I recall now how fitting a form for you brother dear. It suits you entirely too well," She then focused her attention on the red haired woman and said, "It was that harridan Sailor Moon she used her foul magics upon my person, but you saved me. You have my thanks and indeed my cooperation in your future endeavors especially if we shall face Sailor Moon again!"

Kodachi laughed an evil laugh and Kaolinite and Souichi joined in…

After practice Ranma was cooling off in the park and staring out at the small pond. Alone with her thoughts she was at peace for a time. A call from Nabiki earlier in the day updated Nabiki on Ranma's condition and informed Ranma that Ms. Hinako was visiting the house and looking to spend time with Soun. Ranma smiled and said, "Good for him I guess maybe she can keep him from crying all the time or something."

"Yeah, Akane's been trying to break them up, but I don't see why. It's not like she's a gold digger or anything. Besides we could use some income coming into the house."

"Well you tell me if you need any help getting them together okay? And don't forget that we're going to be practicing tomorrow."

"Alright Neko-chan I'll tell you, and I won't forget practice if you promise to take me somewhere after."


Ranma smiled ate the remembered call. Nabiki had indeed been pleased by the fact that Ranma had asked Nemesis what he options were and seemed pleased that Ranma had taken the course she had. She also mentioned the possibility of using Vesta to feed the images she had seen of the battle into her camcorder and sell them to the press. The yen signs on that deal were nothing to scoff at, plus possibilities of marketing Sailor Angerona dolls and such wasn't something to sneeze at either. She wondered if the rest of the sailor Senshi had some sort of marketing and copyright knowledgeable person working for them.

Ranma was broken out of her reverie when a small girl with black hair seemed to go into convulsions and fall into the pond. Without thinking Ranma dove right into the water without looking. She slammed her knee on a rock scratching it as she quickly pulled the girl out of the water.

She quickly stepped away from the pond and put the girl on the ground. She seemed to be breathing and so Ranma said, "Are you okay?"

The girl looked up at her and said, "I'm sorry sometimes I have these spells."

"That's alright, um…"

"Hotaru, my name is Hotaru Tomoe."

The girl started to sit up and Ranma helped her as she said, "Nice to meet you Hotaru, I'm Ranma Hitoshirenu."

Hotaru nodded and then saw the small scratch on Ranma's knee and pointed at it saying. "Oh Ranma-san did you get that rescuing me from the water?"

"Hmm," Ranma looked at the small scratch and said, "Ah it's nothing I'll be fine before the end of the day I'm sure."

Hotaru wasn't listening she just placed her hands on Ranma's knee and concentrated. A pinkish light glowed beneath her hands and then the wound was healed. Ranma had to catch Hotaru again as the girl fell back. "Whoa there, you alright?"

The petite black haired girl looked up at Ranma and said, "You don't think I'm a freak?"

Ranma looked confused and said, "For fainting, nah lots of people do it. Maybe with some training, exercise and diet we could get you up to snuff in no time."

Hotaru sat up with hope in her eyes, "Really," then she looked downcast again and said, "But what about your knee?"

Ranma stood up and tested it with a few high kicks, "Good as ever I'd say. It would have healed on its own, but thanks for whatever it was you did. That was neat think you can show me how you did it?"

The curiosity on Ranma's face was unmistakable, but it was a curiosity without a hint of malice. Hotaru almost laughed and said, "You don't think I'm strange?"

"Nah, I've seen strange and I have to say that a bit of healing just isn't quite at the top of my list besides," Ranma proceeded to take off her black baseball cap and ruffle her feline ears, "Who am I to say when someone is strange or not."

Hotaru stared in mute shock for a moment and then said, "Ranma-san I think that might be strange."

"Well kiddo, let's make a deal then. We can be strange together and I'll introduce you to some other strange people as well. I think you'll like them."

Hotaru smiled and said, "I think I'd like that Ranma-san," then she noticed the setting sun and stood up as she said, "Oh, but in the meantime I need to get home before I get into trouble."

"Yeah me too I guess," Ranma held out a hand, "come on let me walk you home. I'll tell you about some of my friends as we go."

Hotaru took Ranma's hand and said, "I'd like that Ranma-san. I'd like it a lot."

Setsuna finished making repairs to the Gates of Time and reveiwed recent history. Seeing everything that she could put fear into her heart and she quickly made a portal appear. She stepped through and appeared in a room next to a person. At first glance one would have thought that this person wearing a suit and with close cropped blonde hair was a bishonen young man, but in reality it was a girl. The blonde haired girl stared at the Senshi of time in shock until Setsuna threw a small henshin rod at her saying, "Memoria."

The girl caught the small item and instead of shouting with anger she felt a wave of memories wash over her. The powerful memories mae her reaction t the intrusion entirely different from what it would have been. Instead of reacting with anger at the intrusion she took the rod and said, "Uranus Planet Power Makeup!"

As the transformation washed over her a door opened to the room and Michiru walked into the room the girl gasped in astonishement as the transformation completed and Sailor Uranus said Princess Pluto, what requires the attention of Sailor Uranus?"

Pluto just smiled walked over to Michiru and held out a small rod saying, "Here take it and everything will be understood."

Michiru's hand wavered oer the rod, she looked at the strange warrior who was standing in Haruka's place and said, "I'm not sure..."

Uranus detransformed and walked over to her, touched her shoulder and said, "It's still me Michiru take the rod and you'll see."

Michiru took the Rod and she felt memories wash over her as well. She transformed, then Haruka did as well. When the two were done transforming Pluto said, "I have dire news indeed. First I have felt the power of Sailor Saturn awakening."

The two others gasped and Uranus said, "What about the protocols? Surely she will be restricted by the Serenity protocols."

Pluto shook her head and said, "No, with the queen dead there is no lock on the girl's powers. She will awaken with full and complete power. Which means that we may have to stop her, such power can not be allowed to roam free."

The other senshi started to say more, but Pluto intreuppted them saying, "That is not all! The grail is being sought as we speak. Sought by an evil group with dire plans. We must get the grail before they are able to!"

Neptune said, "The grail and Saturn? The situation could not possibly be any worse."

Pluto looked at her gravely and said, "It is worse, another group of sailors using the power of Nemesis are around. They are trying to prevent the formation of a new moon kingdom and have gone to great lengths already."

Neptune and uranus stared at Pluto, the news had silenced them completely. Pluto said, "All is not lost, we can and we must prevail over these threats and our first objective is to find the Grail. Dealing with Saturn and Nemesis should be secondary prorities at this stime."

Uranus said, "What about the inner senshi?

Pluto said, "They have their own jobs to do. Let them do theirs and we shall do ours. Now let us go and see if we can find Pure heart crystals"

Later, Usagi is sitting by Mamoru's side ine the hospital going over one of her grades. She looks at his comotose form and says, "I know it's terrible, but I've been going to Rei's to study as much as possible, it's just that Sailor Angerona is still around, but we can't find her and Rei sais she was having visions of bad things. Oh Mamo-chan, won't you wake up and tell me what to do?"a Nurse comes in and says, "I'm sorry miss, but visitng hours are almost over. You'll have to come back another day."

Usagis sighs and gathers her things. She starts to leave the room and as she gets to the door she looks back one last time, "I'll fix the crystal somehow and you'll be healed I swear it!"

As Usagi and Luna nears the Shrine, Rei is in front of the sacred fire, trying to figure out what her premonition was about. But she can't feel anything and goes outside. She tries getting her fortune, reads it, then ties the paper to the tree outside. She sighs and says, "I hope my friends will be safe."

Suddenly, the tree is surrounded by light, and Rei pulls back in alarm. The tree turns into a strange creature and says, "I am Makuuji and I want your pure heart crystal!" Rei immediately runs thinking that she'll lead it away from the shrine so her grandfather won't be hurt. Makuuji follows close behind, while Kaolinite floats almost invisibly nearby watching with keen interst.

Rei is backed up against a wall by the creature, and it launches its hands at her. The hands turn to stone and pin her arms against the wall. Another set of hands form on the creature and Kaolinite appears nearby saying, "Daimon! See if the girl has a talisman."

Rei says, "Daimon?"

Makuuji opens its shirt, revealing a black star on its chest. A black beam shoots out of the black star, hits Rei in the chest, and the girl screamed. The Daimon extracts the heart crystal and Kaolinite said, "Good I will go find other candidates, if she doesn't have a talisman just bring the heart crystal back to the location. We will need many to accomplish our goals"

Meanwhile Usagi has reached the entrance of the shrine with Luna saying, "Are you sure you don't know how to fix the Ginzuishou?"

The cat nods saying, "I'm sorry princess, it was unheard of that it would break at all. Such a feat should have been nigh on impossible, perhaps if I could remember how the Queen created it."

Usagi sighed and said, "I'd much rater be on a date with mamo-chan than studying...Maybe I can sneak in and see him."

Luna says, "Usagi! You promised that you would study. If you don't go I'll have to claw you!"

"Hmmph! You just don't understand a girl's pure intentions and actions!"

"More like lazy ones..." The rest of Luna's statement was cut off by Rei's scream ans the two go investigate. When they see the Daimon Usagi needs no prompting to turn into Sailor Moon."

Sailor Moon jumps in saying, "I am Sailor Moon defender of love and beauty. I can't forgive you for attacking a girl with a pure heart, so in the name of the moon I will punish you!" The daimon turns to Sailor Moon and attacks by using a rope on its head to wrap around her legs and throw her against the wall. Ami, Makoto and Minako appear with Artemis and are about to transform, but the daimon tells them their fortune is bad luck and shoots vines out of its head which trap them against trees so they can't move or transform. Sailormoon is still recovering from the first attack, and Luna says, "This creature is stronger than the droids."

The daimon laughs and approaches Moon saying, "Now I shall extract your heart crystal as well!"

Moon stared at the creature with anger in her eyes and said, "No! I won't allow this." She held up her rod and chanelled her need and anger through it. The rod transformed into a new one with a heart on the top and she shouted, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

The attack shreded the daimon and the vines and bonds on the senshi disintegrate. Rei falls to the ground and two new Senshi drop out of nowhere to stand next to Rei. One with a yellow bow grabs the crystal that was left there and examines it saying, "Hmm, it seems like this one doesn't have a talisman." The other girls come close and ask a number of questions, but they are ignored.

The senshi with a green ribbon extended her hand and said, "Let me see," the crystal was handed to her and she said, "Yes, it's close, but not quite close enough to be a pure heart crystal. Oh well."

She tosses the crystal back at Rei and it vanishes in her chest. The two then start to leave.

As the two are leaving the rest of the girls and the cats shout questions to them asking them who they are and what they were doing. The two continue to ignore the rest and then they are gone.

Meanwhile, back at their lair Souichi says, "That target didn't have the Talisman."

Kaolinite agrees and says, "There was unexpected interference with my plan. I'll on guard next time. Besides, there are still the rest of the witches six to consider and our newest recruit Kodachi is even now working in the Nerima district."

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