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Epilogue -

The camera pans to a black haired woman in a sharp business suit who says, "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen this is Takaya Misato and tonight we have the very beginning of a special series for you. I am going to interview one of the members of Tokyo's newest and government sanctioned protection force. That's right tonight in this room we will have Kasumi Tendo the Vice President of Nemesis enterprises!"

The brown haired and graceful woman walks into the studio where an aid takes her to a chair. Kasumi sits down and the camera pans to back to a black haired woman wearing a business suit. She smiles and says, "Well, we certainly have some exciting footage to show, but first a few questions about you."

Kasumi nods and Takaya says, "You are the eldest Daughter of a martial artists and Nerima council member Soun Tendo. What made you decide to step into the role of Vice President at a company like Nemesis Enterprises?"

Kasumi blushes slightly and says, "Well I would have liked a more traditional role, but my sister really needed someone she could trust at her side."

Takaya nods and says, "So how do you help run this enterprise? How do you help manage a security company that also has many new and advanced technologies as well as a toy line and apparently an animated series and a manga based on the exploits of its members?"

The brown haired woman just smiles and says, "Well I took care of my house since my mother passed and have been keeping the Wa in balance there even with two other sisters and a young man who stayed with us who has many rivals and challengers. Going from that to working at Nemesis was hard, but I think I have managed quite well."

"I see and that young man you mentioned, his name is Ranma Saotome correct? We were trying to interview him, but apparently he is in China with his new wife Shampoo. But tell me, did you know he would be able to do this:"

The screen behind them turns on and a grainy video shows Ranma fighting Sailor Pluto and just barely winning. Kasumi watches it and says, "Well he was quite an active martial artist, but no I could never have expected he would be able to fight and defeat a magical terrorist."

Takaya nods and says, "What about yourself. We hear rumors about a blossoming romance between yourself and a local Chiropractor. Can you confirm them?"

Kasumi just blushes and says, "I would prefer not to talk about that."

A few more questions and some more answers and then the camera goes off. Takaya looks to Kasumi and says, "So, when will we get your sister Nabiki Tendo on?"

Kasumi shakes her head and says, "She's even busier than I am, but we will have Mercury for you tomorrow okay?"

Takaya sighs and nods.

The camera pans to a black haired woman in a sharp business suit who says, "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen this is Takaya Misato and tonight we have the second episode of a special series for you. I am going to interview a one of the members of Tokyo's newest and government sanctioned protection force. That's right tonight in this room we will have Mercury of Nemesis enterprises!"

The blue haired Senshi comes in and sits across from the reporter. The reporter looks back at her and says, "The question everyone is dying to know is why you joined with Nemesis. What happened to make you quit working for the vigilante magical girls and the terrorist Sailor Pluto?"

Mercury coughs once and says, "Uh...that's a long story I don't think we have enough time for me to relate all of it, but let's just say I learned that what we were doing wasn't helping the people of the city and that's all I ever really wanted to do. The other girls did too, but they just didn't realize that they were being misled."

Takaya nods and says, "I see, so you're telling me that Pluto was behind it all. She manipulated them all?"

Mercury hesitates and then nods again, knowing that if she goes with what she said in court most of her friends will be given leniency. "Yes, she was the one who helped them find their magical powers. She was the one who made us think we were the forces of good, when we were not."

Takaya nods and says, "Well I see this is getting uncomfortable for you. Why don't we talk about the battle with Pharoah90? First we will roll some tape."

A few clips go and Takaya talks with mercury about her role in defeating the menace that attacked the town. Near the end of the interview Takaya says, "So no chance that I'll know your real name like we do with the other girls?"

Mercury shakes her head and says, "We feel that it is best for the city's safety and security that only a select few people know the real Identities of Team Nemesis."

"Right, well there we have it. Thank you Mercury and we can't wait to see you again. To all our audience stay tuned because next time we will have an interview with Venus of Nemesis Enterprises."

Aiko Suzuki sat in a changing room. She could hardly believe that she was in this place and feeling more like herself. She held onto the rod that Ranma had given her and smiled softly. Without the change she would have been gone forever a casualty of the cleansing from Sailor Moon, but now she was herself. She whispered her transformation phrase and stepped out of the room.

The camera pans to a black haired woman in a sharp business suit who says, "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen this is Takaya Misato and tonight we have the third episode of a special series for you. I am going to interview a one of the members of Tokyo's newest and government sanctioned protection force. That's right tonight in this room we will have Venus of Nemesis enterprises!"

The blonde walked to the woman and smiled at the cameras, and then she was directed to a chair where the interview began. "So, let's start at the beginning. You lost yourself for a time after a battle what was that like?"

"I'm not the only one. There were a lot of people who were affected by the powers of Sailor Moon. I just hope that therapy can bring them back to the people they once were."

Takaya nods and then says, "I see and what do you think of your team now?"

The blond sighs and says, "They are like a second family to me. My mother and father are still out there, but Nemesis is a second family. Without them I would be lost still in my mental prison."

A serious expression comes to the Newswoman's face as she says, "You know there are some who say that the members of Nemesis affected by what you call the Cleansing shouldn't be on the team. They think you could relapse or hurt the team somehow. What do you say to them?"

Venus frowns and says, "I'd tell them that we are one hundred percent behind Nemesis. We are valuable allies and that we are healed now. They should have no reason to suspect such things at all."

"I see, and what about the people who think you've stolen this from Sailor Venus?"

She stands and says, "Look Sailor Venus did the wrong thing and now it's up to Nemesis who gets to be in her shoes. I fit the right magical signature and I won't be foolish enough to follow someone who wants to rule the world. We are going to work with the government, not against it."

She turns and walks off, "I am done now."

Takaya turns and looks to the cameras "Well, there we have it folks. The new Venus looks to be quite capable for the job. The only question for us is will Mars and Jupiter come in next week or have we been too disrespectful by putting false accusations in front of them?"

Miko and Miya Watanabe were more than ready for their interview. The previous week with Aiko had been perfectly set up to stifle the rumors and statements being made by some people. Even so they knew they would have to answer those questions as well, plus a few more.

Miko transformed into Mars and Miya into Jupiter and the two stepped out of the dressing room. Once outside they were escorted onto set and the interview began.

This time the interview went smoother and much easier.

The last and final interview was for Ranma as Angerona. The red haired cat girl sat down across from Takaya and the interview began. "Wow! You are Angerona one of the founders of Team Nemesis and Nemesis Enterprises. In addition, you are the woman who destroyed that strange creature who attacked the city. Can you tell us what was going through your mind when that happened?"

Angerona said, "Simple really. There were a lot of innocents in the city and I had to help protect them. I knew I had to find some technique or somethin' to destroy that black goo monster and I did."

"What a technique that was too! You took off the top of a building and the blast can be seen going very high into the sky, but some people who have seen the footage claim that it's just Hollywood special effects and nothing more. What do you say to them?"

Angerona laughed and said, "That's their choice, I don't care none what they think. I was there and I know what happened. So do a lot of people in that building and the surroundin' area. The losers who want to think it's something else can feel free. I just suggest they not state it out loud near the people who were saved. I wouldn't want to be responsible for violence ya' know."

Takaya nodded and then said, "Yes, I could see how that might be a problem. Can you tell me what other plans Nemesis has in the future?"

Angerona shrugged and then said, "Protecting the city, state, country and world even. We intend to be exactly what the Greeks and Romans understood Nemesis to stand for. We will be justice or retribution in return for wrongful deeds. Just like what that black blob got."

Takaya blanched a moment and then said, "Unfortunately we have run out of time, thank you Angerona for coming and thanks to Nemesis Enterprises for allowing us to do these segments. They were truly informative and to any evil doers out there all I have to say is look out, because you never know when Nemesis will be watching."

Sometime later near the center of the Galaxy a woman stared at a cauldron biding her time and preparing her forces. Unfortunately for her she was biding her time for Queen Serenity, not the people who came.

She turned from her cauldron looked to the interlopers and saw their blinding powers coming right at her. The power devastated her and dispersed Chaos into the distant past and throughout the entire galaxy. Strangely enough the highest concentration of Chaos was sent into a small spring on earth called Jusenkyo where it would wait for one Ranma Saotome…

Author's Notes:

I wanted this to have a note of finality to its ending. I know it isn't perfect or the best fanfic, but it is the best work I have done so far and I am happy with that and way it turned out. I like the idea that Nemesis will be on earth not as some future kingdom, but instead as a potential for peace and Justice that the planet really needs.

I don't intend to ever come back to this one, but I will continue writing fan fiction as time permits.

Look for a potential update in Baba Yaga's Curse to be up not that long from now. I may have some other ideas too and we'll see where they take me.

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