Ryan Atwood

Ryan went to Chino to be with Teresa while she was pregnant and ended up staying the whole nine months. Once the baby was born, the DNA test showed that Eddie was the father and Ryan left Chino. But when he got to Newport, Seth was gone and no one knew where he was. Ryan found it to hard to stay in the pool house or any where in the Cohen home, so he convinced Sandy and Kirsten to get him a small apartment. He still went to there house for lunches or dinners. He refused to go back to back to Harbour, saying he didn't want to start any more drama and finished high school at another private school. Sandy and Kirsten had set up a college fund for him and he went to college at NYU.

When he was walking to class one day, he ran into Summer, who was attending the same college. They started hanging out and eventually became best friends. Summer told him what happened with Marissa and he was sad, but realized he needed to get on with his life. After about six months, both Ryan and Summer developed feelings for each other and chose to go on a date. After dating for the remainder of college and falliong in love with each other, Ryan asked Summer to marry him and a few months after college graduation, they were married. Neil ( Summer's father ), Sandy and Kirsten were excited for them. Although Summer and Ryan both wanted Seth and Marissa there, even thought they hade not spoken to either of them in years.

Summer and Ryan moved back to Newport to be closer to everyone and Ryan started working at The Newport group as the head of the designing and construction part. Summer used her degree in design and designed new cloths and opened her own store to sell them in.

Summer Roberts

Summer ( Before she met up with Ryan in college. ) was depressed by Seth leaving, but tried to get over him leaving by being sad all of the time. Her father had enough, even though he wanted to kill Seth for doing this to his daughter, tried to help her get over him by taking her to dinners for the hospital. At one of the dinner's she met Zach, but after a few dates, realized that she wasn't ready to date anyone yet, so she broke it off. During the rest of high school, she just went to school, did her home work and hung out around the house or the bait shop.

When she got accepted to NYU, she thought about everything and realized it was time to get over Seth and finally move on. When she ran into Ryan, she was happy to see a familar face and after awhile became best friends with him and months later started dating. ( for the rest of the Ryan and Summer dating/marriage info, look in Ryan's background. )

Seth Cohen

When Ryan left Newport, he thought that everything was going to go back to the way it was before Ryan even came to Newport and he couldn't go through it again, so he left a note for his parents and one for Summer before he left. He sailed to Tahiti, but after a few months of living on his boat and going to school, as well as working at a diner, became depressed about being there, because he wanted to go there with Summer. So he called Luke and went to stay with him, where he finished school, dated a few girls and even got a job working at the car dealership the Luke's father owned.

Seth eventually went to college in Florida with Luke, where he dated a few other girls. He met one girl, Sarah, who he thought he could have an actual relationship with, being the first after his intense relationship with Summer. But after a year, Seth found Sarah cheating on him with her ex - boyfriend and blamed him self for ruining there relationship and didn't date anyone again.

After graduating college with an art and graphics degree, he opened his own company, where he published ideas that he came up with. He wanted to publish Atomic County, but couldn't because it brought back to many memories when he would work on a new issue. So he came up with different ideas and his company soared. He has now chosen to open a new branch of his company in LA and also chosen to move back to Newport in the process, hoping he could fix things between Ryan, his parents and hopefully Summer.

Marissa Cooper

After Ryan left Newport, Marissa turned to beer and other alcoholic beverages to numb the pain and after a few months of trying to get her to stop drinking, Julie told her that if she didn't stop drinking, she was sending her to rehab. Marissa refused and after a long long arguement on the subject, Marissa ended up moving to Hawaii and lived with Jimmy. Before Marissa left Newport, she tried to get Summer to help her think of a way to get her to stay in Newport, but they couldn't think of anything. Which caused Marissa to blame Summer for her having to leave and they had a big fight before Marissa left and haven't resolved it.

Once in Hawaii, Marissa continued to drink and one day, Jimmy came home from work to find Marissa passed out from drinking. Having seen it to many times before with her, just carried her to her room and put her in bed. The next day, he went to check on her and she still wasn't waking up, so he took her to the hospital and she had her stomach pumped. When Marissa finally woke up, she had a long talk with Jimmy and realized she needed to straighten out.

Marissa finished high school and went to a college near Jimmy and graduated with a degree in Journalism. She dated a few guys, but compared each of them to Ryan, so in her eyes, they weren't good enough. After doing this for a while, she gave up on dating all together and focused on her career and has now been offered a job working taking over the Newport Living Magazine for Julie, is moving back to Newport, hoping to straighten out the rest of her life.

Sandy and Kirsten are still happily married and Kirsten is running the Newport Group. Kirsten went to rehab and got better and returned a few months later, completely cured and Sandy is still working in his law firm.

Julie is single now that Caleb has died, but received a large amount of money from his will, as well as her mansion. Julie is also still running the Newport Living Magazine.