"Ye know wot would be amazin', Pinters?"

"Ye keepin' quiet while we're moppin'?"

"I'm serious!"

"I guess there's a firs' toime fer everyfing then…"


Rolling his eyes, Pintel stopped his mopping and he turned to Ragetti, placing his hands on his hips.

The lanky man was staring off to the side, his wooden eye in the palm of his hand as he held it out and stared at it intently.


"Et would be amazin' if'n me eye 'ad powas!"

"Powas?" Pintel repeated, cocking an eyebrow.

"Aye, bu' jus' 'un powa really." Ragetti nodded. "The powa ta control the winds! An' maybe the other Pieces could 'ave a powa ta!"

"Each Piece would 'ave a powa?" Pintel asked.

"Aye! Jack's could control the sea animals, Ching's could control rain storms, Ammand's could make sal' wata inta fresh wata, Jocard's would control the sea bird's, Chevalle could 'ave whirlpools, Villanueva would control fish, Sao Feng's could control the waves an' Sri Sumbhajee could maybe fin' precious stones an' gems."

"An' they would all be able to use these powas, eh?"

"No, only me an' Mistress Ching." Pintel looked skyward and silently asked for help from a God he didn't believe in.

"An' why is tha'? Because yer the only 'uns wot ar' descended from two original Lor's?"


"Ye know wot I fink?"

"No, wot?"

Ragetti yelped as Pintel struck him upside the head with the handle of the mop, dropping his eye.

"Me eye!"

"Stop finkin' o' random shite an' git back ta moppin' ye bloody git!" Pintel roared as Ragetti picked his eye up and put it back into his socket.

"Et would still be noice…" he muttered.

"No, et wouldn'!" Pintel snapped back. "If'n ye 'ad powas then ye would jus' run aroun' an' avoid any real struggles an' problems! All ye would 'ave ta do is use yer eye an' poof; all yer problems ar' gone!

"Tha's no' 'ow loife works, mate! There aint no easy solution ta yer problems! Et's either figh' or run fer et! No' use yer bloody eye ta control the winds an' be a bloody 'ero! Naow stow et!"

"Sorry, Pinters…"

At the defeated tone in his voice, Pintel groaned and rolled his eyes before turning back to him, giving him a tight hug.

"Rags…ye don' need powas ta make et in this world." He said gently.

"I don'?"


"Why no'?"

Pintel smiled at him and kissed his lips tenderly.

"Because ye go' me!"

A slight breeze suddenly picked up, ruffling their hair and Ragetti giggled happily as he kissed Pintel back.

"An' ye go' me!" he agreed.