Rapture of the Innocent

Summary: Innocent's trilogy part three, Slash AMCD: Play time is over the war is upon them, they have allies to win over and enemies to defeat. The prophecy sinks its claws into Aidan forcing him to fulfill his destiny, or die trying.

Rating: M this is for mild slash, violence, pain, character death, and harsh topic not for young readers. This is the harshest book of the series my writing has evolved a lot be warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter his world belongs to J.K. Rowling and while I would love to meet her I would never claim to be her.

A/N I am back into this series and it isn't even September yet! I can't wait to actually write a story on this trilogy again. I am so sorry for the last story and I am thankful to any readers that have followed threw from the beginning. My writing has gotten better and harsher since Pain of the Innocent I hope you like the change.

By the way I bet you thought I forgot about two seemingly minor characters they are making their triumphant return, along with a few others. I do so love tying up lose ends.

Chapter One

Prophecy of the Raven

"What is the problem Speaker?" Sarlassa, Aidan Malfoy's now very large pet snake asked his long time friend.

"Everything is changing too fast! I never have time for you or Zafirah anymore. I don't even get a chance to speak to my family or my mate!" Aidan hissed out angrily. He had bought Sarlassa when he was eleven years old and still had his innocent outlook on life. Things had changed drastically since then.

"You were never promised easy. Having a chosen destiny can never be easy otherwise anyone could achieve the same thing and prophecies would be pointless. You were chosen for this task because you have the ability to make it happen." The snake reassured Aidan.

Suddenly a voice within the room sounded out a few lines. The voice was beautiful and unearthly and when Aidan turned he saw his pet Raven's eyes glow brightly as the bird spoke out loud words that would change history.

When the prophecy of old lies broken

All sense of right and wrong lie in dust

Pain has been inflicted upon one not meant to feel

Condemning has been done to the one chosen by stars

Rapture shall be his weapon

One by Darkness marked listen well

Past and future meld

Fix what has been sundered

Bumblebee's fall from their throne

Flights of Death fall to their doom

Let the love of the Chosen Ones light the world

The Chosen One no longer alone stand united

The Brotherhood of Orion came to the surface

Hunters of the universe

You are the last hope

Chose well Dark One

You will save or kill all existence

With that said Zafirah's eyes stopped glowing and she spoke again in her normal voice. "I have seen two futures my child. I never want to live in the world where we fail. Fight hard chosen one you are all that stands between destruction and creation." She told him ominously.

Sarlassa curled around Aidan's body putting as much contact between them as she could. Aidan was too shocked to move. He was frozen in place at the first line. A prophecy broken? Was that the one that had gotten his original family torn apart? What had broken it? Why did his destiny mean so much that he was the chosen one in not one but two prophecies?

He didn't know the answers. He was lucky enough to know people who might. So without preamble Aidan walked out of his room to find his family. One python wrapped around his body and one raven perched imperiously on his shoulder.

They need to get this new prophecy worked out and fast!

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