Rapture of the Innocent


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Chapter Fourteen


Aidan slowly awoke to a bright white light shining in his eyes. Blinking a few times to avoid the pain he sat up slightly.

"Oh thank Merlin you're awake, you have been out for a full week now." Cedric's haggard voice rang out from the chair next to his bed. Getting a good look around he found out he was in a small hospital room probably St. Mungos if he had to guess.

"How many did we lose?" Aidan asked as soon as he found his voice.

"About twenty Aurors, half the Order, three of the Brotherhood, and one Hunter." Cedric answered gravely.

"Who from the Brotherhood?" He demanded anxiously.

"Ivy, Susan Bones, and Terry Boot." He responded quietly knowing Ivy's name on the list was going to hurt.

"Who did we lose in the Hunters?" He was more subdued at the loss of so many.

"Hannah Abbot, there was just too many for her." Cedric held his hand at the name.

Aidan was having trouble breathing. There were three people from the understated Hufflepuff house to give their lives. He remembered holding Ivy in his arms the day before his challenge to Dumbledore, he remembered healing Hannah after his ex-siblings attacked her and her simple honest outlook, she had been the one to bring Susan to them and she had been a brilliant witch.

Terry had been a Ravenclaw student with above average power and was fairly good at wandless magic. Aidan was confidant it would have taken a lot to bring them down.

"Any one else I should know about?" Aidan asked thickly.

"James Potter was killed, I believe anyone else you knew personally made it through." Cedric answered.

"I don't know how to react to that one. In a way I am glad in a way I am not now I can't be the one to put him in his place." Aidan admitted.

"Just relax for now I wasn't joking I was afraid you wouldn't wake up." Cedric urged.

"I will always come back to you, I promise." Aidan promised adamantly.

Leaning over he kissed Cedric heavily before relaxing back on his bed like he had been asked.

"What happened to Riddle?" He thought to ask on the edge of sleep.

"He will be tried and sentenced tomorrow. If you feel well enough you can come and watch if you want." Cedric answered. Still blown away by the fact Aidan had brought him back alive.

"I would like to come, I have a suggestion on his sentencing." Aidan revealed.

"You are going to make people angry aren't you?" He sighed.

"I live for it." Aidan smirked.

"Just get some sleep and I will here your brilliant suggestion tomorrow."



"Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort, you have been herby found guilty of the crime of terrorism and murder on numerous occasions. If it were up to me you would be Kissed and sent to Azkaban within the hour but someone has decided upon a better punishment for you." The minister's amplified voice carried through

Aidan stood up on sturdy legs touching his throat to amplify his own voice. "Tom Riddle as witness to the Extraction undergone by you, I have decided on an alternative to the traditional punishments. You must repay your debt to society. Wasting power such as yours would be a crime worthy of punishment itself. You are sentenced to be forever Magically Shackled to a wizard of equal power to your own. Every thought and spell you cast will be available to this wizard. You will be under constant surveillance. You debt to society will be repaid by using your power to rebuild the world you worked to destroy not long ago. Is this sentence in any way unclear to you?"

"Just who is this wizard who believes themselves strong enough to hold me in check." The aged wizard chained to a very uncomfortable looking chair responded. The evil may have been drained out of him but he was still bitter and resentful.

"You should know already Riddle, you will be bound to me, and I will be bound to my love as well you will technically have two people ready and able to rein you in." Aidan warned testily.

Aidan turned to the four people strategically placed behind him, it was his father, uncle, Draco, and Cedric. "Would you four please perform the spell? All of you together will definitely be strong enough."

As one they raised their hands and performed the spell they had been coached on before the trial had taken place. Aidan was going to surprise them as well but figured that with the high-level magics involved it would be better if they were warned.

He felt the magic settle around him and Riddle. It was an odd feeling to have another person's feelings and thoughts running through the back of his mind. He figured it would take some time to get used to it and like it or not the ex Dark Lord would repay his debt one way or another.

So with his family behind him and the vanquished Dark Lord behind him he walked out of the courtroom and into the future.

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