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Ever since Rei Suzuki was found by Sasuke Uchiha in the Forest of Death and returned in Konoha Village, everything started to change. She was a ninja from the Sand Village, looking for a new life to replace her old one. That's the only thing Team 7 and the others know. They also know that like Naruto Uzumaki, she has a demon inside her. The kind of demon is a dark and evil one which comes out in the form Rei's hatred, but everyone knew that she was a gentle and quite girl with a mysterious past. Now, she became a Konoha ninja and passed her Chuunin Exams with the help of her team that trained her.

Her brown hair came down onto her shoulders as she unties her hair and gets ready to meet up with Sakura Haruno. She figured she never liked her hair to be tied up with something like a scrunchy. One glance of the mirror again and she was headed off to the Konoha bridge. When she got there, she could only see that Sakura wasn't waiting for her.

Maybe she's late, she thought to herself. She decided to wait for Sakura for a good two hours. After that, she would just go home. The trees were shaking and it threw off someone sitting on them but they managed to make a perfect landing.

"Sasuke… what are you doing here?" Rei asked knowing who the person was.

"I was walking home and happened to see you stand here like an idiot," he replied coldly. Of course he did.

"Thanks. I guess."

"No problem." There was a silent pause for a moment. "So… do you want me to walk you home? Or are you waiting for someone?"

Rei shook her head. "Not anymore." She sighed feeling sorry for herself. Sasuke took her by the hand and they both walked away from the windy climate.

"Who was the guy that stood you up?" Sasuke asked.

"No guy. Just Sakura," Rei replied.

"What's the difference?"

"You're bad." They both laughed at the statement.

"Aren't you gonna slap her or something?"

"Nah. Surely, there must be an explanation. I don't think it was on purpose."

Sasuke showed a small smirk. "What were you both going to do anyways?"

"You know. Kiss, hug, and possibly share a lesbian experience." Rei said sarcastically.

"And you didn't bother to invite me?"

They both laughed again and reached to Rei's apartment. "So um…. Thanks for walking me… since I bet you had no choice." She opened her door, but before she can walk in, she felt a hand on her bare shoulder.

"What happened to you there?" Sasuke looked carefully at it. A long cut marked her shoulder.

"It's nothing really," Rei tried to explain. Even though Rei's kimono was loose, sometimes it became too loose to even cover the marks of her past.

"Yeah it is. That cut is longer than my pinky."

"Why do you care? Besides, I never question the marks on your neck."

"You can see it?"

"Duh." Rei pointed at the curse mark that Orochimaru gave to Sasuke.

"You already know about it. I explained it to you, remember?"

"… No." Rei was lying.

He sighed. "Fine, I won't ask you about your scar anymore. Goodnight." He left her in the dim of night.

"Nosy." Rei muttered under her breath getting inside her apartment.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" Rei called out, running to her team.

"Hello Rei!" Sakura retorted. "Listen, about yesterday, my hair was stuck in the dryer so I couldn't go. I'm very sorry."

She and Naruto chuckled. "That sucks." Rei said.


He stopped. "Do you think I care?" He folded his arms.

"But it looks cute."

Sakura burst into laughter. Sasuke's eyes widen. Naruto gave a goofy grin. Rei shrugged. "What?"

"You people…" Sasuke murmured.

"That was a good one Rei-chan!" Sakura said in between giggles.

"But it does look cute on him!" Rei flushed embarrassingly.

"Thanks Rei-chan!" Naruto beamed.

"You're welcome Naruto-kun." Rei gave out a small smile.

Sakura frowned. "Oh you were serious."

Just then, Kakashi appeared.

"About damn time Kakashi," Sasuke said. "Things were getting weird."

"They're already weird." Kakashi stated. "Anyways, I'd like to announce that Rei is needed in the Sand Village."

"Why?" Naruto and Sakura asked at the same time.

"A certain… fellow friend would like to see her."

"Why can't he come here?" Sasuke asked.

"Because he said so. It's Gaara."

All eyes were on Rei. She knew in her heart she couldn't face him again… not after what he did to her…

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