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"H-hello Naruto-kun," Hinata stuttered.

"Hey Hinata-chan!" Naruto exclaimed. "Kiba. Shino."

Hinata blushed mildly while Kiba's dog, Akamaru, sniffs out Rei suspiciously. Shino didn't say a word.

"Ugh… hi Akamaru?" Rei said worryingly. He then growled at her and started to bark at her as if saying "I don't like you." She glared at the dog, giving out the same message. Kiba then picked up his dog and stroke him affectionately.

"There, there Akamaru. I don't like her either," Kiba muttered.

"What!? What did I do to you?"

"If Akamaru doesn't like you, hell, I don't like you either!"

"Well it's easy for you to dislike people since everyone hates you," Sakura stated sarcastically.

"What did you say bitch!?"

"Hey, hey everyone cool it!" Kakashi shouted in a strict manner. "God, why can't you all get along?"

"Please Kakashi-sensei. Your hippy days are over! Believe it!"


Everyone laughed. Shino even managed to sneer a little.

Kakashi sighed. "Anyways, I'm counting on all of you to get the mission done. Got it?"


"Got it."

"O-of course."


"Believe it!"

"Shut the hell up already, Naruto!"

"Alright. See you in a few hours… maybe days if you're all that slow," Kakashi said as he left them. Just like that, they all headed towards the Hidden Sound Village.

They all were going as fast as they can, jumping from tree to tree and everyone was quiet. Sakura was the first person to break the silence as they travel to the Hidden Sound Village. "Do you think the geishas are gonna be pretty?"

"Yeah," Rei replied. "They're supposed to be."

"Prettier than you," Kiba murmured.

"I'm getting really sick of you, you know that!?"

"Ha, so we're even now."

"Kiba, you're misunderstood," Shino said in a low tone. "You can't tell girls that they're not as pretty as others. It's very… disrespectful."

"See? Even Shino has better manners than you do Kiba!"

"Am I really that ugly!?"

"No you're not Sakura-chan! I think you're prettier than any geisha around!"

Hinata became jealous after that sentence. But then again, she wasn't a geisha.

"Just shut up, all of you," Sasuke said feeling annoyed.

"Hell no!" Naruto snapped. "Hinata-chan, you seem awfully quiet."

"Oh um……….. ugh………… I-I just have n-n-nothing to say is all…"

"Come on Hinata! There's a lot to say! Like… are we there yet?"

"A-are we?"


Two more hours and they were finally in the Hidden Sound Village. At one point, they found a girl about their age with a beautiful periwinkle kimono (distinct from Rei's) with long red hair, crying. Sasuke was the first to spot her. "Are you alright?" he asked her as she looked up at him.

"No," she answered. "My geisha friends were kidnapped and I can't find them anymore! No one will help me!"

"That's why we're here," Naruto said. "We'll be the ninjas to find your other geisha buddies! I promise!"

She ran to hug Naruto, his words hitting her with comfort. "Thank you!!!" She cried out. "By the way, my name is Etsu."

"I'm Naruto! This is Hinata, Sakura, Kiba, Shino, Rei, and Sasuke-baka!" He got a hit from Sasuke after saying that. Etsu giggled lightly. "Nice to meet you all."

"The pleasure's ours," Rei said. "Now we need to know when the last time you saw the other geishas was."

Etsu pointed to a nearby river. "We were getting ready for a party. I left to retrieve my fan and then they all were gone. I knew it was the same person that stole five of the geishas one week ago!"

"We need to see your leader," Sasuke said.

"Sure. Follow me," Etsu replied holding Sasuke's hand and leading them towards her leader, Kano. Rei and Sakura became very jealous as they see what's happening. Back off! He's mine!!! Sakura's inner conscience thought. Rei tried not to care, even though she secretly did. Get your paws off him! She thought. Wait--- what am I saying? We're just friends… I think…… She tried shaking off the feeling. What was the feeling again?

They found Kano, hovered over the phone to see if the kidnapper would call. She looked very young to be there leader. Her hair was black and style in a bun and she wore a very long purple kimono. She smiled as she was the ninjas coming in with Etsu and ran to them.

"There you are!" she told them happily.

"Yeah! We're here to save the geishas, but we need to know any evidence that can lead to the geisha ninja that kidnapped them," Sakura explained.

Kano eyed her surprisingly. "You're a ninja?" She eyed Hinata and Rei as well. "You three are!?"

"Yeah…." Rei uttered.

"Oh… why!?"

"Because we choose to be."

"Isn't that… a little strong for you?"

"That's not important lady! The point is if you have any clue where the kidnapper is! By the way, she's a ninja geisha and I really believe that it was a hella lot easy to steal a bunch of geishas under your nose!!!"

"S-Sakura, c-calm down."

"No, I will not calm down!"

"You're just jealous," Kiba stated. "Now, state us the evidence."

"Well, we know where she's hiding, but it's full of hidden traps which can kill you easily. She's at the hill with a field of flowers and a lake beside it. Don't be fooled by its appearance."

"Just like you," Rei muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Continue."

"That's all I know. Please return my lovely geishas!"

"We will. We just need to know where the hill is," Sasuke stated.

Kano pointed out the window to a very big hill. "There it is," she said obviously.

He nudged his head a little thinking why hasn't he seen that?

"Let's go!" Naruto shouted impatiently.

"Be careful," Etsu cautioned, putting her sleeve up to cover her mouth, flirtatiously. "Make it back safely."

Kiba and Naruto blushed at what she was doing. It even caught Sasuke's attention. Hinata, Rei, and Sakura looked absolutely irritated. Sakura pulled Naruto's collar and dragged him. "Let's go!!" she shouted. Rei slapped Sasuke on his head, getting him out his trance.

"Come on!!" she yelled to him, flushed with envy.

Hinata simply nudge Kiba and pointed outside. He smiled and walked with her to the hill along with the others. Shino seemed to look straight forward without getting distracted by anything. The hill was very far and they managed to make it in a few minutes. Naruto smirked with glee. This will be fun… he thought, becoming confident towards what he's going to do next.

"Oh my God, thanks for saving my little darlings!" Kano yelled as the geishas came back tackling her happily. They finished the mission in only five hours. Of course it took long to snap them out of the brainwashing and the geisha ninja bad guy- eh girl was captured and sent to jail. "How can I ever repay you!?" The ninjas starting thinking. Kano then thought of an idea. "How about staying here for a night?"

"Awesome!" Kiba shouted. Akamaru came out of his jacket agreeing with Kano. "Akamaru thinks we should."

"Okay," Shino said softly. "We'll stay."

The geishas cheered and hugged Naruto, Kiba, and Shino. Sasuke went outside and stared at the moon. Etsu followed him and sat down near him. "Thanks again for saving them," she said. "I'm very grateful."

"No problem," Sasuke retorted. "It was nothing. Really."

She looked down trying to think of something to say. "How in Konoha?"

"It's alright."

"Oh… well… can I come with you?"


"To explore and recognize new places."


"Okay!" She then stared the moon with Sasuke. Rei saw them both and tried not to become sad. Why am I so caught up in this!? Do I have feelings for Sasuke? No, no I can't! It's impossible! I don't have feelings for him. I'm just… insecure. Yes that's it! I'm afraid his feelings we'll get hurt because in reality, you can't really date a geisha! AH! She felt for her heart and it pounded insanely.

"Hello!" Etsu called out to Rei who was right behind her. Rei turned around and saw Etsu.


"Listen, a bunch of my friends are planning a makeover for you and your friends! Want to join?"

Hell no. "Okay. Sounds fun."

She smiled. "Great!" She took Rei by the hand and led her up to the geishas' room. There was Sakura and Hinata, getting make-up on their faces and their hair done. Etsu started on Rei and put blush on her cheeks. "Why are you a ninja?" she asked.

"To become strong."

"Oh. Did you ever prefer to be a geisha instead? You're very pretty and that shouldn't go to waste by near death situations."

"Not really. Why don't you become a ninja?"

"Too much hard work." She held Rei's hand, examining her nails. "You have dirt under them." Rei pulled out her hand and started glaring at Etsu who didn't notice. "You know, your friend Sasuke's really cute."

"You like him or something?"

"Yeah. He's just so…"

"Cute? Hot? A dream?"

"You like him too?"

"Nope, but almost every girl in Konoha does."

"I'm not from Konoha."

"I am."

Sakura faced Rei. "You are!?" she asked surprised.

"Yeah. My parents moved me to the Sand Village because of the demon inside of me." Everyone stopped what they were doing. Etsu dropped her brush. Rei made a very big mistake.

"Y-you have a demon i-inside of you!?" Etsu stammered.

"Relax. It's not gonna come out and eat you," Rei said laughing. When she saw no one was laughing with her but Sakura and Hinata she stopped. She came close to Etsu and whispered, "Do you fear me?"


"I'll take that as a yes." Rei stood up and went towards the door. "If you all are wondering where I'm going, I'm just gonna find somewhere to sleep."

Hinata stood up and joined Rei. "I-I'll come with y-you."

Sakura came to both of them and snickered. "Me too!" I'm not gonna spend my night with these wannabees!

"Thanks," Rei said smiling as they go through the door and close it. "So… where are we going to sleep?"

There was a knock on the boys' room. Naruto opened it and found the girls standing there. Rei smacked her forehead. "Can we sleep here tonight?" Naruto gave a thin smile and sweated.

"Okay…….." He took them in.

"T-thanks Naruto-kun," Hinata stuttered.

"You're welcome Hinata-chan!" he retorted.

Sakura and Rei looked at Sasuke, Kiba, and Shino who looked back at them.

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