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Chapter One: Blonde Girl.

"Please I swear I won't do what ever I did again. Please don't hurt me" A five year old blonde girl said cowering in fear he back against the wooden fence of one of the back alleys of the Leaf village. Tears ran down the girl's cheek as a man slowly advanced on her with his companions. The girl shook like a leaf. Very soon the girl lost focus and passed out.

A tall dog masked man walked from the festive. He hated it with a passion. It was like celebrating the cause of death of his old Sensei and mentor. When he heard a young girl's cry to not be punished. He began to run remembering the voice of the young child very well. "I have to protect her" he thought as he ran to where he heard her voice. "A group of grown men need to face a child." He looked at the people with disgust. He knew the child he had looked after he a little bit because the hokage needed someone who he could trust to look after the young container for the Nine tails. "Leave her alone or I will see you are executed for your crimes." He said coldly moving forward his hand on the sword on his back. Please be alright young one." He thought as he walked forward as the men dispersed.

What the man saw next made him almost vomit with disgust. There layed a five your old child beaten bruised and almost naked the men planned on raping her. That is what made him sick he slowly removed his cloak and rapped the girl in it and lifted her up softly with that he disappeared.

---------- Four Hours Later---------

"Where am I what am I laying on it is so soft and warm." the young girl thought before opening her eyes to see she was laying in a bed with a man sitting over her wearing a mask that covered most of his face and the one eye. She slank back in fear pushing herself up against the wall shaking. "Don't worry child I will not harm you I am a good friend of Hokage-sama." He said to her. "My name is Kakashi what is your's child?" he asked trying to calm her down. "I..I am M-M-Miharu." She stuttered still shaking like a leaf in the wind. "Don't worry Miharu" He said he wanted her settle before she hurt herself again.

"I have to go see the Hokage you want to come with me?" He asked the girl. Slowly she nodded her head and climbed out of the bed and looked at him. She was only up to his waist. "Hold on tight little one." With that he disappeared with the girl clinging to his leg..

---------Hokage Tower-----------

"I need to see Hokage-sama." He said simply and then headed in after the ok. "What brings you..?" he stopped when he noticed the scared little girl clinging to his leg. "Miharu-chan." He said with a sad look in his eyes. "Hokage I am sickened by the villagers latest attempts on this child's life and so I have decided that it is time we face her own death with a clone and I adopt a nameless child." He said in a sharp yet serious tone. "You want to fake the child's death." He looked at Kakashi. "Yes and I will retire from the ANBU and take her in as a Jonin and train her until she is able to join the Academy and I also wish to start taking on genin teams." He said. "Fine but I will list her as dead but her body never found and that is all no need for a fake death.". "Ok Hokage-sama." The young girl looked up at the old man. "Grandpa is he trust worthy?" She asked. "Hai" the Hokage replied. With that Kakashi adopted her under the same name and then left the tower in a plume of smoke. " Miharu my hime I will never let any one hurt you." He said to her taking her into the spare bedroom and then layed her down walking her as she fell asleep.

-------Year Later------

"Kaka-chan, Kaka-chan." The same girl who was now six yelled as she ran inside the apartment that she has called home. "I made some friends , I made some friends." She yelled excitedly. Kakashi laughed and then pretended to be serious for a second "How many times have I told you about calling me Kaka-chan.. At least call your old man Kaka-kun." He laughed softly and then messed her hair abit. It was really unruly as it was. "Hey I just got it they way I like it" She said pretending to be mad. "Miharu-hime I think it is time I take you out side the village to train to become a ninja like me, and maybe I will give you a mask like mine." Her eyes lit right up at the mention of a mask like her adoptive father's. "I want to say good bye to my new friends first otay?" she looked at him with puppy dog eyes. "Curse Anko for teaching that.." "Fine sweety how about we leave at 5 in the evening then. "Okay, I love you daddy." Then she remembered it was her turn to pick dinner. "I want Ramen" She said in a demanding tone. "Okay, okay." Kakashi replied.

--------Four Years Later---------

"Kaka-chan it is great to be back " The young girl was taller in those four years instead of no taller then his waist she was not up to the middle of his chest. "ID yourself." The guard said before seeing Kakashi. "Ah your back Kakashi-san, and is that who I think it is." He said looking at the girl. "Hai" She said smiling in the classic upside down U her father was famous for. She was now wearing a mask like her father and her soft golden blond hair now reached her neck. She was like a clone of her adoptive father except her golden blonde hair and blue eyes. She hand a ribbon tied tightly around her head to keep her neck length hair from her eyes. "I want to see gramps!!" She said in a happy tone looking up to her father and then grabbing his hand for protection like every other time they entered a town. It just made the young girl feel safe. She was now 10 and would be starting the academy soon. "Ok ok Miharu-hime." He said smiling a little and lifting his small daughter off the ground and bound off to the tower. They got to the tower quickly and she smiled looking up at it. "It looks the exact same." She smiled in the upside down U's and then she was let down and they headed to the office. "Ah your back you may enter now." The secretary said smiling at the young girl. "Miharu-chan your cute as ever" The secretary said smiling. "Thank you" She replied back politely. They slowly entered the room.

"Gramps we are back" She yelled loudly walking the old man. "Miharu-chan." academy smiled as she walked in with her adoptive father. "How was your training?" He asked knowing her answer. "It was great" She said bouncing abit. "So I assume your going to join the academy now?" "Hai" She responded.

---------At Home------

"Kaka-Chan can you get me a new weight set and some more Kunais?" She asked looking at him with puppy eyes. "Fine and stop that." He said huffing childishly to bother the young girl. She did the classic upside down U smile and then they headed off to shop.

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