"What!" When almost a whole army arrived on his doorstep Ryan Burg was shocked. The information he received from a blonde female soldier in blue that he'd have to cooperate or face the penalty left him flabbergasted. But upon hearing the words "cuz she's coming back." Put him into a state of hysteria.

"What!" He repeated as he tried to register what he heard. "What do you mean she's coming back?! Is she out to get me! I swear I have no enemies!" He went on some more in a rushed and breathless voice about how he was friendly to everyone. Seras sympathized with the poor man. This was something no one wanted to deal with. She could see why he was frightened. Ryan ran a hand through his hair and sank weakly into his sofa. Seras gave him a moment to collect himself. Ryan looked at the clock and breathed deep. It was nine o' clock.

"So….," He said finally. "What do you need me to do?"

Seras made her voice sound as confident and professional as she could to give the man reassurance. "I have been ordered to have you sent to bed as you normally do. My men will be stationed outside your bedroom door, in your closet, and any other place that is sufficient enough for a stake out."

Ryan sighed. "One person can fit in the closet I think." He said in a shaky voice.

Seras nodded. "Alright," She turned and muttered orders into the microphone in her ear. A shuffle of movement outside was the result. Through the door came men, armed and uniformed in single file. She turned back and smiled. "I assure you. No harm shall come to you."

Ryan tried to smile back but it was more like a grimace. What kind of people was he dealing with? This was just too shady for comfort. He was sworn very forcefully to secrecy about the whole matter. As the soldiers passed one stopped and put a hand of his shoulder. "What she said." He nodded in Seras's direction. "As soon as that freak shows its head, it'll lose it."

A nervous Ryan fidgeted under the covers. He was so uncomfortable he thought he was going to be sick from it. Since the moment a platoon of men arrived he's had to pee non-stop but it was only the nerves. He was on his back with the ceiling in sight, his fingers where tightly entangled in clenched hands. What did he ever do to deserve this? There was a female officer in his closet. Armed and dangerous along with another lot of them outside his door. Why? Because a women wanted to bite him some more! God….will he ever wake up from this nightmare? He released a breath and turned his head to see the glowing numbers of his digital clock. It was nine fifty. There was no reason to think that she'd appear at ten but something in his bones told him that was her hour of the night.

The minutes passed as fast as a dead slug. The clock numbers said ten. And from that point on he never took his eyes off the window. Forever he stared with a thumping heart. Expecting, with every passing moment to see a grotesque figure entering; like a demon crawling out of Hell. But the demon never came. As eleven came he started to relax. Maybe she wouldn't come back. Maybe the information of the unwanted platoon was false. Maybe she was gone forever. And with that settling into his mind he forgot about the loaded guns pointed at the bed and fell asleep.

Seras shifted so that she was no longer sitting on her legs. A glance at her watched showed eleven in neon green. Where was the target? Maybe Walter was wrong and the women…vampire…creature… whatever wouldn't come? Seras listened and the sound of Mr. Burgs even breathing came. Earlier it had been heavy and shaky but this change led her to believe he must have fallen asleep. And good thing to the panicked sound of his heart beat was deafening after a while. The sound of static came into her ear. It sounded loud in the silence. She adjusted the sound as a voice addressing her came from it.

"Victoria." The voice said urgently.

"Yes?" She responded into the microphone.

"The target is advancing up the wall. Be ready."

"Right." She said sternly. Very cautiously she slide the closet door open so there was just enough room for her gun barrel. From her spot she had perfect view of the window. The window pane was dark. Early observation of the premises revealed that it led to the alley in between the apartments. A perfect place for the target to enter. The grip on her weapon tightened and she grinded her teeth. But after several seconds nothing happened.

"Lost sight of target. Moving in for a look." Stated the voice robotically, but it was merely information. It meant 'hold please while I find out where she went in the dark. Hold on I got a flash light.'

"Permission to advance." Seras inquired.


Well, she tired. So she just waited with her gun raised. At twelve it got painful. She lowered her gun to rest her burning arms. Where the hell was that thing? Did it leave? If it was a vampire or half vampire then it may have the ability to know when it's in danger. She could have high tailed it out of there at the sight of so many on lookers with guns. And just as Seras was convincing herself that was the case the voice came back.

"Target advancing."

Seras automatically tensed and repositioned the gun. There was an odd sound. It sounded to Seras like odd tapping. Curiously, she peeked through the crack to look at the window. Through the darkness there was a faint silhouette of half a body. The target was hanging by her arm, clenching the brick and mortar just above the window. With a frail and boney hand she pawed at the window, like a cat begging to let in from the rain. But it was soon obvious that assistance was not needed as she pulled up on the window sill. Seras remembered Ryan locking it before he went to bed. But the window was no match or its lock. There was an ugly crack of splintering of wood as the lock broke. The sharp sound slapped Ryan awake. He sat up and stared with a gasp. The women creature crawling in and sank into shadows.

"Jesus!" Cried Ryan. "Fucking hell!"

Jumping into action, Seras leaped from her hideout and pointed her gun at the spot she felt the woman was.

"Fire at will." Came the voices command.

Without hesitation an onslaught from Seras's gun was unleashed into the darkness. The loud deafening pops of the weapon left her ears ringing. The bedroom door swung open as the men were alerted by gun fire. They stood beside Seras with their guns aimed and shoulders tense. Ryan took the chance to crawl out the door in fearful tears but no one took notice. All eyes were on a dark spot in the room. A shadow moved and an arsenal was released again but this time there was a different result. A banshee shriek pierced all ears like the call of a dying soprano. Seras heard a groan as it carried through her mic to her in-charge. Everyone's hearts leaped out as a long bodied figure shot from the shadows. Bleeding and screaming it chaotically clamored to the top of a bookcase, just trying now to get away. But bullets fallowed and left large hole in the walls. The bookcase tumbled forward from her thrashing, but not without her falling head first to its underside. She shrieked like nothing alive or of this world could. It was a sound that could bring the most hardened to tears in pity. It was enough to stop the sensitive Seras long enough to stare dejectedly.

The Hellsing warriors kept their guns locked on target even as the poor creature jerked and screamed under the heavy bookcase. Blood began to gather in a pool as the silver bullets refused to let her heal. Slowly the thrashing ceased and a painful wailing came. Oh the heart wrenching sound! It almost brought tears to Seras's eyes. It was purely mournful to its core. She shook her head. No! Search and destroy! Destroy! She focused…this is not how master would want her to feel.

"Alright!" Seras started and pointed to a comrade. "You lift the case and we will make the last shots." Even though her fellow officer nodded there was something about their faces that didn't seem right. She tried to push the observation away as the case was slowly lifted away to reveal a curled up sorry sight. The woman was as described, naked. Her hair was dark, long and snake like. Bullet wounds checkered her whole body like Swiss cheese. She was covered in her black blood and shivered pathetically among the books.

"Fire!" Seras yelled but failed to pull the trigger as the others didn't join.

"I said fire!" She turned to them but they weren't paying to attention to her. Her men where hypnotized with the utmost fascination. Blank eyes where fixed on the whimpering woman. The woman lifted her face and acted as though she just noticed them. She reached out her long arm in the most desperate fashion.

"Yardimyardim" She begged in an accent Seras had never heard before.

Like they understood two men moved to help her up, one on each arm. But just as they got her to her feet a thin hand pulled one man's head back by his hair and exposed his neck. The others were released from there spell and jumped backwards, some tripping on themselves as the woman bite savagely into the man's neck. Seras stood frozen from the chain of events. Her mind raced as she tried to think of what to do but all she did was watch as this monster ripped open the man's neck.

The woman pulled her mouth away and let her victim fall limply to the ground. A grin full of stained shark teeth was aimed at Seras.

"Karni Nadia."She mumbled.

A state of terror came over Seras as the situation grew more and more real. She filled her gaze with the sight of a comrade's death. If rage was a fuel she'd be in flames. Her anger traveled through her body and into her trigger finger. But this time the woman seemed to have to problem with bullets. She struck like lighting as her glossy nails came for Seras's face like darts to a board. Seras gasped and dropped to the ground. Her senses rang and she rolled to the side as the nails came down again. The sound of ripping carpet and growling almost seemed one with each other. Seras lifted her gun barrel again. How much bullets did she have left? What would she do if they were all gone? Fate was not on her side. Two shots were released before it ran dry.

"Oh shit." She swore. Disbelieving eyes looked up to the woman who now stood over her. She was something unreal. Her breasts were small, body like a starved child, and white as the moon.

"Uh…" But before she could say a word that boney hand was around her neck. The hard nails dug into her skin. The hand squeezed….harder and harder until Seras though her head would just fly off then she was released. Seras grabbed at her neck and gasped over and over again. With darkening vision she looked up. The woman licked the blood that coated her nails with a smile of pure pleasure. Instantly a change came over her face and she spit. She hunched her shoulders, bared her claws, and hissed down at Seras. All her fangs showed fiercely. Once again she hissed and screamed then dashed to the window. In a single leap her body shot through it and to the wall on the opposite side. She clawed her way up the building side and to the roof where she disappeared.

Soprano-for those who don't know. I am not talking about The Soprano's. I am talking about an opera singer. But there opera singers with really high pitches. Birdlike you can say. Think of the Song 'Prima Donna' from Phantom of the Opera.

Yardim- This is the Turkish word for 'help'.

Karni Nadi- 'Nadia hungry.'