Dramatics Personae Students

Harry Potter (Gryffindor)

Draco Malfoy (Slytherin)

Ron Weasley (Gryffindor)

Hermione Granger (Gryffindor)


Tom Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort (Dark Wizard)

Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster)

Sirius Black (Order Member)

Remus Lupin (Order Member)

Severus Snape (Order Member; Death Eater)

Lucius Malfoy (Death Eater)

Cornelius Fudge (Prime Minister)

Original Character(s)

Chapter One - A Shocking Revelation

Harry Potter sat at the back of his History of Magic class, bored to death by Professor Binns, who was rambling on about goblin wars, previous attacks by different magical groups upon Muggles and the like. He risked a yawn and grinned widely when he saw his best friend Ronald Weasley snoring with his head in his arms.

It was towards the end of his fourth year at Hogwarts and so far it had been an exciting year, not in the least because of the fact that his name had appeared as a fourth Triwizard champion. Ron had hated him for it until he'd faced the Horntail in his first task, then he'd once again become one of Harry's supporters.

He wasn't actually in class but exempted from them due to the Tournament. He was supposed to be studying on hexes, jinxes and charms for the last task, a large maze. He'd been researching all night and he was tired. Hermione turned and glowered at him from the second row, reminding him of the importance of study.

Harry rolled his eyes at her just as Professor Binns said, "Class dismissed."

Harry stuffed his books in a bag and hurried out the door before Hermione could scold him, heading for the Gryffindor tower.

He reached his own bed in the dormitories and flopped down, exhausted. He pulled off his glasses and set them on the table, rubbing his forehead with a grimace.

The next thing Harry knew was that someone was tapping on the window incessantly, refusing to let him sleep. He sat up, picked up his glasses and saw a large dark brown and gray owl glaring at him balefully with large yellow eyes. He yawned, opening the window so it could fly in. It landed on his bed, so he said "Sorry about the wait."

He removed a large brown package for Harry Potter; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, paid the fee and sat down, holding the heavy package in his handsIn shock he noticed it was postdated for July 31, 1980! He'd have been a year old then, still with his mother and father.

He opened it and removed a scroll of crimson parchment with elegant calligraphy in gold ink. He gazed to the bottom, wondering who had sent it to him and unwilling tears sprang up into his eyes. The elegant signature was Lily Evans.

He began to read, wondering why his mother would have postdated a letter for him.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this letter right now then I am sorry to say that things proceeded as your father feared and I am dead. This letter contains my will, as well as sensitive documents detailing a secret I am about to tell you. First I must ask you to forgive me, because these things will change life as you know it now. For years you have been told that you look like James but have my eyes. This is false and no one else knows what I am about to tell you. Your father and I made a mistake maybe when we didn't tell another soul, but we were concerned for your safety. You see James is not your father.

What? How could James not be his father? Even Dumbledore said he looked extraordinarily like him.

I married James just after I learned I was pregnant with you due to the fact that it would protect you and me. To all knowledge of the Order of the Phoenix I was single until I married James. I was not. I had married my true love 3 years earlier. His identity is what caused us to take so many precautions about our marriage and your birth.

You see your father was there when you were born, due to the fact that he ordered the battle at Salazar and Rowena's burial place so that he could be with me. Your appearance was changed after your birth so that you looked like James, but it will start fading now and by 3 weeks, you will have your real appearance back.

I give to you your father's name now, so that you may finally know him.

Tom Marvolo Riddle. Also known as Lord Voldemort.

Harry stared at the text, gaping. Voldemort, the man who had tried to kill him was his father! Did he know? Was that why he was trying to kill Harry?

Your real name is Harry Salazar Rowan Riddle. Long I know, but those two names are important to the Slytherin line and to Gryffindor as well.

The reason why I am writing this letter is to clear up a mistake. Your father did not kill me and did not try to kill you. I had a premonition about this and so this letter will clear things up. A week ago when your father and I were talking he mentioned that he was going to come to Godric's Hollow and pick you and I up. I had a bad feeling about that and tried to dissuade him, but he was adamant. As soon as I left and came back to Godric's Hollow I knew it would not go as planned. James was a pureblood, and recently that trait had been rearing its ugly head in his attitude. I knew he would be angry that I loved a half-blood more than he did and I was afraid that if Tom came, James would try and kill you. I am sure that is what happened, and that your father still loves you very much. I have no idea what happened to him but I am sure you do. Find him and listen to him. He wanted so very much to have a family.


Lily Evans-Riddle

Harry sighed. This meant he was going to have to talk with Hermione, as she was the only one smart enough to tell him what he needed to know.

Harry walked down to the common room and sat in a large chair facing the door, watching for Hermione.

As soon as he sat down she came through the door, looking around for him. Beaming when she saw him sitting there, she walked over and perched on the edge of the chair across from him. A ginger haired cat immediately jumped onto her lap and Hermione smiled at Crookshanks as she petted the top of his head.

"Hermione, what kind of side effects would Voldemort have had when he was separated from his body that night?"

Hermione shot him a strange look but said, "Well, his mind was attached to his soul so he would still retain his intelligence and his identity, but he was probably hit very quickly and didn't have time to prepare, so I imagine his memory might be slightly off. Why?"

Harry smiled and said, "Just curious."

That's what probably happened then, Harry thought. He got up and walked down the stairs out of the common room and into the castle main. Hang on! He stopped. Just why was he trying to validate Voldemort's actions! The man had killed his family! But no, the man who had really destroyed his family that night was not Voldemort or Tom or whatever Harry called him, but James Potter, the arrogant pureblood.

He walked into the Great Hall just as Draco passed, yelling "You better hurry up Potter, or you'll be late for death!"

It was time for the third Task.