A oneshot poem/drabble for the pairing ItaSaku, if you don't like the pairing, don't read

I don't own Naruto, just the words on the page, so, if you copy them, I will tell my friends that you do not like Twilight and they will hunt you down. No flaming please, if you don't like ItaSaku and you still read fics about the pairing, then that is called masochism and is looked down upong wherever you happen to be.

So, you returned

Took you long enough

Unfortunately, you're too late

I loved you more than anything

But you abandoned me

I remained by your side

But you called me annoying

I worked harder than was humanly possible

But you scorned me as weak

Now, you've come back

Too bad

I loved you

You made me wait

After two and a half years, I got sick of it

I decided to move on

You weren't worth it

I got tired of the pain you put me through

I wonder what your face looked like when they told you I was gone

I'm disappointed I couldn't be there to see it

I've found someone else

I can't wait to see your face when you see us together

You called me weak

He calls me strong

You destroyed my heart

He put it back together

When next we meet, we will be enemies

Try to imagine it,

Pathetic, wimpy Sakura engaged to the man you hate more than anything

Too little, too late, eh Sasuke-kun?

She smirked as she set the pen down. Once again, she fiddled with the beautiful ring that she wore. Soon, very soon. She let out a small chuckle. She couldn't wait to see Sasuke's reaction to her little note. The man in the bed behind her, sighed sleepily and turned over. "Sakura?"

"Yeah?" she let the smirk fade into a gentle smile as her emerald eyes met her fiancé's ebony gaze.

"Are you coming to bed? We've got an early start tomorrow," he asked. She sighed.

"I'm coming, I just had a letter to write," she turned off the light and crawled into bed, snuggling into his chest. "Hey, Itachi, can we stop in Konoha tomorrow? I want to deliver my letter."

"Sure," Itachi kissed her, and closed his eyes. Sakura smiled once more and curled up to sleep.