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Saving the world not once but twice changes your life a lot. From a young age Taichi Kamiya had known that he was destined for great things, but he and those who were with him on those fateful days when the digital world chose them as saviors, would never know just how much they would always be needed.

The original digidestined had passed the torch on to the next generation of warriors, and yet they still had been called in to help. That time the young high schoolers had hoped would be the last time evil entered into their lives in any form other than extra homework over a summer vacation or disagreements with parents over curfew.

Things had been looking as if they would get their wish for some time. Life passed by year after year without much commotion other than teenage drama.

Taichi, Sora, and Matt were on the verge of their high school graduation. The trio had been good friends since the first time they returned from the digital world. Granted Tai and Matt had their spats more often than not, but the two still put on a happy and friendly face around Sora.

There was no secret between the two boys that they both felt something towards the caring and beautiful girl. My how she had grown in the years since their first trip to the digital world. Then she was as tomboy as tomboys come. High school had done her good. Growing taller, and developing a fine figure, it was no wonder why many of the guys in school had been bothering her for the last several years.

Matt, had taken Sora out on a date several times to Tai's great dislike, but Sora seemed to not find what she wanted in the flirtatious rock star. As much as Tai was glad she had not found a steady boyfriend, or anything other than a three date boy, he could not get up the courage to ask her the question he had wanted to for years.

So much for the crest of courage bearer. He had led the group of middle schoolers into battle against a powerful enemy, but he could not ask his childhood friend out to the movies as anything other than a friend. Well, no one said that the battlefield of love was any easier than the other kinds...

The rest of the old crew had also grown with the passing of time. Joe was in his first year of college, Mimi, Izzy, Tk, Kari, Davis, Cody, Ken, and Yolei were also growing older and fitting into Junior, and High School life.

It had been a good two years without mention of the digital world, or their digimon friends who had been a big part of their lives. Things were normal, or as normal as possible for them. Until they were once again called upon to risk their lives...

"Hey Sora!" The large haired boy ran down the hallway towards his best friend's locker. The girl he was calling to looked up and smiled a sweet smile at the boy she had grown up with. Watching him run down the hall made her think of how much he had not changed since the day they met. He was still energetic, always happy, with a smile and glimmer in his eye that could melt her any day... a smile she wished he would do for her on another level.

They had always been friends, since before he knew she was a girl, they had been friends. To this day she still could not figure out how he could have thought she was a guy for the first three months they had been friends. He was known for being slow... but for nine years... at least three of them had been wasted with leaving hints that she wanted to be more than friends, she had even asked him to junior prom, to which he replied it would be weird to take her since she was a friend.

She had cried that day. Cried so hard she wanted to hate him... but she couldn't. Just like she couldn't muster up the courage to tell him how she felt. After the prom incident, she had even less drive to know the answer to the question she longed to ask...

She could not deal with his rejection. She felt horrible after such a small thing like prom, what would happen when he laughed at her for likening him. She had tried to forget that by dating others. She had to see if she could find someone else, someone who could love her. So far no one had lived up to Tai.

"Hey Tai, what's up?" She inquired as she closed her locker, getting ready to leave school for a three day holiday weekend.

"You'll never guess what!" He said as she waited for him to calm down and tell her the great news.

"I don't know, so will you just tell me?" She smiled at him. He knew she hated this game. She was a horrible guesser.

"Well, it's a three day weekend and all, but I just talked with some of the guys and they're going to a cabin in the woods!"

"The guys are going off in the middle of nowhere... no supervision, no common sense... and this is a good thing?" She asked crossing her arms and looking at him wanting to laugh.

"Yeah! It will be great! So... we have room in the van for one more... I know a weekend with the guys is not something you would want to do..." Tai felt like stopping. What had made him think she would possibly want to join them was beyond him. But he knew that maybe in the woods, they could go for a walk or just enjoy the nature together. She enjoyed that kind of thing... and maybe... just maybe he could ask her then.

"You want me to spend three days with a bunch of senior boys who can barely pass as civilized down here, up there?" She wanted to laugh. What made him think asking her was such a good idea? Especially when one of his soccer buddies had a creepy crush on her. Tai really was blind with matters of things other than soccer and failing math class.

"Tai, don't you think you should study instead?" She added remembering the lengthy homework assigned for the break.

"Study? Sora, it's a vacation. VA-CA-TION!" He sighed. "If you don't want to go... I can always invite someone else... I just thought it would be fun... to you know... hang out more. We've both been busy lately... I kind of miss you is all." He said about to turn. But Sora's hand on his arm stopped him.

"You promise the guys won't try anything?" She said knowing what teen age boys were capable of...

"Sora, nothing will happen. I've always protected you, haven't I? I will protect you."

"Well, I suppose it won't be so bad." She sighed. It was true that they had been spending less and less time together... and if they could ditch the soccer boys, maybe she could finally just tell him. Looking up at him, she could not help but smile at his excited face.

"Great! We're leaving tomorrow morning."

"Wait. I still have to get this little change in plans cleared with the boss remember?" She hated to spoil his good mood.

"Damn, man... Sora, your mom won't let you go, will she?"

"I won't know till I ask." Sora gave him a naughty smile. "But I think I should be able to manage this. I'll call you later goggle boy." She added the old time nickname and a wave before taking off and leaving Tai smiling.

"You sure you got everything?" Sora asked as she loaded her bag into the van. The group had decided to meet in the park and take off for the country side early the next day.

Sora was glad. Her agreement with her mother was narrowly approved. If she saw the boys and their packing skills, there would have been no way Mrs. Takenouchi would have allowed her daughter to go off with four boys.

Tai and the other boys were looking rather smug about their choices of entertainment and supplies when Sora arrived with a sleeping bag, canned foods, a torch and other useful things.

"You have never been camping before have you?" She shook her head. This was going to be an interesting trip.

"Don't worry there is a log cabin in case the tents and things don't work out." One of the boys said.

"And a stream nearby."

"Don't worry Sora, it will be fine." Tai said putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Just don't do too much making out with your girlfriend Tai." Another boy jeered causing Tai to remove his hand from Sora's shoulder and step back. Sora blushed a but as well.

"We're not... I mean... let's just go!" Tai said pushing his buddies into the car. He got into the driver's seat, the boys piled in the back, and Sora got in the passenger's side.

The group was off. And already Sora had a bad feeling about all this.

The car stopped and everyone got out to look at their home for the next two nights.

Sora could not help but laugh. This was their great place for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Their awesome campsite was rather lackluster. The cabin for starters was no more than a small supply shed if that, the river was a good three minutes by car drive... but the place was peaceful. In many ways it reminded her of some of the locals they had stayed near in the Digital World. She could tell Tai saw it too when she turned to look at him. He smiled back at her.

"Well you manly men, what is the first thing on the agenda?" Sora asked looking at the city dwellers that seemed to be in over their heads just by looking at their expressions.

They were so lucky Sora and Tai had been trained in the art of foraging and surviving in such conditions.

In no time, Tai and Sora had the tents up, sent the others to gather fire wood, and had things in rather good order. Standing back, Tai could only smile as he watched Sora finish setting up her tent, a little ways from the boy's tent. Her long hair was no longer perfectly pulled back in a ponytail. With all the work, several strands had broken free of their ties and seemed to dance in the breeze.

He did enjoy watching her, even back as a child. But then, the meaning was totally different.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sora could tell Taichi was staring at her. Why did he do that more frequently these days? She had at first hoped that meant he was finally figuring out he had feelings for her, but as of yet, he had not said a word. As much as it confused her, it made a thrill go up her spine. There was just something about being watched by his warm chocolate brown eyes that made her feel safe and loved. He truly was her protector. But was that all he wanted to be? She hoped not. That was the reason for this trip.

If she had to make the first move, then she would have to do it. She could not take this waiting around anymore. This weekend, she told herself, either he will say it, or you will!


So that was chapter numero uno! Next chapter the action begins!

Will Tai use his old crest of courage to say something to Sora? Will Sora have to take the lead? Or will something stop them from getting to admit their feelings… something dark and dangerous…

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