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Sora waited for the end knowing she had failed to accomplish her goal fully. But it seemed Tai was on his way to recovery without that device controlling him.

Time seemed to tick by slowly; suddenly something roughly tackled her, covering her body from the object meant to take away her life. Sora could feel a warm presence shielding her, and slowly she opened her eyes.

What she saw made her gasp and cry out in a pained scream.

"NO!" Gently getting out from under her savior, Sora looked down on the still body of her protector.

"Cerberusmon! No..." She sobbed as she buried her face into the large body of her unlikely friend. The digimon had been controlled by Malo-myotismon, but once the dark device was destroyed, it seemed that the control over the kind hearted beast was as well.

"You can't die! No... not now... wake up!" She gently rubbed the beast's dog like heads. "Please..."

But there was no response.

"How do you still live?" Malo-Myotismon snarled looking on the girl he so wanted to crush in his fingers. "Stupid digimon, protecting a worthless human! No matter, he was of no use to me."

"Don't say that!" Sora said her voice was shaky with a combination of rage and sadness. "He proves that there is hope for the digital world. That YOU cannot succeed in making everything and everyone dark."

"Sora?" A voice came from across the room. A voice she could recognize even in a huge crowd. Looking briefly towards the voice, Sora's heart skipped a beat. Slowly getting on to his knees was a very confused and tired looking Taichi.

"TAI!" The others screamed. Kari was so relieved that she could not help tears coming to her eyes. Her brother was back. Their leader and hero was back. Lifted from the dark powers that had claimed him for so long, Tai was really back.

Tears came to her eyes, and she could not stop them from falling. Malo-Myotismon took this time to try and again to take a swing at Sora, but Ultimate Nephilimon interposed itself in front of her.

The two gigantic digimon clashed, energy sparks shot off of the two powers, but to Sora, the world stood still.

The chocolate orbs that had always sparkled for her were back. No matter the distance between the two, she could see the sparkle in his eyes. As if she were attached to strings and the puppet master was calling, she stood up, forgetting everything and moved towards the man she nearly gave up on.

"T...t..." Her lips trembled as she saw him getting up and moving closer to her. She could not even say his name aloud, not fully believing this was truly real. Had she died in that attack and now she was in heaven? Was this really him, or was Myotismon going to kill her the moment she touched the man she loved? It was worth it. If she was going to die... now was a time she could be happy with... the sparkle in his eyes were so warm and welcoming.

If it is going to happen, Sora thought to herself, let it be now. The others can finish this job... I just want to sleep...

But the end didn't come as they two embraced for the first time in how many days. The tears streamed down her eyes in floods. He was real. He wasn't going to hurt her... she had him back.

"Sora." Tai sighed as he grabbed on to her and pulled her to him. He didn't care if he hurt all over, or if she was injured, he crushed her small frame to his. His face buried itself in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent. It was the same as he remembered. The perspiration and smells of battle were drowned out by the hint of floral scents that teased his nose.

"Sora... what's wrong? What happened?" He asked not letting her escape from his arms. He frantically tried to search his mind, he could not remember anything that had happened... his body ached, and then Sora was uncontrollably crying. Something must have happened.

"Sora?" He asked again, but got no response. Moving his lips from her hair towards her lips, Tai was even more confused when he felt her body freeze sharply.

"Sora?" He moved let go a little and looked into her eyes. What he saw was not something he could understand, nor did he like. Her eyes were wide with a fear that made his stomach twist.

It was too much... no matter how much she recognized her Tai in this touch, there still was a part of her mind thinking back to the last times they had embraced. Looking into his eyes, she could not help her body from shaking a little.

The two searched each other's eyes for answers but found none. Tai silently looked for reasons of her reaction, and Sora had none to give him.

"I will not go down alone!" Came a shrill cry from the large evil digimon as he continued to get pounded and beaten on by the combined digimon power house of Ultimate Neliphilmon. Using a large amount of his dwindling power, Malo-Myotismon shot a large surge of power towards the couple still in an embrace.

Tai and Sora had but seconds for the world to catch up to them. Without thinking twice, Tai flipped Sora and used his body to shield her from the blast.

The room froze and went dark for a moment as the dark energy that collided with Tai's body. Dark energy seemed to hit and bounce off in all directions, but the brunt of the power went straight into Tai's back.

A silence filled the room. As the light finally overpowered the darkness the digidestined were frozen with fear. All attention went on to the two bodies lying still across the room.

Tensions seemed to relax a little when the brown haired boy began to move. All eyes were on the two, and all the fighting had stopped momentarily.

"TAI!" Kari called out to her brother with a happy voice, but the relief was short lived as the boy's head hung at a frightening angle. Feminine screams and cries came from underneath his body. And they group knew that Tai was not moving on his own.

Sora's eyes awoke after the violent push to a world of darkness and a weight on her body. Seeing that it was Taichi on top of her, Sora's mind went into a panic. Gone were the memories of her Taichi being freed from the dark device, and replaced with the memories of the time when his weight was on her like this before.

"No!" She screamed pushing against Tai's weight. "NO! Let me go! No!"

With all her power, Sora pushed and was able to roll him off of her enough to get free. She could not help the feelings welling inside her and she crawled away from his body, not thinking twice about what she was doing. Needing to have some distance, she moved till her heart began to feel safe.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she turned and looked at the twisted body of the boy who meant so much to her. Feeling sick and frustrated with her own feelings of fear, she shook seeing his body laying there not moving.

"Not again..." She sobbed covering her mouth. The pit of her stomach violently twisted and she felt the need to puke. She had done this... Tai would never have been through all this if it was not for her... knowing that it wasn't just her fault that she felt the need to get away from the contact, she still felt horrible.

Steeling her courage, she slowly returned to Tai's side.

"Taichi..." She called out to him, but got no answer. Taking him in her arms, Sora sobbed harder rocking him slightly. "I'm sorry...so sorry... please wake up. Please..."

No real response came to her, but she was not going to give up. Bending down she closed her eyes and kissed his still lips.

"Please... Taichi... I love you."

"WHY CAN'T I KILL YOU?" Malo-Myotismon snarled seeing that his blast had not killed the one he intended. The girl's ability to cheat death was becoming increasingly annoying. Sending out several more bursts of energy, he didn't even try to aim at the girl. The others were shielded from the attacks by their digimon in time to avoid injury.

"You will not win Myotismon." Ultimate Neliphilmon said as it was engulfed in a pure light. Seeing the love and the courage that the two humans had demonstrated gave the combined digimon the power to summon its supreme attack.

"Healing Light!" The creature shouted as it raised it hands up above its head, and expanded its wings. The light instantly covered the room with a blinding light.

No one could see anything, but the screams and threats coming from Malo-Myotismon echoed in the room and then were silenced.

When the light dissipated the digidestened found themselves no longer in the dark castle but lying down in the middle of a lush field.

The flowers and trees surrounding them seemed to flow and bend in the gentle breeze that picked up flew by.

"Is everyone here?" Matt asked looking around after sitting up and trying to take stock of the situation.

"Where are we?" Mimi asked as she sat up and looked around.

"It looks like heaven to me." Tk said holding Kari's hand.

"Heaven? Did we win?" Davis was quick to ask.

"Well, if we are not dead. And the eternal darkness is not around, I would assume so." Izzy responded shaking his head. "But I am curious as to what exactly happened to us. I feel like my hardrive crashed."

"Where are Sora and Tai?" Matt asked seeing that everyone was accounted for, except the two.

The group of teens and digimon got up and began to wander the field looking for their friends. The field grass lengths grew taller as the group walked to the center of the field where the most beautiful flower bloomed and continued the search.

"Find anything?" Kari called out over the others who had broken up into smaller groups to search.

"Nothing!" Yolei replied. The frustration from the group was growing. Where were their friends, hadn't they made it out as well?

Several yards away from the field, at the border of the field and the forest, a large willow tree grew. Its hundreds of branches swayed in the wind.

It was one of these branches that swooshed past her cheek, awakening her from her much needed sleep. Shifting a bit, Sora noticed her head was resting against something warm and soft. Taking a deep breath, she caught a scent that soothed her.

Not really wanting to open her eyes, Sora forced herself to do so. She could not just stay there and dream the rest of her life, she needed to know if that scent was really what she thought it was... or rather, who she thought it was.

Opening her eyes, Sora saw a beautiful field and her friends walking around calling out for them. Not wanting to disturb the moment, she decided to not call back just yet. Taking a deep breath, she turned her head and saw the warm cushion she was resting on.

"Taichi." She smiled looking at his peaceful form. He too deserved a long rest after what had happened to him. Looking down at their combined hands, Sora remembered what happened to get them there.

The great light had engulfed everything- while that had happened Ultimate Neliphilmon came closer and picked them up. Embracing the two humans, the digimon breathed life back into the boy who had made the ultimate sacrifice. Sora had been asking for the light to help Tai, and her cries had been answered.

"You are the bearers of Courage and Love. You have done your crests proud. For that you have been given a second chance. Live happily protectors of both worlds. You are the mightiest leaders of the digidestined." The light said and then slowly released the two.

And here they were. Knowing that the digital world was once again safe, all the dark energy had been eradicated by the combined digimon's powerful light, she couldn't help but feel relieved. Their return home and safe sealing of the digital world was assured by the residual energy left from Ultimate Neliphilmon. It would be a time before their digimon hatched from their eggs, but at the moment that didn't matter... she was exhausted and they had survived.

Sora turned so that her body was on its side resting against his side.

"Taichi?" She called to him. Placing her hand on his cheek, she tried again. "Tai? Wake up."

Slowly reacting to her touch and her voice, Tai groaned and started to move. The pain that had been his last memory was gone, and instead, a soreness and overwhelming desire to sleep was in its place.

"What happened?" He asked opening his eyes to see Sora looking at him with tear filled eyes.

"A lot. But it doesn't matter." She said smiling through tears.

"Sora, I had this horrible nightmare..." Tai said sitting up and grabbing her arms. "I was being controlled, but I still had some control... I did such horrible things... I hurt you... oh God Sora..." Tai looked at her with fear in his eyes. She would hate him forever now.

"Tai…" Sora said trying to calm him down. "It will be ok. It wasn't you. I don't blame you." She told him over and over.

"But it happened... and you are scared of me." He said noticing that she was still keeping her distance from him a bit.

"I don't want to be..." She sobbed looking away from him.

"It's ok. Sora... this is me. The real me. I am so sorry for doing that to you..." He said not knowing if it would be ok to embrace her or not. He hesitated, but was surprised when she threw her arms around him.

"I know. I know this is the real you... this is all my fault..."

"Sora... no. It is not anyone's fault. I am sorry to put you through all this... I brought you on the camping trip... I was stupid..."

"Well, the trip was a stupid idea," Sora conceded. "But you can make it up to me later... and I don't blame you... but I can't promise I will forget it or be over some of the things right away."

"I know." He nodded. "God Sora, I was scared."

"You?" She looked at him and laughed a bit. "I have never been so afraid in my life… I nearly gave up several times. You can have your job back as leader. I don't want it."

"Well, thanks, but no thanks. I love my digimon friends, but I think I have had enough with the digital world."

"Same here." Sora said leaning in and giving Tai a brief kiss to the lips. "Can we go home now?"

"Actually, can we just stay here and rest a bit?" He asked closing his eyes as Sora got a little bit closer to him.

"I suppose." She smiled and settled down next to him, resting her head on his chest. A sigh escaped her lips that arched ever so gently into a smile. This was her Tai. Gone were the doubts that he was anyone but that. All along he was trying to fight the evil, and there were times that he did manage to beat it... he really was a strong person. But she had learned a lot about herself on this trip. She too was strong.

"I love you." She whispered before letting herself drifting off to a much needed, peaceful sleep with the one she had worked so hard to get back. They were together again, no matter what hardships the future gave, they would surive.

Together they were stronger than anything in this world and the next.


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