Scrappy was one time a good pup and he showed promise...

"Todatadahapah! Puppypower!"

Even when Scooby say Scrappy born they have on many adventure but Scrappy started to grow up and no be an infant anymore yet he refuse to grow up!

Shaggy said "Shappy I think that you should sit this one out I mean the gang is back."

"No reason I've been here longer than they are!"

So Scrappy eventully got one peoples' nerve and he was abandoned by the gang.

Why did Scooby leave his nephew who wanted to be lick him?

"They're turn against him!"

The gang would later feel sorry for this impulsive action but Scrappy just grew bitter at the world and hated everything, and the gang hearing of this would be afraid to keep contact.

One day Scrappy had an ingenois plane to impersonate Mr Bean but he failed (see the movie)

He failed and was last seen being taken away.

What's become of him now?

"Scrappy Cornelius Doo we have a visitor for you!"

Scrappy was in prison. It was Shaggy and Scooby to see him!

"Oh its you. What do you want you meddling sons of..."

"We want to see our buddy. The old one not the new one." Shaggy sat as Scooby nod.

"Oh really! But the old is dead. You left me and ignored me so were not buddies you ahole!


"You dont use justice! You think you do but that's not true! You trampled on my hops and dream! All I wanted was to get back at you for leaving me!"

"People make mistakes we just want to help you we believe you can be saved"

"What do you mean?!?!!?"

"Haven't you hear your going to be execute!"

"Erecute" Scooby repeat.

Scrappy coulnd believe but he heard but he "Makes sense I was your biggest threat for a time and I did do crimes."

"Too crimes dont rwake ah wrong" Sccoby say

"Oh my gosh your right Uncle Im so sorry as Scrappy hug Scooby and they all cry at poor scrapp

"You dont need to apologize me make you do this bwecause we irresponsible and can't be forgiven but well try to make most of it!"

The next day Shaggy appealed to the court that Scrappy not be deemed a menace to society and given the second chance. But fate is cruel and judge ruled that temporary insanity no t be used so young scappy would btill be die

It's not fair it'f not fair!"

"Gang I dunnot if I can do this anymore we make Scrappy lose sight of what he was he wasn't bad he lost guidance."

"Fred says "we can't all be perfect but it's out job as detectives to track down the crimanals to justice and its up to Justice to take it from there we are not judgement we are deducer."

"Hes right you can't give up because of this we gotta let it go and learn though I feel sorry too" Dafknee

"Jinkies!" Velma say

"Thanks you guys I'm better now but it's gonna be sad to see Scrappy go we need to hold memory of him.

Soon Scrappy was put to execution room. At request, so were Scooby Shaggy Few Dafkness and Vemla to see him pass away. It somehow make Scrappy happy so see that his former friends still car about him. Then he thought of mother. Then all he knew was blackness as his mind left his body and embraced the void. The End