After graduating from Walker State University in political science, Arnold entered law school at UC Berkeley, where he's mostly interested in corporate law – "the boring kind." He still enjoys maintaining his rock collection, but geology has become a hobby for him rather than a career. He still attends GRANITE meetings. Arnold currently lives in an apartment with many leather-bound books in Berkeley.

Carlos graduated from Walker State in business management, and after getting sick of making copies for a living, opened up a bar with a few of his friends in 2005, with some mild success. He's consistently tormented by his friends for being a Mexican-American who opened an Irish pub, but maintains that he likes the Irish theme better. Carlos lives in downtown Walkerville, in a Spartan apartment above the bar.

Dorothy Ann:
Dorothy Ann loves to rub in Arnold's face that she's going to law school at Stanford after earning her BS in political science and philosophy. She hopes to be a federal defender for California state, but that won't happen until after a few more years of law school. DA lives in a studio in San Jose.

Janet is working on her master's in human sexuality, after graduating from Walker State in psychology with an emphasis on sexuality. She's hoping to be a sex therapist and help people through intimacy issues, as well as past childhood traumas. Janet lives in her landlord's basement in Walkerville.

Keesha is a reporter for the Walkerville Star, after earning her journalism BS. She's currently working full-time, with no real time for much screwing around on the side. She's on track to become a news editor in a few years, and has no plans on returning for her master's. Keesha lives in Walkerville, in a swanky one-bedroom loft.

Although she got a minor in literature, Phoebe is currently attending veterinary school. She plans on going into rescue and working in shelters, especially in rehabilitating abused and neglected dogs, although she hasn't ruled out being a general veterinarian. Phoebe rents a house with a yard, where she fosters rescued animals from local shelters.

Ralphie is nearly finished with his master's in physical therapy. He plans on going into physical therapy as a profession, especially with athletes and using sports in rehabilitation. He lives in Walkerville, where he's working an externship in a local physical therapy office.

Tim is in a fairly successful local band, but spends most of his time working as a civil engineer. Although most of his friends think of his as mainly artistic, Tim is incredibly logical and is one of the bright young engineers. He has been accepted to Stanford's masters program and will be attending in the fall. Tim currently lives in Walkerville, but is looking into an apartment near Dorothy Ann.

Wanda earned her bachelor's in sociology and criminology from Walker State, and has applied to the CIA. She's currently bartending at Carlos' bar; making a killing on nights she's more demonstrative in her dress and affections. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Walkerville that is expertly decorated, as one of her many hobbies is interior design.