This starts at the beginning of "Hide and Seek"...

The next few days and weeks were a combination of exploring, getting settled and hoping no impending sensor of doom would go off. So far all indications are normal, for this universe anyway, and no one really worried too much. Well a few were always looking to the sky but really, the mass majority said it was fine, and since Atlantis had been sunk and the Wraith so far away the chances of them finding us so quickly was slim.

Still. Check the skies every time you are near a window.

Scottish Doc had been developing the Ancient Gene for the rest of us. Which meant, soon Cow-lick wouldn't be so special anymore. And who volunteered for the first therapy? Me. Yup, taking a leap, a chance, and the ability to turn on things with a wave of my pinky. I was moving up the food chain.

"Say still," Dr. Beckett said, bringing the needle closer to my arm once more.

"I really don't do needles," I replied, inching closer to the edge and further from the advancing needle.

"Well you wined about being bloody special all day when I asked if you wanted to participate in the gene therapy."

"I don't remember the part where you said you needed to inject me with a needle the size of a cow."

Beckett rolled his eyes and before I could protest once more, he stuck in the needle and injected me. "Now than, not so bad."

A warm rush came over me and I nodded slightly. I sat there in a daze for a moment and than his hand rests on my shoulder and pushed me back slightly. I felt my head hit the pillow and turned my head to tell Beckett that this felt great to be turned into an Ancient, when, brain muddled, I saw another needle coming toward me.

"But you drugged me!" I said as soon as Drs. Beckett and Weir let me talk. I stood in the middle of Dr. Weir's office and looked between the two. "How can that be in the best interest of the experiment!"

"Dr. Beckett said you were uncooperative and felt he needed to drug you or forgo the experiment and since you had insisted, in not so flattering ways, I am told, that he gave you the injection, it was the only thing to do."

I looked at Dr. Weir for a second. "Well now that I have the gene, I may as well go back to my lab and see what I can turn on."

I walked back to my lab and on the way found Cow-lick standing in the doorway with a smug look on his face.


"I heard you now have the gene," he said. Thank goodness he didn't say what I thought he would. "And how you had to be drugged." Crap.

"Ya go on and laugh. See, you're not so special anymore."

"Oh that just makes me cry," he said dryly. "But now, you can turn on things, they don't have to call me at 2 a.m. to do that anymore. Now I can tell them to get you instead."

"Right, well." I looked at him a moment. "They really call you at 2 a.m?"

He laughed. "Let's see what goodies you can turn on now."