Dr. Weir brought a few of the top commanders into the briefing room and presented us with our next big adventure – well those who were alive since I would be withered away and dead because of not being able to eat, drink… and other things. Apparently some of the Athosian kids were playing at night and had gotten lost, scaring parents and Atlantis staff alike. As much as we had our own problems to deal with, we couldn't abandon the Athosians. Besides, Teyla, their leader, was kinda hot.

"We lost the generator a short while after that," Dr. Weir said, pointing to the screen. "Several people have been saying they see a black mist in some area around as they explore."

"Oh great, call the Ghost Busters," I said, crossing my arms.

"Oh that would be cool," Sheppard said, his eyes lighting up. "As long as it's not a Slimmer I think we can handle it though."

The non-Earthlings and non-movie watchers looked at us like we were speaking Greek. "It was a movie in the '80s," I said.

"We need to contain this thing," Dr. Weir said, continuing the briefing.

"Well, good luck with that, I hope it works," I reply, sinking lower into my seat.

Dr. Weir shoots me a death look. "We must act quickly and together to find out what this is. We need to find out where it came from and how to contain it. Rodney," she turned her eyes back on me, "you will help the team."

I gave a little nod; whatever I could do before I dropped dead I am sure I could manage.

A little digging, a little research, hours of listening to my stomach protest, and I had found something that looked like an answer for the team.

"It could have something to do with the interfaces between our naqahda generators and the city," I said to Dr. Weir. "Or that the way we isolated certain systems could be causing erroneous operations in the Ancient programming."

Dr. Weir looked at me for a second. "I wouldn't have thought you believed in ghosts."

"Yes, well. I never used to, then I heard about things called Wraiths that can suck the life out of you with their hands," I looked at her. "What the hell is that?"

Dr. Weir smiles. She has to agree, that is a bit more than she had anticipated when she first got here too.

We worked on, with the Athosians helping as much as they could, and upper management would allow. So we continued working on the black mist problem, not much else we could do. I finally figured a way to track the thing, and using the life signs detector – an interesting side note: the ancients were both brilliant and stupid. Brilliant because, well look at this city, it's amazing and has so many advances other places on Earth could use. And stupid because by all accounts they were run off by the Wraith. Who sucks blood through their hands? Ya. Tragic really. But where was I? Oh yes, saving the galaxy.

Right so the life signs detector could track both human (or Athosian) life signs, and this black misty-thing. Cool, huh? I sat back and watched the little dots go along the screen. A few people came by and asked how I was doing, and if anything new was going on. I vow the next person who asks me that and has a chocolate bar in their hands will be as dead as I was eventually going to be.

"How's it going?"

I turned around and glared at Sheppard. "Peachy. The life signs detector is tracking the mass, and it seems to be going toward the different generators we are using to power up Atlantis."

"Hmm, not good than?"

"No, not really. Is that a candy bar in your hand?" I asked.

"Oh this?" he asked, holding it up for me to see it in all it's chocolate, food-like, glory. "Ya, something to hold me over until dinner."

I give him a death glare and lunge at him, not caring that I could only knock him down and still not eat the candy bar. He knew better, the nerve! I got pretty far, I have to admit, than suddenly several things happened at once: The shield device turned brown, off I think; it dropped on the floor; and I almost seemed to watch myself follow it.

My last thought before going under the wave of unconsciousness: when was dinner time, and would someone wake me for it?