To say that Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi was in a good mood would be a misstatement. Well, more like a complete lie. Truthfully, he wasn't the sort of person that was in many good modes to begin with. But today was an epically bad mood day. Half his division was wrecked including all of his prized experiments which would take forever to recreate. The Women's Association had just finished labeling him a menace to females everywhere complete with warning posters spread all over Soul Society. And the icing on the cake was a not so pleasant conversation that Mayuri had just had with the first division captain.

"Stupid probation!" he grumbled as marched down the streets towards his division. "Stupid no more being allowed to test weapons without approval, Stupid no more attempting to kill stupid Quincy and stupid fines for replacing captain's stupid destroyed robes!"

"Err…Hi there"

Mayuri stopped complaining and looked down at the voice. Hanataro stood before nervously looking up at the captain.

"Out of my way" he said shoving the small medic into a nearby wall.

Hanataro continued to watch the mad scientist even as he rounded the corner. "…He touched me"

"Captain Kurotsuchi"

Mayuri turned back a few moments later annoyed as Jushiro Ukitake was waving at him. "What?"

"Would you like to have some candy?" The sickly captain called out as he held up a large bag full of the stuff.

"…No thank you" Mayuri said slowly before he kept going increasing the speed of his walk a bit.

'It couldn't be'

As he came around another corner, Toshiro Hitsugaya was there waiting for him. "Good to see you today captain."

"Yes, of course it is"

Toshiro nodded before suddenly kneeling down in front of the 12th division captain. "I just wanted to tell you how much you and your work have inspired me. Your experiments and ideas are truly magnificent. …Not to mention your good looks."


Mayuri gave up all notions of walking and began to run. But it might have been a little too late as now every direction he went in had a male shinigami waiting for him, two in some cases.

Turning into the last possible direction for escape, Mayuri thought he was safe. That was before he noticed the trail of rose petals spread out in a path. Following the trail upwards, Byakuya was standing there with chocolates and flowers in hand. As he saw Mayuri, the captain let out a bright smile.


Shinigami began to suddenly pour in from all sides trapping him in place.

"Let's go on a date"

"Your eyes are incredible"

"How can I get my hair to look like that?

"Stay back…none of you come any closer" Mayuri shouted. "I'm not afraid to use this," he said pulling out his zanpakuto.

"Hey there Captain Kurotsuchi. Would you like a hug?" Renji said holding his arms open.

"No! Rip Ashisogi Jizō!"

As his sword split into its three pronged released form Mayuri turned and stabbed the nearest shinigami to him. "Take that"

Kenpachi stared down at the poisonous wound in his chest with his one eye and smiled sadistically. "Alright, I love foreplay"


Back at the partially destroyed 12th division headquarters, Nemu and several other researchers were working in one of the still operation areas. Many of them stopped in their tasks as they all thought they heard a familiar voice screaming.

"Hey, was that the captain's voice?"

"Sounds like it. Maybe we should go check it out"

"Wait," Nemu said interrupting the two. "Captain Kurotsuchi said that he was running very important experiments for the entire day and did not want to be bothered. No matter what"

"Are you sure? Because I could have sworn that noise was…"

"No matter what" Nemu repeated sternly.


That being done, Nemu returned back to her seat and continued her work. Picking up the small paperback romance novel, she quickly found the page she had left off on and continued reading.

Loyalty like the type that Nemu had for her so called father would be something that always existed But in the case where you scorn a woman, well all bets are off.