Description: This is another story that I've had stewing in my mind ever since i was halfway done writing the most recent one i posted on line onto notebook paper. Its another Jackie/Hyde fanfic...ooooh big shocker huh? I know, me writing a Jackie/Hyde story? Who would have ever thought. ... P . well, i thought i would test the waters with this story. Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: i don't own any part of That 70's show. But you know that if i did, i would cut out the 8th season because randy and Sam ruined the show and Jackie ending up with fez was the nail in the coffin for it to me.

Author's note: this first chapter is basically an introduction with Jackie's thoughts and will naturally be shorter the the ones to follow. And then, depending on your feedback the next will be a flash back chapter and possibly switched to present time towards the end. Let me know if you like it and would like for me to continue.

Introduction Chapter

(Jackie's Diary entry; march 15th, 1977)

dear diary, Steven Hyde is a complete and total jack ass! Ugh! I can not even stand him one bit! He just...he makes me so angry that i can't even describe it! I hate him! I truly do. And i know that i say this a lot about people, but right now? I really mean it about Steven I just don't get it. Why does he always have to be such a jerk? Sometimes, i swear that he doesn't have one single nice bone in his body. If i had known that he would be the only one in the basement when i went there this afternoon...then i wouldn't have even bothered going there at all. I mean, i wasn't even there for a minute and he started in on me.

Right when i walked in the door he had something snippy to say to me. He didn't even give me the chance to sit down before he completely jumped down my throat for absolutely no reason at all. I mean, does he not have anything better to do with his day then to pick a fight with me?...Well, apparently he doesn't. Its like he was waiting to start with me. Whatever, i don't even know why i care. I've known Steven for how long? I should know by now that he is and probably always will be an ass hole.

I mean, its like ever since his mother bailed on him Steven has been more of a tool then usual. Not that i can really blame him. I know what its like to have parents that don't love you. Hell, i haven't seen my own parents in how long? The last time i saw my dad was a month ago. Apparently he's away on "business". And who knows where my mom is. But does that fact make me extra bitchy? No, it doesn't. So what gives Steven the right to just lash out on me because life has dealt him a bad card? Nothing gives him the right, thats what. I am just so sick and tired of his crap sometimes.

But i don't even know why i let anything that he says bother me the way i do. I mean, come on. Its Steven for god sake. This is pretty much how he has always been and probably always will be. And to think that i once had a crush on him! What the hell kind of delusional world was i living in to think that Steven and i would ever date, let alone get along? I'm just glad that i finally realized that will never happen. How could it? Look at how different we are! I'm a cheerleader and he's a... scruffy, dirty...stoner for god sake! I mean, i know that they say opposites attract. But definitely not us.

Whatever, forget about Steven though. I have more important thing to worry about then him. Like for instance, what I'm going to wear tonight. ...I'm going to a Fraternity party in Kenosha! Ooh, I'm so excited! One of my cheerleader friends was invited and she asked me to come along with her since she didn't want to go alone. So now I'm going to my first Frat party! I can not wait! Its going to be so much fun! Finally a night out of Point Place and away from Michael and that jerk Steven, its going to be great! But i should probably hurry up and get ready. Its almost a two hour drive to Kenosha from here and Melinda said to be ready by six. That gives me approximately an hour and a half. I can't wait, tonight is going to be awesome! ... (end Jackie's diary entry)

ok so that would be the introduction chapter you guys. Let me know your thoughts and observations. I'm depending on you guys, my fellow fan fiction readers to let me know what to do next. Hope you enjoyed this and that I'll be able to continue with this story as well as my other one i currently also have up.