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(a/n: The final chapter!

After the first part, the rest of the chapter is in first person, from Lily's point of view.

Read on, oh faithful ones!


Ginny was old now; the photographs that hung on the walls were enough to prove that.

Pictures of a younger Ginny with Lily the day she was born, and on her eleventh birthday with the letter from Hogwarts.

Pictures from school years, from Quidditch games to a group photo of Lily with her friends.

Photographs of Ginny with Lily and her son-in-law hung beside pictures of Lily with her own children, and Ginny playing with her grandchildren.

Pictures of Ginny's family; her parents, deceased for a while, living only long enough to see their great-grandchildren be born into the world they were leaving; her brothers, all of them still so protective of both Ginny and Lily.

There were a few photographs of Draco playing with the grandchildren, and others that showed the friendship that the two adults had found in one another.

One photograph showed the love Ginny had. A framed picture of herself and Harry Potter was in the centre of her life of photographs, both of them smiling and happy together.

Ginny knew that there would be no more photographs of her, just as she knew that she would rejoin her love soon...


I watched as the coffin made its way down the grass hill to rest where it always belonged: beside my father. I felt Lukus' arm go around my shoulders, but my sobs did not cease even with his comfort.

Our three children watched solemnly as everyone started to say goodbye to their Gran, then went to say goodbye themselves, tears staining their pale cheeks.

I couldn't bring myself to move from where I was standing. I didn't want to say goodbye yet; she had been there for so long, and had been my friend and confidant for just as long. I didn't want to admit that she was gone.

One by one, her friends left us, briefly saying goodbye to me, sorrow in their eyes.

Knowing that I didn't want to leave, even despite the harsh wind and cold rain, Lukus called the children to him, kissed me goodbye and Apparated home. I was grateful to him for it.

I slowly walked to where the coffin was and looked at the awful box that my mother was in. I briefly wondered if there was a light inside of the coffin, knowing that my mother did not like to be in the dark; it reminded her too much of what she had lost.

I didn't realise that I'd sank to the ground until I felt the wet grass going through my robes. I sat there and wept for the world's loss. My mother had been one of the greatest people on this earth, and the fact that it was raining now was proof that the gods' were crying for her death.

"Lily-love," a familiar voice said in my ear, quiet yet still audible over the storm.

"I don't want to leave yet," I cried to Draco, my eyes screwed shut, as if everything were just a dream and I would wake up to find my mother beside me, alive and well.

"Come with me, Lily," Draco said, a command in his voice.

I suddenly was so tired. I was tired from grief, tired of the cold and wet day, tired from feeling this huge black hole in my heart where my mother had once been. I allowed Draco to side-Apparate me away from the coffin.


I woke up some time later, the events of the last few days hitting me hard, wrenching a sob from my throat. The noise alerted Draco that I was awake, and he sat up in the chair that was sitting beside my bed.

"Your mother gave something to me to keep for you. She wanted to make sure that you got it without anyone else seeing it first," was the first thing Draco said.

I noticed how his hair had whitened considerably, and he suddenly looked much older than I remembered him.

Draco got off the chair stiffly, and went over to his desk, tapping it with his wand. A secret drawer opened, and he took out a yellowed envelope before returning to his seat and handing it to me.

"She gave it to me years ago; Ginny even made me promise to stay alive longer than her just so I could give it to you," he said with a laugh that quickly turned into a cough.

I toyed with the envelope for a moment, not sure if I wanted to read the letter inside.

"Open it," Draco said with a nod.

Taking a deep breath, I nodded in return, then opened the envelope and took out what was inside of it: a photograph and a letter.

Looking at the photograph, I frowned, not recognising what the black and white fuzz was supposed to represent. I opened the letter and started to read it out loud.

"The last will and testament of Ginevra Molly Weasley."

I faltered immediately, looking to Draco, who simply nodded for me to continue reading.

"I am writing my will, as so many have before me, and will after me, because I am going to die. It may not be this day, week, month, or even year, but I will die eventually, mortal as I am.

"I could write about my life and what I have achieved, but to those that knew me, they would know that my life was not important until I had my daughter, Lily. Some will argue this statement 'surely you have had done something other than have a child!', and to be sure, I have.

"I went to Hogwarts, met the love of my life, fought in the same war that he sacrificed himself, and along the way, I made some likely, as well as not-so-likely lifelong friends. To me, these things all pale in comparison when I think of my daughter.

"She is my entire life, and without her I would have stopped living a long time ago, I admit that full heartedly. I am blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. She gave me strength to get out of bed in the morning, and helped me see the light shining in the darkness.

"I leave all of my photographs to her, and she may do with them as she wishes. I know that a few of my friends will request certain photographs, and ask that she give them with a joyful heart at the memory, not at the loss.

"Fred and George have asked for my spell books. They are to receive them only if they agree to not use them against Ron in any way, shape, or form.

"My cauldrons, robes and ingredients are all to go to my grandchildren to learn and practice with. The accompanying books are to be read, not to be used as a doorstop!

"The rest of my possessions are to be given to Lily, so she may use them or distribute them as she likes. I do believe Luna would appreciate the first edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as there is reference to a Crumpled-Horned Snack in it.

"For my daughter, I offer these words that she once gave me. I will always be with you, in your heart and in your mind.

Do not mourn the loss of me, rejoice in the time we spent together and remember it always. I love you more than anyone I have ever loved, Lily-love."

I finished reading, my voice cracking with emotion and my eyes filled with tears. My gaze fell on the photograph and I frowned slightly. The letter had not said what it was...

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I picked up the photograph, and looked at it more closely. It wasn't very helpful, so I turned it over. There, in my mother's familiar handwriting, told me exactly what the photograph was.

First ultrasound of Lily, my love.

Outside, the rain had stopped and the harsh wind had died down. A wind chime on the window tinkled brightly with the coming out of the sun, and I knew that at that instant my parents had found each other once more.


The end.