Title: Absolute Gravity

Author: Janine

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Hermione/Pansy

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own them

Summary: Sequel to Darling Pansy and Beautiful Day.


"Now pair up, and let's get to work," Prof. Trelawney declared slapping her hands and smiling out at the class hopefully, willing them to be good and actually follow her instructions because they all knew she couldn't really make them if they were in a rebellious mood.

Hermione looked down at her textbook and sighed. Divination was her least favorite class, and group work in the subject was a complete and utter nightmare. She would have rather been tending Blast-ended skrewts.

"I know I don't like this class, but I'm absolutely not making up anything about …" Hermione began as she felt someone settle down beside her, speaking without looking assuming that it was Harry or most likely Ron who had moved beside her. Her voice trailed off however when she caught sight of raven hair, pale skin and a skirt. "Pansy," Hermione finally breathed out.

"Do you often make up prophecies about me?" Pansy asked quirking an eyebrow at Hermione as she briefly glanced over at the brunette before she allowed her gaze to roam around the classroom as if she wasn't the least bit interested in what Hermione had to say about pretty much anything.

"No, that's not what I was … what are you doing here?" Hermione replied going from flustered to irritated in a matter of seconds. Pansy's sudden appearance by her side had startled her. Since their encounters in the bathrooms of Hogwarts they had seen each other a few times at pre-arranged meeting places, but they'd had had very little interaction with each other in public.

"My school work, like I'm supposed to," Pansy replied looking over at Hermione as if she was incredible dim. "I know that you've recently embraced hooliganism but I must say that objecting to others trying to do their work is taking it a bit far," Pansy continued in a disapproving tone, looking over at Prof. Trelawney angelically as the woman walked past.

Hermione scowled, the pair beside them was snickering at Pansy's comment, her class skipping incident from two weeks before was not even close to being forgotten by the general population of the school.

"Why are you working with me?" Hermione ground out a few moments later, glaring over at the girl beside her.

"Because I'm a horrible person and bothering you amuses me," Pansy replied smiling winsomely over at Hermione before reaching out for the dried tea leaves that had been set on their table earlier. "So, shall we?"

Hermione sighed deeply and reached for the pot near her completely ignoring the fact that her heart beat had begun to quicken.


Hermione blinked rapidly, her breath hitching slightly as Pansy's hand began to creep under her skirt. She turned her head to the side to look at Pansy, but the other girl was facing forward her eyes on Prof. Trelawney as she instructed them what they should be looking for in their tea cups, and what chapters of their textbook they should consult if they came across any shapes they were unfamiliar with.

Hermione's leg twitched as Pansy's hand rose higher on her thigh, pushing up her skirt with her hand, the brunette's legs helplessly falling open when Pansy reached the top of her thighs, giving the raven-haired girl better access to her center.

"Pansy, stop," Hermione whispered softly, her eyes fluttering around their table to see if anyone was looking at them. No one was, and since their desk had a covering that fell to the floor, they were at the back of the classroom and Hermione was up against the wall, if anyone did look at them they wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway.

"Says the girl who just spread like a Parisian whore," Pansy responded in an equally quiet voice though her lips curved up slightly in a smile. "If you're quiet no one will know," Pansy continued a moment later, her fingers brushing against the seam of Hermione's panties.

"We're in class," Hermione protested, very aware of the fact that she wasn't actually doing anything to stop Pansy from touching her and that Pansy was aware of it too.

"I know," Pansy breathed out, pressing her fingers down on Hermione's clit, a pleased expression spreading across her face when Hermione shifted in her chair. "That's why I told you to be quiet."

Hermione bit her lip to stop herself from moaning and rested her elbow on the desk, dropping her head into her open hand a second after that. She then pushed her hips forward slightly, arching towards Pansy's questing fingers allowing the raven-haired girl to touch her without protest.

"You're getting wet. I love how quickly you get wet," Pansy murmured softly, her free hand swirling around the tea cup as the fingers of her other hand slipped beneath the fabric of Hermione's panties, Pansy's fingers finally able to play against the brunette's naked clit. "I knew you didn't want me to stop," Pansy continued as Hermione breathed in deeply, her body shuddering as her hips jerked forward, chewing on her lip so hard she was afraid that she was going to bite through it. "You're such a dirty bitch, Granger," Hermione's eyes squeezed shut and her hips bucked again. "I love it though. Knowing that I can shove my hands down your pants anywhere anytime and you'll just spread and drip for me. It makes me so fucking horny," Pansy moaned softly, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth. "If one of us didn't have to pretend to be working, I'd totally be fucking myself too."

Hermione's thighs squeezed together trapping Pansy's hand momentarily as a rush of desire washed through her before she opened her legs again so that Pansy could continue touching her. She was close. Pansy had only been touching her for a few minutes, but she was already close.

She was sitting in class and she was about to have an orgasm.

"I'm gonna make you come so hard that you soak the seat," Pansy continued, her fingers moving more quickly against Hermione. "All through your next class, all you're going to be able to feel is damp, cum soaked panties against your pussy, and you're going to think of me, and getting off in class, and you're going to keep soaking them all day because you are a dirty, horny slut."

Hermione shivered at the thought. What they were doing was so wrong. Getting fingered in the middle of class by an enemy prefect while obscenities that made her sex pulse were whispered at her was incredibly depraved. She should've been ashamed of herself. She should've reached down and removed Pansy's hand and never spoken to the other girl again. She should have done a lot of things, one of which was not reaching under the table herself and pressing Pansy's fingers harder against her, but that's exactly what she did because she loved it. Besides, she was almost there. She just needed a few more …

"Oh," Pansy said in a regular tone, her voice causing Hermione to look up, her heart seizing with terror a second later as she saw Prof. Trelawney standing in front of their desk. "Granger's got a headache. Too much reading history books and boring stuff like that instead of concentrating on practical magical like divination, no doubt," Pansy continued shaking her head slightly as if Hermione mystified her beyond belief. "I've got everything under control though, don't you worry."

Prof. Trelawney nodded and smiled at Pansy before offering a sympathetic look to Hermione, and then continued on her way to the row beneath them to check on the others progress.

"Stop," Hermione hissed once Prof. Trelawney was out of earshot. "Stop, she almost caught us. This is i-i-insane," she stuttered as Pansy's fingers roughly began to circle her button again.

"Oh, don't be such a drama queen Granger," Pansy murmured back not stopping the motions her fingers were making. "You were almost there," she continued. She was beginning to get a good sense of Hermione's body and she was certain that before Trelawney showed up that the brunette was close to coming. "Just sit back and it'll be over in a couple minutes."

"You make it sound like riding out an earthquake," Hermione grumbled though she felt her body began to relax and respond to Pansy's touch once more. She was absolutely helpless around the other girl. She just couldn't keep her legs closed. The pull she felt towards Pansy was almost elemental, like gravity, a force behind her control. All Pansy had to do was look at her, and her body reacted like they'd been fooling around for an hour. So after actually having Pansy's fingers on her, there was no way she was actually going to be able to stop.

"Isn't it?" Pansy asked quirking an eyebrow at Hermione, a small smirk touching her lips as she looked over at the brunette.

Hermione held Pansy's gaze and smiled before shaking her head, Pansy's fingers making her bite down on her lip and drop her head back into her hand a moment later. Hermione began to breathe deeply, her hips rolling constantly behind the desk as Pansy continued to stimulate her. It wouldn't be too much longer before …

"Now," Prof. Trelawney began.

Hermione gasped her eyes squeezing tightly shut behind her hand as her body began to shake.

"…if you'd all be so kind as to …"

Hermione braced her free hand on the edge of the desk as her hips began to jerk uncontrollably, pleasure rippling through her as Pansy continued to circle her clit with her fingers.

"…read chapters 14 through 17 for our next class…"

Hermione fell back against her chair resting heavy against the back of it, her hand moving with her body to remain covering her face as she breathed in and out rapidly, her heart pounding wildly beneath her breast as Pansy slowly pulled her hand out of her panties.

"…then, that will be all for today."