Title: Absolute Gravity

Author: Janine

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Hermione/Pansy

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own them

Summary: Hermione and Pansy's relationship continues to grow. Sequel to Darling Pansy and Beautiful Day.


Part Six

A month later…

Hermione smiled widely as the music started up, slouching against the back of the couch comfortably as Pansy moved into the center of the Room of Requirement which had taken on an appearance Hermione could only describe as being like a posh concubine's bed chamber.

Pansy began to move her hips in time with the music. She was dressed in a Muggle suit that was slightly too big for her, just like in the music video she had told Pansy about. She didn't really know why a girl in a man's suit stripping was so hot, only that it was, and never more so than when it was her own girlfriend.

Pansy flung the jacket she had been wearing off to the side and Hermione whistled grinning widely and clapping as Pansy's hands ran firmly down over her chest and torso, brushing over her crotch before they moved away again. The raven-haired girl then turned gracefully on her feet, presenting her back to Hermione, and moved her hips, her ass swaying provocatively in front of the brunette.

Hermione's heartbeat continued to increase as she watched her girlfriend whip off the tie she was wearing and move her hands to the buttons of the white shirt she had on. A few moments later Pansy seemed to become bored with the buttons and simply ripped the shirt open, the remaining buttons flying in every direction before her hands moved to cup her breasts as she continued to sway and grind in time with the music.

Hermione sucked her bottom lip into her mouth completely entranced.

The brunette began to squirm on the couch, her tongue peaking out of her mouth to lick at her lips. She wanted her hands to be on Pansy's breasts, pinching and tugging on her nipples. She wanted to be licking at the fine sheen of sweat that formed on Pansy's skin, tasting the salty flavor of her lover as Pansy's hips ground against her thigh.

"Do it," Pansy whispered her eyes on Hermione as she spoke, "touch yourself," Pansy continued seeing the slightly confused look on Hermione's face.

She knew that the brunette was getting horny, that she wanted to be touched. She could see it in the way she shifted on the couch, the way her legs moved restlessly, squeezing together and falling apart as her hands anxiously ran over the couch cushions.

Hermione released a shuddering breath and stood up, quickly reaching beneath her skirt to draw down her panties, impatiently kicking them from around her ankle before sitting back down on the couch. A second later she lifted her skirt up so that it bunched around her waist and then she opened her legs widely and immediately began to stroke herself.

Pansy bit her lip as her own hands moved towards her pelvis to undo her belt, easily sliding the leather strap from between the tabs of her pants, cracking it beside her once it was free before guiding the belt between her legs and pressing it against her cloth covered pussy, riding it like a horse for a few moments as Hermione's fingers quickly circled her clit.

It took two songs for Pansy to finish disrobing and by the time she had removed her last article of clothing, Hermione's thighs were slick and she had begun to drive her fingers inside of pussy almost beside herself with arousal.

Having finished her routine on the floor, Pansy began to crawl towards Hermione, her breasts swaying tantalizingly in front of her. Hermione's eyes were locked on her girlfriend, her slightly elevated view giving the brunette a nice view of her Pansy's ass moving provocatively from side to side as the raven-haired girl made her way towards her.

"I love watching you fuck yourself," Pansy said softly as she bent her head forward and licked the inside of Hermione's knee. "It's so beautiful," she continued her hands moving up and down Hermione's legs as her lips kissed and nipped at her thighs. "Watching your tits bounce as your fingers move against and inside of your pussy, your hips rising to meet your own hands, your pussy gushing, weeping for more of what you're giving it," she went on resting her head against Hermione's thigh and breathing in deeply. "It gets me so hot seeing you like that. You look so fucking lovely, it makes me want to cry," Pansy finished before finally moving her head forward and slipping her tongue between Hermione's folds.


Hermione's eyes fluttered open, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she looked down her body. Languorously her hand moved to cup Pansy's wet cheek, her thumb moving over the raven-haired girl's slick lips again and again, wanting to kiss her cum off of them, but not quite able to move yet. Mercifully, Pansy seemed to understand her desire and pushed herself up between Hermione's legs so that the brunette just had to lean forward and dip her head slightly to meet Pansy's lips.

They kissed lazily for a few minutes, and then once Hermione felt her second wind come about her, she rested her hands on Pansy's shoulders, stroking them for a few seconds before encouraging the darker haired girl to lie down on the carpet.

Pansy lay down, shifting until she was comfortable, and then let her hand drift between her legs, absently stroking herself as she turned her head to watch Hermione as the brunette got up from the couch and stripped her clothes off before moving a couple meters to the side over to the table where she had dropped her book bag when she arrived in the room.

"Were you carrying that around with you all day?" Pansy asked smiling as Hermione pulled their strap-on out of her bag. The thought of Hermione's fingers brushing against the dildo at the bottom of her bag every time she reached in for a book or some parchment all day long making Pansy's fingers move with a little more focus between her legs.

"Uh huh," Hermione murmured softly as she fixed the appendage around her waist, her breath hitching slightly as the strap between her legs rubbed against her clit. "Open your legs," Hermione continued removing one more item from the bag before beginning to move back towards her girl, her hand stroking the cock, warming it up as she did.

Smoothly, Hermione lowered herself between Pansy's legs and placed the tip of the cock against her pussy, carefully rubbing it up and down along the length of her slit getting the tip of it wet though she was careful to keep the touch light and teasing until Pansy was breathing harshly, her eyes lancing Hermione begging her for more.

Knowing that Pansy liked a show, Hermione then turned her attention to the other item she had brought with her, reaching out to pick up the bottle of lube, smiling at Pansy as she tipped some of the contents into her open palm. She put the bottle back down at a safe distance and then reached for the cock and slowly began to stroke it again, getting it nice and polished, as Pansy watched her hungrily.

It was only when Pansy began to shift on the floor that Hermione finally leaned forward and braced her hands on both sides of Pansy's body and positioned the cock at her opening. She then left it there as she stared down at Pansy, teasing her with what was to come but not giving it to her yet.

"Talk," Hermione said simply, knowing that it would increase her girlfriend's excitement, not to mention her own.

"Fuck me, you cruel bitch," Pansy cried out, beyond frustrated by Hermione taking her sweet time and loving her for it as well. "Move your hips and drive that fucking monster inside of me," she continued reaching out to grab Hermione's hips. "Stretch," Pansy continued as Hermione began to push inside of her with an agonizing slowness. "My," she continued her eyes closing momentarily as Hermione entered her up the base of the cock. "Cunt," Pansy breathed out contentedly, her eyes opening again to look up at Hermione.

Pansy watched Hermione for a few minutes as the other girl pushed in and out of her, before her eyes closed again, her head falling back against the floor as she lay back and luxuriated in the feeling of Hermione pounding into her again and again.

Eyes still closed, Pansy whispered.

"What?" Hermione asked a second later. She had seen Pansy's lips move but she wasn't able to make out what the other girl was saying.

"Jack rabbit," Pansy repeated more loudly, her eyes opening.

Hermione smiled and nodded, and then leaned forward, kissing Pansy deeply before pulling back from her.

Pansy gasped, her eyes widening as Hermione began to thrust into her rapidly, driving the cock deeply inside of her as her hips moved a mile a minute, the brunette's hair falling in front of her face as she rammed Pansy, breathing out audible with every thrust like a marathon runner pacing herself.

"Merlin, yes," Pansy moaned as Hermione continued to move in and out of her at an insane pace. She was sure she'd be bruised, in fact she probably wouldn't be able to walk properly in the morning and the thought of that was more of an aphrodisiac that chocolate, honey and truffles combined.

"Feels so good, so good," Pansy continued her eyes fluttering open and closed as the feelings mounted. "I'm gonna come," she went on breathlessly. "I'm gonna come. Fuck, oh fuck."

Hermione slowed down her thrusts until she actually stopped moving altogether within the raven-haired beauty. When she'd started to slow down Pansy had begun to thrust her own hips to compensate for her slower movements, but that's not what she wanted. She didn't want Pansy to come just yet and she knew that even just a few more pushes would send her over the edge so she stopped moving completely.

"Don't," Pansy whispered her eyes opening and burning into Hermione. "Don't do this, I need to come," she continued blinking rapidly, on the verge of tears.

In the past Hermione's scientific curiosity had gotten the better of her and she had experimented, seeing how close to the edge she could bring Pansy and how many times before the other girl couldn't take it any more and came anyway. Pansy liked instant gratification and was always kind of annoyed when Hermione played with her like that, but the orgasms she had from it were incredible and afterwards she never did anything except moan and cling to the brunette as aftershocks pulsed through her exhausted frame.

The thought of having to wait anymore that night however was a bit much for her and tears came to her eyes.

"Please, finish me. I need you," Pansy whispered.

"I know," Hermione said softly. "Look at me," she continued a moment later, and when Pansy did she began to move once more, slowly and deliberately this time, swiveling her hips, making each stroke count.

Pansy closed her eyes at the feeling and Hermione stopped moving again.

"Look at me," she repeated firmly.

Immediately Pansy opened her eyes again.

Hermione studied Pansy, her heart swelling with love as the other girl stared up at her, her face flush, her brow damp with sweat, her breasts bouncing and her lips parted as Pansy focused all of her attention on her. Hermione was the focus of her entire world at the moment and the knowledge of it made the brunette ache with affection and desire.

Pansy's back arched, her hips rising as a long groan escaped her lips. Hermione knew that she was close to coming again and the brunette was on the edge too.

"Come for me," Hermione breathed out her gaze intense as she looked down at Pansy. She wanted to see her face, she wanted to watch her orgasm and she wanted it that moment.

"Now, come now!" Hermione continued her voice forceful and urgent as she pushed deeply inside of her girlfriend.

Pansy's hips thrust forward one last time, her eyes locking on Hermione as her body silently began to shake, her orgasm thundering through her as white light exploded behind her eyes, her hand reaching up to draw Hermione's lips against her own as the brunette began to climax against her as well.


Hermione sighed contently, rolling into Pansy's body snuggling against her. Thanks to Ginny acting as an agent on the outside they were guaranteed to have the Room of Requirement for the whole evening and she meant to make the most of it. Lounging together after they made love was something they rarely got to do since they were usually hiding somewhere and needed to get out before anyone found them, but for once they were able to luxuriate and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

"I got you something," Pansy said as Hermione curled her body around her, her arm moving around Hermione to stroke her back. She loved having sex, but she also had an appreciation for the quiet moments they sometimes got to spend together afterward as well. If it was up to her, she would have spent all of her nights with Hermione wrapped in her arms, and for possibly the first time ever she was upset that she had been sorted Slytherin because if she'd been in Gryffindor they could have snuck into each others beds all the time.

"Hugging now, present later," Hermione mumbled against Pansy's skin not wanting to move a muscle.

"Unfortunately, I need circulation now," Pansy responded caressing Hermione's back one last time before pulling her hand back. "My leg is completely asleep."

Hermione lifted her head and looked down at their bodies. After their first orgasms they moved back onto the couch and she'd arranged Pansy's limbs in a rather uncomfortable way that the raven-haired girl hadn't minded when her face was between her legs, but she could see how staying like that for an extended period of time would become at bit much.

"Sorry," she murmured a bit sheepishly, moving off of the other girl so that Pansy could rearrange herself more comfortably.

"I don't mind," Pansy said meaning it. Hermione could pretty much do anything to her and she'd think it was the best ever. "Here," she said, leaning over the arm of the couch to grab the package she'd slipped underneath it before Hermione had arrived, handing it to the brunette a moment later.

Hermione accepted the gift, holding it in her hands for a few seconds just staring at it before she carefully began to unwrap it.

"You can do it faster than that," Pansy said smiling. "You manage to get my clothes off in a matter of seconds, so there's no need to be dainty with wrapping paper."

Hermione reached out and swatted the other girl in response, but followed her advice after that and ripped the paper on to reveal what was beneath.

"Oh-my-god-I-love-it-so-much," Hermione squealed when her eyes landed on the book underneath the wrapping paper. She was so excited her words ran together, leaving Pansy with only a faint idea of what she had actually said. It was enough however for the other girl to determine that Hermione liked the gift.

"How did you … it hasn't even … so perfect …" Hermione began her words trailing off excitedly as she flung herself at Pansy, hugging her with her whole body and pressing kisses to her skin everywhere within each as Pansy laughed.

The Weird Adventures of Wanda Westerly: A Wandering Witches Guide to the World hadn't even been released to the public yet, but after reading a blurb about it, Hermione had gone on and on about how she couldn't wait to read it when it came out. Wanda Westerly was a personal witching hero of hers.

"How did you get it?" Hermione asked finally settling down a little though she was still draped over her girlfriend's body.

"Parkinson money is publishing money," Pansy responded stroking Hermione's hair. "My father's company is publishing the book. I got him to send me an advanced copy. He was very pleased to see me reading a quality book for pleasure and sent it right over. I didn't bother to correct him," she went on smirking a little.

"You're the best girlfriend," Hermione mumbled kissing Pansy's neck before making her way up to her lips, capturing them with her own and kissing Pansy long and deep, drawing out a moan from the girl beneath her.

"I am pretty great," Pansy agreed somewhat breathlessly. "I was going to say, but I didn't want to seem conceited," she went on smiling.

"Seem, madam?" Hermione asked. "Nay, it is. I know not 'seem'."

"You're not going to trick me with that one," Pansy declared holding up a triumphant finger. "That Muggle wrote a play with that in it. The one about that moody prince who was too much of a pussy to avenge his father's murder and made his girlfriend go crazy before everyone died."

Hermione smiled and leaned down kissing Pansy lightly on the lips. She wouldn't have described the play exactly like that, but Pansy had gotten the reference, which meant that she had read the anthology she'd leant her.

"You read it," Hermione whispered delightedly as she kissed Pansy again. She wasn't convinced that Pansy would read the plays even though she had given them to her. In the past her girlfriend had been reluctant to hear about things from the Muggle world. She'd become more open to listening Hermione talk about Muggle things the longer they saw each other but she'd never really seemed all that excited about it.

"Some of it," Pansy responded frowning a little, "he wrote a lot. It's going to take me a while to get through all of them. They're alright though. But his presentation of witches is absolutely horrid."

"Well, nobody's perfect," Hermione said softly, propping herself up over Pansy's body so that she could gaze down at her girlfriend. "You're close though," she went on a moment later, her free hand moving to stroke Pansy's cheek softly. "I know you don't love Muggle culture," she continued seriously, her voice soft and loving. "It means a lot to me that you're trying to learn."

Pansy shrugged a little and turned her head into Hermione's hand kissing her palm. She didn't really care all that much about Muggles or Muggle culture on their own, but Hermione was Muggle-born and she cared a lot about the brunette. Although actively learning about Muggles went against her upbringing she wanted to know everything that she could about them so that she could understand Hermione better. She wanted to know what Hermione's childhood was like, what kind of hobbies she had and where those strange ideas she had like rights for house elves came from.

She wanted to know everything she could about the brunette, and if that meant learning about Muggles, then Pansy would learn about Muggles.

"If it's important to you," Pansy said finally her eyes drifting over to Hermione's as she spoke only to flitter away uncomfortably a few seconds later. "Then it's important to me," she went on forcing herself to continue. Sharing her feelings made her feel vulnerable and weak, but she knew that if there was one person in the world that she could be vulnerable and weak around it was Hermione.

Hermione felt tears forming in her eyes at Pansy's admission and bent down, kissing the raven-haired firmly, the feelings she had for the other girl bubbling inside of her as they kissed, her emotions intensifying and intensifying, threatening to boil over at any moment as Pansy held her tenderly against her.

"I love you," Hermione blurted out breathlessly when they parted. "I know it's awkward to say and that I'm probably freaking you out, but I do," she continued in rush, unable to hold back the words that had been building instead of her for weeks if not months. "I love you. I love you."

Pansy stared up at Hermione silently; blinking at the brunette as Hermione stared down at her anxiously, breathing deeply.

"It's not awkward," the raven-haired girl breathed out a few moments later, finally able to speak again, leaning forward so that she could capture Hermione's lips, her hand moving around the brunette's neck to draw her on top of her while they kissed. "I love you too," Pansy whispered in between kisses, keeping a firm hold on Hermione, needing to feel the other girl against her body.

"I meant it by the lake," Pansy continued. "I was scared, I didn't know if you … we're so different, I thought I was just …" Pansy went on pressing kisses to Hermione's cheeks and chin and neck. "I can't remember how I ever lived without you," she finished, her voice choked as tears burned her eyes.

She had been terrified that Hermione didn't feel the same way, haunted by the thought that the brunette was just wasting time with her until someone better, someone more noble, and trustworthy, and intelligent, and altruistic came along.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Pansy's waist and hugged the other girl to her; the force of the embrace causing Pansy's to breathe out as the air was squeezed out of her.

"I love you," Hermione repeated, burying her face in Pansy's neck as they hugged. "I love you, I love you, I love you," she continued smiling against Pansy's neck and then laughing as she spoke, all of the feelings that had been building up instead of her being released in a euphoric rush.

"Show me," Pansy whispered when Hermione pulled back from her neck, her eyes fluttering closed as the other girl's finger brushed across her cheeks, wiping at the tear tracks staining them.

"I will," Hermione said before she leaned down, kissing Pansy once more, her fingers moving along the raven-haired girl's nude torso, sliding slowly upwards towards her breasts. "I'll never stop. I'll show you forever."

The End

Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed the story :D I had a blast writing this, and it wouldn't have come about without all of your wonderful comments and support, so thank you very much, and I hope you enjoyed the ride :D