Love & Rukia

It was like nothing before the feeling Ichigo felt for Rukia he couldn't explain it but he knew it was love. He didn't know how or when it happened it just had and he couldn't get rid of it no matter how much he wanted to it was there and he knew sooner or later he would have to tell her. They had been having a weird week he couldn't just stop thinking about her and she couldn't stop looking at Ichigo while he was asleep. Rukia knew she loved him from the day he rescued her the look on his eyes the will and determination he had to rescue her putting his life on the line for a girl he barely even knew. Yes he looked like Kaien but she never loved him like she loved ichigo it was amazing he made her happy and sad at the same time but she knew that even if they confessed love to each other the soul society would never allow it. They were screwed from the beginning.


Rukia had just come out of the shower, Isshin had left on business and Yuzu and Karin had left for school early since they had a big play coming up they would leave every morning at 6:30 leaving time for Rukia to take a quick shower. She hadn't heard ichigo in there room or she would have waited but she did not so she walked in and there was ichigo sitting on the bed staring at her as if she was the prettiest thing in the world. But I mean you couldn't blame him all she had on was a towel and was soaking wet from head to toe he couldn't help but let out a blush and as he did Rukia couldn't help but recognize Ichigo's well toned muscles not that she hadn't seen him without his shirt on it just seemed to stick out more now, now she couldn't help but blush madly at Ichigo's bare chest.

Ichigo: hi Rukia

Rukia: hey ichi

Ichigo: um are u hungry

Rukia: uh just a little

Ichigo: great I'll make us some breakfast

Rukia: okay

Ichigo: meet me downstairs in about maybe 10 min

Rukia: cool [she blushed

Rukia didn't understand why ichigo was being so nice he had been acting like this all week and why was she being nice back since when did she say cool. She didn't know and really didn't care she was just happy that ichigo would make breakfast for her. She knew she'd better hurry up or ichigo would be calling for her and his attitude would probably ruin the moment. Rukia quickly got dressed and headed down stairs to find a fully dressed and waiting ichigo at the kitchen table. Rukia sat down and watched as ichigo poured her a glass of Florida orange juice emm the good stuff. They sat in silence eating until an impatient Rukia broke the silence with …

Rukia: hey ichi this isn't half bad

Ichigo: thanks

Rukia: this is the best food I've ever tasted coming from u getting lessons from Yuzu are we

Ichigo: nooooo!

Rukia: yes u are don't deny it

Ichigo: maybe a little but any way look there's been something on my mind all week I've been wanting to tell you

Rukia: yesss

Ichigo: look Rukia I LUV …

Ding Dong it was the doorbell knock knock knock it was keigo he just had to ruin the moment………..