AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first Blood+ fanfic, please be gentle. XD

Spoilers for episode 40 and above.


He could still remember it…the day he became Diva's chevalier, even though it was more than eighty years ago.

His brother Amshel had introduced him to a strange girl…or at least, something that looked like a girl…and asked him if he was willing to make a sacrifice. On that day, Solomon Goldsmith the human physician died, and Solomon the chevalier was born from that sacrifice, and became the fourth among Diva's – the girl apparently had a name – chevaliers.

On that fateful day, he was wearing white. And ever since then, he constantly wore white as a sign of his devotion to Diva.

But today, Solomon stared at his reflection in one of the windows of Nathan's mansion and frowned at his immaculate suit. Beyond the glass, he could see the garden where their queen frolicked while Nathan watched her nearby. The faintest strains of Diva's singing reached Solomon, and he tore his face away from the window, walking down the hallway – and meeting a gilded, ornate mirror. Once again, he found himself looking back at an identical blond chevalier with a curious, skeptical expression on his face.

He sighed, and the other chevalier mimicked the way Solomon's greenish-gray eyes narrowed and how his mouth turned down.


What if he had just become Saya's chevalier instead of Diva's? Solomon had no feelings towards Diva besides his obligatory dedication to her. He was Diva's chevalier by blood…and yet, his heart longed to be Saya's. For quite some time now, he had been secretly – though Amshel probably already knew by now – passing information about Diva to Saya, and had even saved the latter.

Solomon knew he was in love with Saya, and wanted to stay with her instead, to defy his blood ties and save her. He could almost see her on the dance floor of that Vietnamese boarding school again…on the night they danced…on the night he could have her to himself without his brothers intervening…never mind all the other girls who were there; he only had eyes for Saya…

He wanted desperately to relive that moment. But what would Amshel and the others think if he broke away from them?

Still, Solomon couldn't help it. He was in love with Saya, and wanted to protect her from Diva and anything else that would endanger her. Why couldn't things be easier? Why couldn't they just solve all their problems without having to resort to several bloodbaths?

And why do they have to kill Saya?

Tearing himself away from the mirror, Solomon walked even farther away. There were no signs of anyone else in the mansion, so Amshel and Nathan were probably both outside. They probably wouldn't want to see him skulking around, not if they were already aware of what was going on with him and his feelings for Saya…not that Solomon planned on skulking within the mansion's walls for long. He had better things to do.


He wanted to see her again, take her hands, clasp them in his own, and break free from the mold he once filled as Diva's chevalier. Maybe that wasn't the destiny for him.

Solomon glanced down at his white suit again, and shook his head. With these feelings for Saya, he could definitely no longer be Diva's chevalier. Ever since that day many years ago, he had always associated white with his duty to serve and protect the blue-eyed, crooning queen. Ever since then, he had almost never worn any other color – in fact, he could barely remember any time in his life as a chevalier when he donned something that wasn't white.

But now, he wanted to give himself to someone else, despite the blood in his veins.

This left another question for him to think about…

Why am I wearing white?

More importantly…why am I still wearing white?