Chapter 5: Snuggles?

Barricade trembled and twitched on his tires. A hoot had just echoed through the night like the haunting sound a ghost may make … or was it more a moan? A whine escaped the car's engine making the figure that was curled up in the back seat, grumble in annoyance. Slowly, Frenzy sat up, throwing his arms over the back the seat front seat and beadily glaring at the radio in the front.

"B-b-barricade quit bein-g-g a little whinny bit-tch and go into rec-charge. I don't know h-how much more of-f this I-I can take," growl the smaller mech, his eyes brightening in emphasis.

Barricade's radio sighed. He really hated being such a burden to his partner, but what else was he supposed to do, forget how to be afraid? Now, that was unlikely … unless he went the Autobot medic, probably. Don't get him wrong, he had liked the hug after his first traumatizing experience, but he didn't think he could go through the humiliation again. Frenzy would probably bust a wire in laughter, and who knows how the other Autobot's would act? No, he could live with the fear but not the humiliation.

Suddenly, a snap of disturbed branched echoed over the tree grove they were hiding in, and Barricade's horn squeaked in surprise. Okay, maybe he could deal with a little humiliation.

A groan escaped his backseat, and Frenzy kicked open the backdoor, mumbling to himself. He then trudged through the tall grass and towards the enforcer's trunk, his metallic knuckles knocking on the back and wordlessly demanding entrance. Barricade had been really finicky about opening his truck lately.

The trunk quickly opened and the cassette reached in and took out a small suitcase, the sound of an opening zipper welcomed the night sky. Soon there was a small amount of cursing and 'ooh, that color would be perfect' coming from Barricade's blind spot. The larger mech couldn't decide if he wanted to know what his partner was doing or not … but it wasn't as if he had a choice, did he?

Frenzy quickly stepped out of the cruiser's blind spot, much to the car's dismay, and quickly threw his boa around his neck. The little mech then proceeded to trudge forward until he was in front of Barricade's headlights, his sparkly green dress glimmering softly in the artificially light. Barricade silently wondered if Frenzy would get mad if he turned them of; he already had a lot of issues, why did he have to deal with this-this cross dressing fetish now too?

The little Con quickly applied some lipstick and gave the enforcer a look before speaking, "S-since I-I won't be getting any r-recharge tonight. I-I'm going to-to go st-steal some rich guys' cars … because I can't have th-the panties any-anymore."

Barricade twitched at the mention of the … horrid things … and sunk away from his companion.

Frenzy shook his head before saying simply as he started to walk away, "s-see you in-in the morning."

And that's where all the trouble started: Frenzy left him alone. Now, one would generally think 'What's the worst that could happen?' Well, an owl with his nightly call caused the enforcer to start, his vocals crying out. One would be surprised how close some hoots can sound to a moan.

Ironhide felt older than usual. He had no idea as to why … but he had a feeling it had to do with Ratchet's almost obsessive search for Barricade lately. He wished the medic would just admit it … he liked the mean, little, slagger. It'd been so long since he had had such a 'young' mech that he was desperate. Someone had to get knocked up so Ratchet would stop with the Barricade obsession. The enforcer was never going to come to them. Not that he was going to tell the medic that; he didn't want his systems flush quite yet.

Speaking of which … why did his room have to be so close to the medical bay? He had to sneak by just to get out of a medical scan. Ratchet had audios like a bat as Sam would say. Okay, just a few more yards and … suddenly, an angry youngling stormed out of the medical bay door Ironhide was about to sneak pass, Ratchet at his heels.

"Get back here, Bumblebee. You need to know these things," griped the CMO as he folded his arms over his chest. "Besides, where do you think you are going to go? You were restricted to base after what you tried to do Sam and Mikaela."

The youngling huffed, and quickly noticing that his Caretaker was there, gave Ironhide a begging look. The older mech shook his head, "Don't look at me, kid. You should have known that trying to castrate Sam would get you Ratchet-punishment. Now, go learn about how sparklings are made, and how to talk about your 'feelings' like a good youngling. I'm going into recharge. It's been a long week and if I hear one more thing about Barricade I'll …"

Ironhide went silent when he noticed Ratchet's glare.

"Uh … I'll be going into recharge now. Good luck with that interfacing thing, Bumblebee."

The youngling's wings drooped and Ratchet strangely smiled, putting an arm around the youth's shoulder, "Alright Bumblebee. Now we are going to talk about femmes. First off, it doesn't matter if they are wrong about something … never fight with them about being wrong. A femme is always right, even if she isn't. Never forget that … it'll make your life easier. Another thing that will make your life better is this one sex position the femmes …"

"Ironhide!" screamed the youngling as he groped at the door, trying to get way, but Ratchet was too strong as he slowly dragged the youth back towards the sanctity of the medical bay. Bumblebee managed to get a grip on the wall, but was still pulled in … leaving nothing but deep gorges in the wall by the door. The door slid shut with a soft hiss the youngling crying out in horror.

It had been immature of him, really it had been. Frenzy knew that Barricade had the mental status of a youngling at the moment. He should have known better that to leave him alone. Ugh, where could have Barricade gone? Frenzy was following his signal, but the signal was getting disturbingly closer and closer to the Autobot's territory. He might have been little more than a scared youth, but Barricade knew the Autobots were in this area. What? Did he want to cuddle with one of them like a scared sparkling?

Sighing and ready to give up, the cassette called out once more down the alley, thinking the being might be hiding in the shadows, "Barricade … Barricade? Where the frag are you?"

The cassette didn't get the reply he was expecting.

"Hey pretty," came a purr as a black SUV pulled up beside the sidewalk, making the small mech take up a defensive position in response. The driver didn't seem to notice the cassette's stance and merely rolled the vehicle's window down a little bit, a pair of sunglasses looking Frenzy up and down … or at his jigglies to be more exact.

"I don't usually do this," continued the male in the vehicle, "but how could I resist an angel? How about you get in the car, and we'll discuss how much for a night of fun, darling?"

Frenzy took a step back in surprise, his shoes clapping in complaint as he looked up at the driver and its grinning owner. He could just smell the hormones pounding off the fleshling. It was kind of gross yet flattering. On Cybertron, Frenzy and cassettes like his brother, Rumble, were not considered good looking or lust-worthy in the least. So he'd accept flattery … and the offer.

"M-kay," said the cassette as he jumped in. There was a moment of silence, probably Frenzy discussing the terms of the outing and the price that befell it. The car didn't even move from the dark alley to a more comfortable place like a motel before the car started rocking. Back and forth it went, the shocks taking the punishment of whatever escapades were happening inside. Then suddenly the door flew open, the slightly older man was thrown out of the vehicle with a gag and hog tie.

"T-thank's for the w-wheels! I-I'm coming, Barricade!"

And there the man was left in a cloud of burnt rubber as the cassette slammed a high heel onto the pedal and sped out of there. There was no doubt that Frenzy was going to go save Barricade's aft … after he broke into a store or two that is. After all, why let all this vehicle's trunk room go to waste?

There was a soft patter, as if someone sneaking about. To anyone else in recharge such a thing wouldn't be noticed. Ironhide hadn't lived to be as old as he had for nothing.

The mech nearly jumped out of his outer armor when he felt a shadow casting over him in the dark. The mech tensed. He was just imagining things. There was 'not' a mech standing in his doorway. There was 'no-one' looking at him. There was 'not' a person slowly inching closer to him in the darkness. They were 'not' peeking over the edge of the berth. There was not –

The Weapon Specialist nearly cried out in horror when a hand poked him in the shoulder. He quickly sat up ready to pull his gun on the intruder, especially when he saw that it was a lurking mech with red optics, four to be exact. Yet, just as soon as he was about to start an all out battle, a whine like a sulking puppy escape the intruder. Ironhide couldn't help but stop, he knew that sound … oh Primus, how he knew that pathetic whine.

"Barricade, what the slag are you doing in my room? How did you get in the base for that matter?!" said the elder mech, sitting up and turning off his battle programs. Barricade might have had the Decepticon symbol on his chassis still, but he was the farthest thing from it now. That was probably why Optimus had put so much energy into the Barricade issue as of late: it was easier to get a youngling to change designations than an adult Con. Well, if Optimus did manage to get the enforcer to change sides, they were going to have to change his name for one being that the name Barricade carried to many enemies for a youngling to handle. Tuh, with the way the Saleen managed to prowl about without alerting anyone, he might as well be called Prowl.

Another pathetic squee escaped the intruder. Ironhide now knew what was wrong. The 'youngling' was scared. Sighing, he knew what the youth wanted. It was a natural reaction for younglings to seek comfort from elder mechs. One of the most popular forms was crawling into their berth where they would place their head against the elder being's chassis and listen to the spark beat. He wasn't sure why youth found it comforting, but a sparkling whispered once that it reminded him of the before. Ironhide had asked what he meant … the child could not answer.

Sliding until there was room for the enforcer to climb on, Ironhide grumbled, "I slaggen knew this was going to happen. Now crawl in before I change my mind."

Barricade did not retort. Instead, he clambered onto the berth and squirmed for a little while before he placed his head on Ironhide's chassis. For a moment, there was stillness except for the soft hiss of vents, and Ironhide thought that was it and was about to start his recharge cycle again. But the youngling spoke … they always spoke.

"Ironhide," whispered the 'youngling' as he cuddled closer to the black mech.

"Yes?" asked the elder mech, getting kind of growly without recharge.

"You won't let Ratchet give me the talk he was giving Bumblebee earlier … will you? I wanted to cuddle with Ratchet, b-but when I peeked into the medical bay … Bumble-brat seemed … catatonic," said Barricade as if he were a frightened child.

Ironhide couldn't help but chuckle in his throat, "I can't make any promises about the Hatchet … but at least there'll be no panties in the building."

"I can deal with that," said Barricade as he offlined his optics. Earth sucked as far as the enforcer was concerned. He had been traumatized, slightly molested, used as a laundry hamper, lost his partner to panties, and overall been introduced to a part of the universe he didn't really need to know about. But maybe it wasn't all bad … he wasn't alone in his torture. Bumblebee didn't know that Barricade had put the last of Frenzy's panty collection in his cubbyhole since he was in a catatonic state.

Living with the Autobots was going to be interesting. That much was sure. Now, if only he knew where Frenzy was?


Paw07: That's the end. Nothing dramatic, but I think it's a cute ending and a way to give Barricade a break; and somehow it turned into an origin of Prowl fic. Who knew "Prowl" had such bad begins. Thanks for all the watches, favorites, and reviews. Glad I was able to give you all a good laugh. And for you Barricade fans … do not distress. I have lots of other stories where Barricade gets lots of love/torture from me. XD

Last lesson: There are always happy endings … it just depends on where you end the tale.