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Chapter 4

The next morning, Noeru reluctantly rose from her bed. She had a serious case of headache and she had a feeling that she would have eye bags on her face. Upon entering the bathroom, true to her thoughts, her face does not look presentable. Her hair was a mess, her face looked crumpled and she will probably need to borrow some of Maria's make-up to cover her eye bags.

After showering, she walked out of the bathroom to find her twin sitting on the dormitory floor tidying up her books. Noeru approached her sister to ask for the necessary make-up. Without her even asking, Maria had started to walk towards her make-up cabinet as soon as she saw her twin's face. Noeru didn't know whether she ought to feel grateful or offended.

After Maria helped her put on the make-up that she needed to cover her eye bags, she told Maria to go take a shower. While her twin was busy with the shower, she herself tidied up their room. Only after she finished tidying up the room did she realise that as a guy, she had never done this before.

What the hell? Now my personality changes too?

This whole set-up had been freaking her out from yesterday and now it was simply frustrating. She felt like a stranger to herself! This twisted, supernatural event had only brought her misery so far. Misery and headaches.

She felt tears stung her eyes. Oh hell! Not this too! She quickly blinked them away before she was brought into the emotional journeys that every girls in puberty experience. She knew how annoying it could get because she experienced them first-hand when she was a boy. She might be changing, but she was not going to become an emotional wreck this early in the change.

"Noeru? You okay?"

Noeru startled. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't hear the bathroom door opened. She turned towards her sister, plastering a smile onto her lips.

"Nah, I'm fine. Just worried as to how Miyu would react."

Maria sighed heavily, "Yeah, well, there's only one way to find out."

They took their bags with them and exited their room. Noeru took a deep breath just before stepping out of the room to harden her resolve. Maria was right. There was only one way to find out and it was to tell her girlfriend the truth. After all, she knew how much Miyu hated being lied to.

They walked towards the school building, an air of apprehension growing as they get nearer. They spotted Sasa standing next to the school gate and increased their pace to meet him sooner. After all, he was the messenger who told Miyu that Noeru wanted to talk to her before school.

"How is it, Sasa?" asked Noeru as soon as they reached him.

"Yeah, well, she said okay. She's waiting at the spot that we agreed to right at this moment."

Noeru nodded and resolutely started walking towards the back of the school yard. The three of them agreed that this was the quietest place within the school ground and should any shouting occurs during this, there would be less chance of others finding out about them; aside from Sasa and Maria preventing that to occur as well.

She spotted Miyu standing while leaning against one of the Sakura trees that were standing at the back of the school. Her heart started to pound inside of her chest and she was disappointed to realise that this wasn't because she was happy to see the girl she was in love with, as was the case when she was still a boy, but rather because she was nervous in anticipation about Miyu's reaction.

Miyu seemed to still be able to notice Noeru's presence despite the change though, for she turned and smiled at her supposed-to-be-boyfriend. Noeru was relieved to know that she could reply the smile with a genuine one of her own despite what would soon be occurring. She took a deep breath and stepped closer to the other girl.

"Hello, Miyu."

"Hello back to you. Sasa said you have something you want to talk about?"

Noeru nodded before once more stilling his fraying nerves. He looked straight at the other before slowly started to speak, "I-"

She found her voice squeaking off and cleared her throat before restarting, "Miyu, I- I'm..."

But Miyu cut her off.

"Wait, Noeru, are you...You are a girl..." whispered the brown-haired girl with disbelief colouring her tone.

Noeru dared herself to look straight into the eyes of Miyu and was shocked to see a resignation and sadness filling those brown orbs. She felt her heart squeezing painfully at the knowledge that she had hurt the person she loved the most.

"Miyu, I-"

Miyu shook her head and recognition was dawned on her face, "It was those words, wasn't it? It must've been. Nothing else makes sense. This defies science and logic. You're a girl now, aren't you? Noeru?"

Noeru was speechless and nodded in a lack of anything to say. She quickly started to apologise when she saw Miyu's eyes brimming with tears.

"Miyu, I'm so sorry! I didn't know this would happen and I...I'm sorry," whispered the taller girl with a defeated air around her.

To Noeru's utter amazement, his now ex-girlfriend pulled her into her arms and whispered comforting words, saying "It's okay" and "You didn't know it was going to happen." The understanding from the sweet girl in front of her made Noeru felt extremely lucky. She had a great sister, best friend and girlfriend. If only she'd thought twice about the things she said, this wouldn't have happened. But things happened for a reason and she accepted the fact that nothing could change the truth of her new identity.

I'll just have to learn to live with it.


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