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Chapter One As Normal as can be

Not long ago. The earth had succumbed to dangers so disastrous it could've meant the end for all living things as we know it. That is if it wasn't for a certain group of heroines. The Sailor Scouts fought bravely and hard to save the world from the hands of Queen Beryl.

Since the defeat of Queen Beryl. The Sailor Scouts had been returned back to their regular lives. This time with no memories whatsoever. Luna had erased their memories so they could lead normal lives. Beryl as the only threat, and she was destroyed.

Life was good.

The Tsukinio household wasn't always this quiet. But today was an exception. It was the last day of the vacation. Serena wasn't expected to be at the mall for another three hours. Since the defeat of Queen Beryl Serena had been hanging out a lot more with her childhood best friend Molly.

She'd even been helping out at Molly's mother's jewelry store and had herself a part time job on vacation which allowed Serena to shop more. This is what she really enjoyed.

Raye's good luck charms had been going through the roof at the temple. She'd been featured on numerous magazine covers as local temple ambassador of the year. All the boys would come and see her. She was practically a celebrity.

Amy spent her vacation mostly studying as always. She'd also been overseas to Germany with her mother. They attended a medical conference.

Lita spent the vacation working as a waitress at the arcade/café with Andrew. The two had gotten extra close over the vacation. Andrew reminded Lita of her old boyfriend. Then again all boys did. But there was something special about him.

Mina went back to England with Artemis. She spent the time with friends, sun baking on the beaches, boy spotting. She'd met up with handsome male model Andrea Messai and had promised to write to him often.

A big mass of people had begun to crowd around a spot in central park where an asteroid had recently fell. Smoke was billowing from the crevice that had been formed. Luna and Artemis watched from atop a building nearby.

"I don't like the feeling I' getting from this Luna" Artemis answered shaking his head. "I'm getting a strong feeling it's the negaverse behind this"

"I felt it too" Luna answered scanning the crowd. "It seems the peaceful lives the girls have asked for might not last much longer"

"I don't want to revive them" Artemis confessed, "They look so happy"

"Artemis!" a voice called from the distance. Luna and Artemis' ears pricked up as they noticed Mina standing not too far from the house. Artemis sighed.

"I better go" Artemis whispered. "Keep an eye on things"

"You too" Luna whispered as she gently nuzzled Artemis and ran off to Serena and then head home for a feed and a nap.

A soothing sound filled the air of the dark and cold realm of darkness. Two creatures were floating above a huge tree. Its green roots dug into the ground for support. It looked dead, but occasionally glowed briefly.

"My love," One of the figures responded. His long blue hair streaked with green. He had long pointy ears, and wore a one piece outfit that fit his body snugly. The other turned around and smiled at him. She had a matching outfit, only it was a dark crimson, her hair was long and pink. Her ears too were long and pointed.

"Yes Alan?" She responded as he faced her holding a selection of cards.

"Pick one my sweet, we need to begin gathering energy" Alan responded. She waved her fingers over the cards and pointed to a card. The card she selected rose out of the group and floated in the air as Alan began to play his flute. The soothing sound drifted around the card before covering the card with energy, and a figure stepped out of the card.

"Droid Hypnonia Come forward!" Alan called "Search the town gather enough energy. The Doom Tree is week"

"Yes Master" Droid Hypnonia whispered as she bowed gracefully. Her long slender body was blue, and she had a pale cyan dress that graced over the top. Her short blue hair just cropped around her head. With that, she disappeared leaving Ann and Alan alone.

Ann looked at the tree. She smirked. "Wont be long before we have the Doom Tree will be back to full health"

"Yes my love" Alan responded as he began to play his flute softly into the darkness.

Luna was running as fast as she could. She had felt the sudden increase of energy and believed it to be the negaverse. Running as fast as her tiny paws could carry her, she found herself edging closer and closer to the screams she was hearing.

Scream after scream. This couldn't just be a coincidence. This was something of a negative nature. Sure enough once she reached the park she found numerous people all unconscious. She ran over to a few of them and could see clearly their energy had been drained.

'Artemis what do we do? These people are having their energy drained' Luna thought telepathically. Ever since the rise of the moon kingdom and the arrangement of the Moon court. Queen Serenity had made it so that Luna and Artemis could communicate telepathically.

'As much as I hate to say it' Artemis boomed into Luna's mind. Luna froze in her steps 'Let them do this attack, we aren't strong enough to stop them. If we get ourselves killed we will not be able to revive the Sailor Scouts if needed'

Luna realized he was alright. The screams had stopped by now. Luna turned around and began to head home. She hated turning her back on this situation but Artemis was right.

Droid Hypnonia arrived back at the Doom Tree. Ann and Alan were smiling as the tree took in the generous donation of energy Droid Hypnonia had brought in for it. It began to glow brightly, before the glowing faded. The branches moved and then stopped.

"Why hasn't the Doom Tree grown with all that energy Alan?" Ann asked curiously, glaring at Droid Hypnonia.

"I'm not sure. Maybe we need pure energy" Alan suggested. "Whatever it is we will find it"

"Where am I?" a small pink haired child asked as she picked herself up off the ground of which she had fallen on. Upon getting up she dusted herself off to get rid of all the dirt. Her surroundings were nothing but black. She couldn't see behind her or in front of her.

"Small Lady" a voice called causing the child to look around carefully as she recognized the voice.

"Puu?" the child asked affectionately as the gentle breeze passed through her. "Who's there?" she asked again, but she was met with only silence. She breathed in deeply as she heard footsteps coming towards her; she crawled back away from when she thought the footsteps were coming. She kept crawling back until she felt an arm grip her shoulder from behind her. She screamed.

"Small Lady"

The child opened her eyes, and followed the hand to its owner. She looked in front of her. Her hand went to her mouth to cover and stop any noise from emitting from it. Standing in front of her was a woman with long hair; her face was soft and gentle. Her uniform was all tattered and falling apart. Her hair was a mess and her skirt was torn.

"Puu what happened?" the child asked as she helped the woman sit up properly.

The woman choked a bit, but quickly regained herself enough to speak. "Small Lady" she whispered

"You must go back to the past; the future once again is not safe"

"But..?" the child started only to be shushed by the woman standing in front of her.

"You have to" the woman answered gently handing

"Why am I here?"

"I cannot disclose that at the moment Small Lady, But I will in due time"

"I understand" the child answered looking at the woman, concerned.

"Very good" the woman answered briefly banging her staff on the ground. The floor opened up to allow a door to rise up from the ground. "You must find your mother and the silver crystal in the past to return to the future. It is the only that will guarantee our future"

"Mmm hmm" the child answered as she walked towards the door, she turned around the face the woman.

"I'll make things right again, goodbye Puu" the child answered as she leapt through the door. The door closed behind her as Pluto dropped to the ground, too weak to move. She could only hope that the little munchkin would learn to take what destiny offered her.

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