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All characters that appear in the television show, and manga belong to their respected owners I am merely borrowing them and gaining no profit whatsoever.

First names are English however last names and Royal names are Japanese. This excludes Setsuna/Hotaru as i like their names better.

Travis/Tranquility, Jake, Apollo and Crystal are characters created by Jendra and used in the Universal Series.

Travis/Tranquility is Serenity's Twin brother from the Silver millenium. He is five minutes younger than Serenity, their father is King of the Sun.

Rini is spelt Reenie as I like it better. She also is called Crescent Moon instead of Chibi/Mini Moon.

.:TEXT:. Is a thought being transmitted to another person via a bond.

'TEXT' Thought

text written in italics means a flashback or a flash forward. They can also be defined via the following symbols: // means flashback and \\ means back to the current time frame.

Previously on Rewritten:

Kaolinite watched as Hotaru played on the swings at the park. The poor child alone as always. It pained her too see that she had no friends her own age. No child should grow up like that. She continued to watch the young girl swing, until the swing stopped in mid swing and Hotaru fell onto the ground and began to cry. Her body shaking as a dark energy pulsated around her.

"HOTARU" she shouted running to the girl, the girl looked up at her causing Kaolinite to shiver, this young girl had the most evil look In her eyes she had ever seen, A dome of energy surrounded the girl and she disappeared.

"I sense our mistress is coming to fruition soon. The talisman's must be close" she whispered.

Now onto the continuation.


Chapter 13 – Meetings

Stepping through the door, two young girls, and a young woman looked at their surroundings. The both raised a brow as they stared at their home. One of the girls had long blonde hair up in a ponytail with bright blue eyes, whilst the other had long pink hair tied up in the traditional family style. They frowned. Returning to the future was not supposed to be like this.

"Reenie, Lunic stay close" the woman answered pulling her daughter and niece closer to her. They each hugged her legs from behind as she stepped forward. They didn't return to the Crystal Tokyo they knew from before the attack of the dark moon family. "It seems the future has been changed drastically" Serenity answered. "Let's go find the others" The two young children nodded and followed Serenity through the streets of what appeared to be old Tokyo. It was like nothing had changed except for the addition of a few high rise buildings.

Walking through the streets, Serenity maneuvered her way through the streets as she did many years earlier.

"What happened mommy?" Reenie asked, "Where's Daddy?"

"I'm not sure sweetie" Serenity whispered turning a corner. There weren't many people bustling the streets, which was odd for Tokyo.

"Aunt Sere" Lunic answered tugging on her aunts skirt. She pointed to where she saw a man.

'Oh' Serenity thought turning her attention to where Lunic was pointing. She began to walk in that direction.

"Over there" Reenie pointed, the three broke into a run as they followed a man as he tried to avoid their eyes. Up and down a few blocks of town before they reached a house. The man disappeared. They walked onto the doorstep and knocked on the door. There was no answer, Serenity tapped the door once more, but it just opened. She decided to walk in and check it out.

Walking into the moderately decorated home she looked for anybody at all. But she couldn't find anyone. She did however notice an underground passage when she walked up the hall. The two children followed her as she walked down the passage. When she came to the end of the passage she found the man she was following leaning against a wall with his head in his hands. Lunic pushed passed her aunt and ran to the man.

"Daddy" Lunic sobbed as she ran up to him and hugged him. The man knelt down and pulled her close.

"Tranquility" Serenity answered, lone tears falling down her cheeks. The man faced her.

"Lunic" Tranquility whispered. He pulled her close, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "You are safe, I'm so glad"

"What happened here?" Serenity asked, picking up Reenie and holding her on her hip. Reenie rested her head on her mother's shoulders as she listened intently to the conversation at hand.

"I'm not sure, after the defeat of the Negamoon thing's returned to normal for a bit while we awaited your return. But something went horribly wrong. "Tranquility answered, "He took over things, I'm not sure how. "

"Do you think there is any way to rectify this?" Serenity questioned, "Where's Endymion?"

Tranquility looked at his twin sister with tears in his eyes. How could he tell her? The pain would be too much to bear. He turned his eyes away from hers and looked at his daughter, holding her close. "He's dead" he whispered low enough for Serenity to hear. She almost dropped her daughter at the shock of the news. She sat herself on the ground, pushing Reenie to her lap as tears began to fill her eyes and trail down her cheeks.

"Endymion" Serenity sobbed,

"Daddy" Reenie cried into her mother's lap.

"Your highness" a voice spoke up. The group turned to find Sailor Pluto staring at them. "Things can be changed, " Pluto spoke holding her staff of time. "But I can only send Lunic and Reenie back, if you go back it will alter time even more"

"I don't know if I trust leaving them in the past without any formable protection" Serenity answered, "If they couldn't defeat them before how will two six year olds help them?"

"Trust me on this my queen" Pluto answered, "Reenie, Lunic"

"Come out, Come out wherever you are" a voice roared through the house as a man appeared beside the group. He had short black hair, green eyes. "Ah Serenity, so glad to see you are back, Endymion sends his regards but he cannot make it here to be with you"

"You monster" Serenity shouted, spitting in his face. Her crescent moon glowing brightly. "Leave this place"

"Never, I rule this world now" the man answered, "The future is mine. Crystal Tokyo will never come to fruition"

With all this commotion they didn't notice Pluto fade into darkness with Lunic and Reenie.


Serena sat at the arcade with Travis, both with milkshakes in hand. Their birthday was tomorrow and their friends hadn't said anything about a party. Serena sighed. She was disappointed to say the least it was like they had forgotten about their birthday as they were too busy trying to find the talisman. Eudial had sent a few daimon's but nothing the scouts couldn't handle.

"Have you gone and seen Mom and Dad since they came to the temple?" Serena asked her brother as she sipped her milkshake. Travis nodded.

"Not yet, I went too. But I couldn't get into the apartment building. " Travis explained. "How do you feel getting older dear sister?"

"OLD" Serena moaned, "Fifteen years old"

"Hey there kitten" a voice piped up causing the duo to turn around. They came face to face with Amara and Michelle.

"Oh hey Amara, Michelle" Serena answered with a big smile, "Have you met my brother Travis yet?"

"Nice to meet you" Michelle answered taking a seat beside Serena. Amara sat beside Michelle, tracing her hand over Michelle's thigh.

'I'm sensing great power here' Amara though to herself. 'Selene was right in telling us to protect them'