Hate is a four-letter word

Disclaimer: Nope still nothing but my fevered imagination working overtime as per usual. So Eric Kripke has the honour of owning Supernatural and the characters we all love to hurt.

Disclaimer Number 2: Very important, this story is going to contain hate crime I just want to say that I do not advocate any kind of hate crime ever, in fact it goes against all of my principles but it will be a very important part of the story. I am hoping that the ending will resolve issues brought up throughout the plotline.

Warning: Graphic violence and sexual assault if you are squeamish about these things then please go read one of my tamer stories.

Author's Note: I was inspired to write this after watching Oprah this afternoon, where she interviewed victims and the perpetrators or family of their tormentors. It was a very powerful episode and gave a lot of hope at the end. This story is very minorly based on the first interview with a gay man who was left for dead after being beaten by a 'skinhead' and his gang for being gay twenty-six years ago. Today they work together against hate crimes and are friends.

Author's Note 2: Set probably towards the end of season one, their Dad is alive but is still estranged from his sons, for now.



Arian Camp District 34

Unknown location.

The man sat behind his desk and smiled happily, it was going better than he had ever hoped and that was saying something.

His eyes bled into black discs as he regarded the chalice in front of him, the message was clear and he understood everything. Continue to contaminate the minds of the disenfranchised youth. Spread the message of hate and discrimination and brainwash as many as they can. Let them do the work for the demons. Make it so much easier when the war begins.

'Yes Father.' He mumbled nodding his head as he listened to the instructions only he could hear.

Breaking the connection, he muttered a chant over the thick quickly cooling blood in the chalice and then tipped it to his mouth hungrily drinking the viscous fluid. Wiping his mouth he put the goblet away and straightened his clothing, his eyes bleeding back to bright blue, he checked his blond hair making sure that it was neat and sitting properly and then he sauntered out to watch his new recruits putting them through their paces was a secret pastime of his.

'How are they doing Hannahan?' He yelled over at his overseer, born a sadist the man relished his newly found position amongst the ranks of the movement.

'Nothing but a bit of an incentive to help em along Sir.' Hannahan grinned nodding at the trainers to upgrade the weaponry, 'nothing like live rounds to get em moving.'

'Keep up the good work Hannahan.' He nodded happily, 'make sure that they truly understand who and what the enemy are.'


Clarksville Tavern



Dean grinned and nudged Sam wickedly, just drunk enough to be happy without falling down he felt good after the small cash haul snug in his jacket pocket.

'So Sammy she was really into you huh?' He winked and nudged his younger brother again.

'Dean please, she was a nice girl.' Sam deadpanned though secretly happy with the fact that he was the one with the girl at the end of the night and not Dean.

'Yeah, yeah I saw how big her nicenesses are.'

'Dean ... dude there is no such word as nicenesses.' Sam scolded him gently unable to wipe his own grin from his face. They had a successful hunt with neither of them sustaining injuries any worse than a couple of bruises, they were actually getting along without fighting every two minutes and now they had found an actually nice motel to stay in and had a great night to boot. All in all it was a good week for the Winchester brothers.

Dean wrapped his arm around his brother's shoulders and grinned widely, 'so Sammy did you see just how big they were huh? Did ya get to do more than just look?'

'Dean you are disgusting and obtuse, we talked, she was ... interesting and liked the same novels I like.'

'Oh no not another geek?' Dean exclaimed in mock horror, 'hmm a-a she-geek?'


'Aw come on Sammy that was funny.' Dean smirked reaching up he grabbed each side of Sam's face and brought it down to his eye level, 'dude tell me did you at least get her number?' Dean grinned planting a sloppy kiss on his baby brother's forehead.

'Aw looky at what we got here.' An unknown voice came from behind them.

'Gee Dick looks like we got ourselves a couple of perverts.' Another one answered coming from Sam's left.

'Yeah two freaking queers giving a disgusting public display.' A third one chimed in from in front of them.

'Come on Dean let's just walk away.' Sam said softly gripping his brother's arm tightly and trying to steer him past their tormentors.

'Hey fag you running like a scared little girl?' The original voice, supposedly someone one named Dick, taunted them from the shadows.

'We're not gay.' Sam growled trying to continue to the impala, Dean pulled at the vicelike grip of his brother wanting to show these idiots the better side of his nature but Sam wouldn't let him play.

'Lemme go Sammy, I wanna go play with our new friends.'

'We're getting out of here Dean; you're too drunk to fight properly.' Sam mumbled tightening his grip on Dean, he momentarily lost track of the gang taunting them when he felt a powerful blow to the back of his head. Stumbling Sam fell forward dragging his brother with him. Suddenly very sober Dean wrenched his arm from Sam's fast growing laxness and span around to face their attackers fury written across his face.

'You so did not do that to my brother.' He hissed.

'What so you call your boyfriend brother now?' Dick mocked Dean as he aimed a large fist at Dean's nose.

Ducking easily Dean pivoted on his heel and retaliated with a crushing blow to the man's nose with a sharp right hook. Before he could get his breath, Dean felt the blow to the lower part of his back and grunted but stayed upright, growling he turned on the one that hit him and stopped suddenly. His assailant looked no older than fourteen years old. 'Geeze you're just a kid.' He muttered, 'go home to mommy.'

'Fuck you fag.' The kid yelled as he launched a wild punch to Dean's face, the blow bounced off the chin and made the intended victim even more angry.

'You so didn't do that.' Dean snapped pulling his punch slightly he hit the kid and watched with morbid satisfaction when the teen dropped to the ground dazed.

'Dean?' Sam's muffled cry brought Dean out of his momentary lapse in concentration he saw the others using his brother like a punching bag.

'Get off Sam!' He roared barrelling in to the ruckus realising that they used the kid to distract him long enough to pick on his stunned brother. After easily dispensing two of them, Dean turned on Dick. He stared at the youth with hate-filled eyes and shuddered who would turn these kids into monsters. Dick ducked under Dean's right and countered with an uppercut and then pulled a blade from his boot and grazed it along Dean's side, just deep enough to draw blood.

Dean hissed and went to fight back when he saw Sam finish the kid named Dick off with a roundhouse kick, his freakishly long legs connecting easily over the distance between them. Although in pain Dean managed a wry grin, the execution of the kick and the grace in the delivery brought a strange prickling pride to his chest.

'Come on Sammy let's get going.' He said wrapping his arm around Sam's waist to keep his brother upright, the effort of the kick taking Sam's last remaining remnants of strength and stamina.

'What? Why?' Sam mumbled as he groped for the passenger side handle, sliding in he sighed deeply and tried to work out how many ribs he injured this time.

'You okay Sammy?'

'Yeah I guess what about you?' Sam frowned when he saw the blood stain on Dean's side.

'Fine Sammy just a graze.' Dean ground out the bliss from his lucky evening of winning and drinking gone and replaced with an inexplicable anger. 'Damn Sammy they were just kids.'

'I know, Dean did you see their eyes?' Sam asked through winces.

'I'm taking you to the ER.' Dean announced when he saw Sam paling even more.

'No, no I'll be fine, it's just bruising ... hey I don't need a doctor when I have doctor Dean!'

'Sammy you got knocked out you could have a concussion.' Dean announced.

'You gonna get your side seen to and stitched?'

'No like I said just a graze.'

'Yeah well I just got bruises and a dented pride.' Sam admitted ruefully.

'Dude you were taken down by a midget teenager!' Dean snarked, 'he was five feet nothing and still popping pimples.'

'Motel Jeeves and don't spare the gas.' Sam grinned not wanting to discuss their young attackers just yet.

In the motel room, Sam finally convinced Dean to let him see the cut, he hissed when he saw how long it was, winding from near Dean's navel around to about an inch from his spine. The best news however, was that it wasn't deep and only cut into the flesh; the bad news was that it still needed stitches. He sat back and took a deep breath, his vision was still blurry and his hands shook with the effort of even moving.

'So Sammy what's the verdict?' Dean asked breaking into Sam's silent musings.

'Well it's not deep but...'

'But what dude?'

'You still need stitching.'

'Well duh get the kit and start stitching.'

'Not that easy Dean.' Sam breathed out running a trembling hand over his face trying to clear his vision by squeezing his eyes shut but nothing worked.

'Sam talk to me dude.' Dean turned completely around to face Sam, 'dude you're chalk white that's it I'm calling the ambulance.'

'No, no Dean I'm fine it's just...'

'Just what?'

'I don't think I can trust myself to stitch you up right now.'

'Sam what the freaking ... Sammy?'

'Feel a little sick Dean, just wanna lie down.'

'Damn it Sam, can you ... Sam?' Dean watched in horror as Sam passed out, falling backwards he sprawled across the bed. Chewing his lip Dean went into the bathroom and pulled out the first aid kit and found the surgical tape, holding his breath he pressed it firmly on the cut starting nearest his spine and slowly unravelled the tape sealing the cut with it. Using the mirror for a guide he managed to keep it fairly straight, cutting it with a pair of scissors he pressed the last bit down and then let himself take a deep cleansing breath.

Wrapping a light bandage over the tape he gave himself a cursory exam in the mirror, the bruises left from the hunt were a slightly darker hue to the ones from the fight in the alley.

Carefully pulling on his t-shirt Dean picked up the first aid supplies and headed back into the other room. Sam still laid sprawled on the bed in the same position Dean had left him in. 'Sammy hey come on dude.' Dean muttered as he carefully hauled Sam up and rested him against his chest while he took off his baby brother's t-shirt, 'geeze sasquatch much?' Easing him back down he carefully inspected each and every bruise and contusion on Sam's torso.

Satisfied that none were life-threatening he carefully rolled Sam onto his side and checked his back and neck, wincing visibly when he saw the size of the lump on the back of Sam's head, man that was gonna hurt in the morning.

Carefully he ran his fingers down Sam's spine taking the opportunity to give him a closer examination. During the hunt, the ghoul pushed Sam down a flight of stairs where he landed heavily on his right side; though he refused to let Dean inspect his injury citing only a bruise.

'Bruise be damned Sammy.' Dean muttered when he touched the spongy area, black and blue mingled with purple, it was a bruise but damn. He pulled back when he saw Sam shudder even though he was still out cold. The biggest worry was the fact that he could plainly see the footprint superimposed over the bruise. Grabbing a towel Dean hurried out to the ice machine down the veranda and got as much ice as he could wrapping it tightly he ran back to the room and placed it over the injury on Sam's side, rolling him back onto the icepack letting the coolness do its work while he tended to Sam's other injuries.

Finally when he was finished Dean pulled the thermometer out and stuck it in Sam's ear, he knew if Sam was more aware that his brother would kill him slowly and methodically for treating him like a child but Dean didn't care.

This was Sam's health and that was it. The thermometer beeped and he checked it warily, it was high but not too bad. 'Okay stretch let's get you undressed and in bed.' He muttered aloud breaking the eerie silence. Sam mumbled incoherently and gasped when Dean moved him back to a sitting position.

'Dean?' the muffled question startled Dean but not enough for him to drop his precious bundle.

'Yeah, yeah come on dude a little help here you're too big to carry.'

'Wha? Where we goin' Deanie?'

'Bed dude you got a bad lump on your head.'

'Gonna be sick.' Sam choked unable to stop himself he vomited over Dean's shoulder covering both of them in the vomit.

'Eww Sammy that's just gross.' Dean growled, 'now we have to get both of us cleaned up.'

'S-sorry.' Sam blinked up at his brother, his face now tinged with green and his eyes bloodshot and puffy. 'Don' like bein' sick.'

'No I know you don't Sammy.' Dean said helping his tall brother to stand, 'little help here Sammy, you need to move your feet.'

'Owkay.' Sam nodded sluggishly letting Dean guide him into the bathroom. Thankfully, this motel had a bath with a shower overhead, easing his concussed brother onto the toilet seat Dean undressed him and then hauled him up and into the bath. 'This is so uncool Sammy.' Dean muttered as he turned the shower on and let the warm water run over his brother lying propped up in the tub.

While Sam soaked in the tub and shower, Dean quickly undressed in the other room and pulled on clean sweats and a flannel shirt then he balled their soiled clothing and dumped it by the door.

'Okay Sam how about we get you out of there?' Dean said trying to sound brighter than he felt.

'Thanks, ah Dean?'


'Sorry bout before.' Sam said sheepishly, 'you know the puking and stuff.'

'Don't worry I've already chalked it up on the list to stir Sam about it at the most worst moment.'

'Most worst moment? Dude are you six or something?'

'Something, so you gonna wither up like a prune or you actually gonna get out from under the water?'

'Out, thanks I ah can manage thanks.' Sam said blushing profusely.

'Call if you need me, aint as if I haven't seen it before Sammy, who used to change the diapers?'

'Yeah, yeah get outta here Dean.'

Ten minutes later Sam sat propped up on the bed, an ice pack behind his back and a smaller one pressing against the back of his head, 'Dean?'

'Yeah? You okay no more puking?'

'I'm fine Dean honestly, I was just thinking about those kids.'

'Yeah they were well trained weren't they?'

'Too well trained, they looked at us with such hatred thinking that we were a gay couple and not brothers.'

'Dude what is it with people thinking that anyway?' Dean snapped, 'I mean geeze.'

'Yeah coz you're such a macho stud.'

'You said it dude.' Dean shook his head, 'did you also notice that they were all blonde and blue-eyed?'

'Well one of em was at least a bottle blonde.' Sam mused, 'do you think that ...'

'What an Arian movement here in nowheresville?'

'Well stranger things happen, but I dunno, it feels like more.'

'More what? Come on Haley Joe what's going on in that freaky head of yours?'

'A-a feeling I have, when I could swear Dean that that guy Dick his eyes bled to black.'

'Think we should hang around and see what's really going on?'

'Yeah so how do you wanna play it?' Sam asked seriously, 'I mean we can't go in undercover.'

'True, so first up you're so going to get some rest and let those bruises and lumps go down and then sweetheart we're gonna go out on the town.'

'You are such a tease Dean!' Sam grinned and then winced, 'damn it.'


'Headache.' Sam said pinching the bridge of his nose, 'damn it.'

'Sam?' Dean jumped up as Sam started to slump forward, the wince fast turning into a grimace.

'Ah Dean!' Sam cried out grabbing at his brother blindly. 'Not now.'

Dean supported his brother, his worry and fear for Sam giving him a bitter taste in his mouth as he watched Sam ride out the vision. 'Dude talk to me.'

'Argh my head.' Sam leant his aching forehead against Dean's shoulder, 'another bashing ... this time ... argh ... my head.'

'Sam stay with me dude.' Dean said rubbing small circles on Sam's back comforting him with just the simple touch.

A shadow lurked in the window watching the two young men huddled together on the bed, using a cell phone to take photos of them, one with his back to the window his arms around the other who had his head resting on the broad shoulders. Another photo as the scene unfolded until the two young men parted, one lying down with a cloth over his eyes and the other running to pick up keys and his jacket. The shadow stepped away from the window, proof already saved on the phone it disappeared as quickly and as silently as it came.

'Going to get some pain killers for ya Sammy, don't you move.' Dean said as he made Sam comfortable and then went to grab his jacket and car keys. He moved to the door and then turned back to the bed, picking up Sam's cell he pressed it into his brother's hand, 'call me if you need anything.'

'Hurry back Dean, the attack I saw ... they killed them.'

'I know we'll get to the bottom of this Sam I promise.' Dean said taking another quick look at his brother he disappeared out of the room locking the door behind him.