Hate is a four-letter word

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Okkies without further rambling on with the final chapter.



Bobby finished washing his hands and returned to his house to find the sons he never could have. Tired didn't describe how he felt, suddenly feeling so old and ready to ... to keep doing what he's doing.

'Dean?' Bobby whispered when his gaze rested on the sleeping face of Sam, once again nestled on the couch. 'How's he going?'

'Oh hey Bobby did ya?'

'Yeah salted and burned up nice and crispy.' Bobby shook his head, 'no joy in that though but the poor boy was already dead, died from his wounds when it took over.'

'He's probably in a better place Bobby.' Dean said with a mirthless grin, 'damn I sound just like Sammy.'

'He's sleeping again?'

'Passed out, told me what the vision was about and then ...'

'So ya idjit do I hafta pull it outta ya?'

'Huh? Oh yeah the vision,' Dean swiped the nape of his neck and gave Bobby a sheepish grin, showing just how tired the younger man was, 'same as his last one except Will wasn't there this time, Sammy didn't know the new face but other than that ... Ya know Bobby it's almost as if someone is sending these visions to Sammy.'

'Yeah the same thought just crossed my mind, are they always as violent as these last few?'

'Nah, I mean yeah he gets headaches, sick stomach and usually a nose bleed but these, these ones are in a class all of their own.'

'Dean ... I know that this aint the time but ... with Rodgers and co still out there Sammy is a walking target for all of the dark and nasties.'

'What do we do Bobby? Honestly at this stage I'm open to any suggestion.'

'Work on what that demon was spouting ... the apocalypse and this particular Master who is gonna rise.'

'How long, how long do you think?'

'That is the million dollar question kiddo, it could be years from now it could be next week without reliable intel we're blind on this one.'


The muted tones of reds and soft peach filled the room in a warm glow, the young man shrouded in most of the glow sat at the table by the largest window, relishing in the feel of the late afternoon sun on his back while he worked on the laptop computer in front of him.

Taking a moment to stretch he glanced over at the couch and the sleeping occupant on there before returning to the screen and another attempt at concentrating on the task at hand. Only a few short moments later his gaze once again drifted to the couch, something niggled at him, it didn't feel right, not sure what but it was too strong a feeling not to act on it. Slowly he stood and eased his aching body into an upright position and then made his way the few feet to the couch gingerly he perched himself on the edge and placed his hand gently on the bare arm nearest him.

His brother slept on oblivious to the extra attention, trapped in a state somewhere between dreams and night terrors, minute shudders ran through the lean muscular frame the only tell of something not so restful about the sleep.

'Sam time to wake up dude.' Dean squeezed the arm beneath his fingers and waited to see if his brother responded, a frown started to form on his forehead as Sam slept on without stirring at all. 'Ah geeze dude don't do this again.' Exhausted, in pain, and just plain tired of it all Dean took a deep breath and tried to reign in his frustration and anger. 'Damn it Sammy wake up.' He squeezed a little tighter than intended and was rewarded with a soft mewl of pain, guiltily he pulled his touch away and sat with his head down next to Sam. Suddenly too weary to worry anymore.

'De?' Sam's sleep-slurred voice broke through his internal battle and made Dean sit up startled, 'De what's wrong?'

'Sammy?' Dean ran his hand over his face wincing at the rawness of his own voice.

'You okay dude?' Sam pulled himself upright and rested against the back of the couch this way he could clearly see his brother's eyes, 'what is it?'

'You were dreaming again.' Dean snapped immediately regretting it when he saw the hurt flash in Sam's eyes. 'Sorry Sammy, I'm ...'

'Tired I know Dean, and I am so sorry.' Sam dropped his gaze and suddenly found the hole in his jeans leg interesting.

'Sam, Sammy please look at me.' Dean didn't have the patience left to deal with Sam's insecurities but he swallowed his anger and tirade when Sam lifted his gaze again and stared at him, the look of fear and wariness reflected in the wide light green eyes floored the Dean. 'I didn't mean to ... I didn't mean to snap like that and you have nothing at all to be sorry for.'

'Will's dead because of me isn't he.' Sam murmured, 'Clay is possessed, Rodgers is on the loose, a new powerful Master is declaring war and it's all coz I couldn't ... you should have let me die Dean.'

'Whoa Sammy, back up a little.' Dean held his hands up in a defensive but non-threatening way and tried to calm his brother down. 'Talk to me, tell me what the dream was about.'

'I couldn't do anything to save you, to save Bobby, anyone ... everyone I know and love died Dean and all I did was stand there frozen, then Rodgers stood at the right hand of this ... all I could smell was smoke and sulphur and there was no sun.' Once the words started Sam experienced a verbal diarrhoea, 'they slaughtered you, then Bobby, and then Josh and Caleb then on, and on everyone, I have ever met or just spoken to they all died Dean. And, and it was all coz of me ... I could see myself standing there watching, I couldn't do a thing to stop them, to stop you dying.'

'Calm down please Sammy, calm down you're going to start to hyperventilate.'

'De ... Dean please listen to me ... I keep seeing you die, being pulled apart and there is nothing, nothing I can do except watch.'

'Not gonna happen dude.'


'Well that's what these visions are all about aren't they?' Dean tried to muster all of his cockiness and self-confidence, 'that they tell us what's going to happen so we can stop it.'

'Can we stop the apocalypse Dean?' Sam asked his eyes bright now with unshed tears, 'can we stop it all?'

'Gonna try our hardest Sammy, but dude you gotta ... you gotta ease up on yourself or it will ... it will kill ya dude.'

'Dean, how can I?'

'Sammy dude just spit it out.' Dean grinned and swiped his brother's neck and cheek tenderly.

'How can I do anything when I can't even walk outside without a panic attack?' Sam blurted the question out in a rush of words.

'Well I been thinking on that Sammy.' Dean grinned, looking up he caught Bobby's wink as the older hunter remained in the shadows, content to listen for a little while longer. 'How would you feel about a small road trip?'

'R-road t-trip?' Sam swallowed convulsively, 'ahh okay.'

'Sam honestly dude you have to get out ...okay?'

'Ah yeah okay I guess if we're gonna do this then ...' Sam smiled softly and patted Dean's shoulder, 'you okay dude?'

'Yeah sure bitch.'

'If you're not then ... we can stay here jerk.'

'Ah do I get a say in this?' Bobby chuckled softly enjoying listening to the banter once again filling the house.

'Sorry Bobby, I ahh...'

'Sam.' Bobby grumbled good naturedly, 'I ah got a few leads and have to take off for a few days, so you two idjits have got two choices.'

'Which are?' Sam blinked at the sudden change of subject and then as quickly as the confusion hit it was replaced by suspicion when he looked at both his brother and surrogate father.

'You can go on yer short road trip or ya'll can look after this place, I got a list of chores that need doin.'

'Ah think we'll go on the road trip.' Sam laughed and then stifled his yawn. 'Sorry.'

'As soon as you're ready Sam, we are.' Bobby patted the younger man's shoulder before heading out to finish his jobs before leaving.

'So Sammy what do you say?' Dean heaved a sigh of relief, for the first time in months he felt he could relax slightly.

'Road trip, but...'

'I knew it, but what Sam?'

'What about Rodgers Dean?' Sam asked not wanting to sound so fearful and needy.

'When we're both strong and healthy we'll find him and end his crazy schemes.'

Sam nodded and took a deep breath, knowing that the abyss was still too close to him for him to relax completely but at least he had Dean next to him, he was improving and they were forewarned with his visions.



The roar of the impala on the open road sent birds flying from where they picked at a road kill on the shoulder of the highway. Music blared through the speakers, creating an atmosphere for personal thought and little need for interaction.

Dean's eyes shadowed and haunted no longer shone with enthusiasm for the hunt and lust for life. All he kept seeing was Sam's limp body, he kept hearing that last stuttering breath and the stillness of Sam in death.

All Sam could see and hear was his brother's admittance to the deal, a one year deal to resurrect him. all Sam could see in his mind was that one vision, dream, nightmare, or terror whatever you want to call it. Unable to prevent his brother's death, no matter what he tried he couldn't do it and all he could see when he shut his eyes was the sight of Dean's body decimated in front of him while he stood immobile, unable to do anything to save him.

One year, twelve months, three hundred and sixty five days and there was nothing Sam could do, his scarred back twitched with the tension, he felt the bite of the lash as clearly as it was yesterday, the hands on his body, groping and molesting their imprints permanent on his flesh, time does not lessen it only helps to numb.

'So Sammy whatcha say you grant a dying man's last wish and we find the ... now what's those twin's name again?'


Author's note:

I have decided to finish this story here, a lot of the plot is unresolved but after a lot of careful planning I have decided to link it to my story, War, What's it good for? And continue the story from there, Rodgers will be back as well as Clay and the Arians as they align themselves with Lucifer and Lilith.

With Sam in a wheelchair but a little supercharged with psychic powers and a more than overprotective brother and adopted father in Dean and Bobby will the force of Winchester and Singer be enough to bring down possibly the strongest and most evil supremacist group ever and end the apocalypse before it finishes the world for good?