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Disclaimer: All the Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. The song "Show Me Love" belongs to the band T.A.T.U. And this idea, and the videos she created for the idea on youtube, belong to xCattyx

To see the first video in the three-part series, look up Sasuke and Sakura - Show Me Love.

Summary: An alternative story, in which the story of Sakura and Sasuke is told. The tragic tale that could have been...


Part Two Summary: So Sakura doubts herself, Sasuke is leaving, and everything seems to be in chaos.

Will Sakura be able to stop her love?


Part Two:

Give Me All That I Want


The villagers that were outside waved to Sakura, and she waved back with a smile. A fairly happy, care-free, and beautiful smile.

I don't care for money, looks, or lust. I only want one thing from him. One thing.

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love,

'Till you open the door.

The purple chakra that circled about him, as he went after the Sound nin who harmed her. She couldn't believe her eyes, until he passed by her. Was this the hate that consumed him? Was this what Sasuke was persuing? To become so powerful wrath itself would take charge of his body?

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love,

'Till I'm up off the floor.

He stabbed himself with a kunai, and grabbed her swiftly from the flying weapons. She was in such a state of shock, she couldn't even move. All she could think about was death. Her death.

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love,

'Till it's inside my pores.

He removed the said kunai from his leg, without making one sound. The blood droplets flew into the air, as Sakura gasped at his actions. He sacrificed blood for her, and she couldn't do anything for him in return. Pathetic.

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love,

'Till I'm screaming for more.

Lady Tsunade removed her palm, as Sasuke awoke from his coma. This time, she couldn't hold back her joy, as she hugged the Uchiha. The tears welled up in her eyes, and fell on his shirt. She was shaking with happiness, for her love was back with her.

Random acts of mindlessness.

Common place occurrences.

Chances and surprises.

Another state of consciousness.

He landed on the rickety bridge with a thud, as she reached out to grab his hand.

She was about to raise her hand to tell the teacher's of Sasuke's marking, but he had slapped her hand down.

She stared at the evil Sasuke, her mouth parted slightly. The bruises, cuts, blood, and her hair didn't bother her.

What did stur up worry was the purple chakra, and marked male that arose from his deep sleep to possibly kill the three Sound nin.

Tell me how you've never felt;

Delicate or innocent?

Do you still have doubts

That us having faith makes any sense?

His back faced away from her, as he walked towards the two remaining Sound ninjas. Her eyes welled with tears because this wasn't the Sasuke-kun she knew. He was scary. That wicked smile on his face scared her. But wasn't he fighting because of her?

Tell me nothing ever counts;

Lashing out or breaking down.

Still somebody loses,

'Cause there's no way to turn around

The only time she saw the young Uchiha vulnerable was after the Sound nin disappeared. He was so shocked with himself, his body had begun to shake. It was so unlike the gaze he gave her, with Sharingan eyes and black markings covering his skin. She couldn't stop crying that time, but she didn't exactly know why.

You play games, I play tricks.

Girls and girls, but you're the one.

Like a game of pick-up-sticks,

Played by fucking lunatics.

It was true she probably flirted with boys, and possibly was nice to Naruto. Just like Sasuke had girls swarming around him, yet he didn't seem to notice them. She dedicated her heart to him, and he loved her over all other females. It didn't matter how many games she played to earn his jealousy, for he loved her through everything. Right? Or was she just the easiest one? The one who would marry him, give babies, and then be left behind.

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love,

'Till you open the door.

Is that why he defended her so often?

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love,

'Till I'm up off the floor.

Is that why she fell off the bridge, risking her life, just for him?

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love,

'Till it's inside my pores.

Why she cried over his supposedly dead body, and broke one of the Ninja Codes?

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

Show me love. Show me love.

'Till I'm screaming for more.

Everything was for him. She would always love him, but he didn't seem to feel the same way. It wasn't like she expected much from her beloved, but she never felt to detatched to him before. She wasn't even sure if he was the same person as he once was. Wasn't a good wife supposed to know what is wrong with her own spouse?

Sakura stopped walking, her thoughts buzzed around her head. The feeling rushed over her body, and she hated herself for being so stupid. Sasuke was acting different, and she was blind to his real intentions. Even if he hated her very being, she was going to stop him.

With that thought in mind, the pink-haired kunoichi ran off towards the gates on Konoha. Her body was tight from worry, but she continued to pump her legs and arms. The familiar buildings rushed by, and she found herself slowing down. He was close by.


Sasuke slowed down to a halt when he saw Sakura staring at him. She wasn't about to stop him from killing his brother, and he refused to listen to her scolding or pleading. It would tkae too much time, and it would make him regret his actions more.

He continued once more, passing by his wife with a slow pace. He noted in the back of his mind that she was silent, and that meant she was thinking about something very hard.


His back facing away from her, and away from Konoha.


Her back facing away from him, safely guarded by Konoha.


"Stop! Please stop, Sasuke-kun!" She whipped around to face him. The moon washed over both of thier forms, which made Sakura able to see beter. The fact that he hadn't turned around to meet her gaze brought tears to her eyes, but she tried to choke them back. Her hand was placed over the flesh where her heart should be- it was beating so hard and aching so much.

Show me love. Show me love.

Give me all that I want.

He ignored her. Sakura though, almost knew, that he wasn't even listening, since he didn't make any movement. He just stood away from her, and she felt the tension in the air. It was choking the words out of her.

"I don't want you to go...not yet..." Her voice was hoarse, probably because her throat was so dry.

Show me love. Show me love.

Give me all that I want.

Was she asking for too much? Was it unbearable for him to stay? Did he really just want some kids? Or did he love her?

Why couldn't he just show his love for her? Just once. She only wanted three words to come from his mouth, but she was the only one saying it.

Show me love. Show me love.

Give me all that I want.

That blank stare was directed to the ground, not her. She continued to plead for him to stay, but she wanted more than that.

Of course, he didn't understand. He didn't understand for one reason:

He didn't love her.

Show me love. Show me love.

'Till I'm screaming for more

"I love you so much, Sasuke!" Her words echoed through the night, as she felt the tears run down her face and hit the ground.


For everything she had ever done, it was just a hallow relationship. The past events were lies. Nothing was right, and so much was wrong. No love. No love at all.

She could say it a thousand times over, but never hear the words escape his lips. Not once.


He walked away, and she stood there. She waited and waited, but there was no response. There was nothing.

She couldn't have it end that way; it hurt too much.


He disappeared. For a moment, Sakura thought he was gone for good.

A prescence, and it was right behind her. She dared not to turn around, for her heart would surely break if it was somebody else.

Silence. More tears. Wind.

"Sakura..." His voice was low, and it sent shvers down her spine to hear it.

She snapped out of all thoughts, and strained to hear what he had to say to her.

"I still love you."

Before a smile could even form on her lips, before her tears could dry, even before she could turn around to see his face; a sharp pain.

Everything went blank, and a few more tears escaped.


My only love...goodbye, Sasuke-kun.

And he was gone.


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