A/N: Well here is a little poem about the outcasts... mainly Erik duh. I wrote it while listening to No one would listen... it's not one of my best poems, but I think it suits him well. Hope you like it and please review.

They have driven the outcasts out of the world,
Tracked them down with their fire and sword,
This world denied us, showed us no hope
It kills our breaths with its evil rope.

Why do we dwell in darkness?
Why do we find ourselves in sadness?
We're losing our hope
Strangled by this killing rope.

Hung in our solitude,
We sing our lonely tune,
Praying for a bit of hope
In the world that kills us with its dark rope

Our tears are crimson blood,
We are drowning in our misery's flood,
Shoved out of the world, they killed our hope,
They tied us to darkness with their evil rope.