Where are Sam and Dean?!

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Shot into the air, both of the Winchester brothers began to swear until they slammed into a dusty floor, still swearing but not as bad. Getting onto his feet, Sam grabbed his left forearm and guessed, "Hey. Dean. I think some retarded son of a bitch I fought broke my arm. I think I have a couple of splinters in my face too."

"We'll get them checked out Sammy. You're just too fragile." Dean remarked before looking around and standing up." Hell Sammy! We're home! Well, not home exactly. We're in the same crappy house…I think."

Sam pointed out, "We're just back in the place that sent us there. You know, the demon. That fugly son of a bitch?"

"Whatever. Let's get a beer or two to celebrate Sammy." Dean suggested

Walking out of the archaic building, Sam questioned, "Are we gonna go after that fugly?"

Getting into his car, his beloved 1967 black Chevy Impala, Dean responded, "Probably long gone. Won't be easy to track the son of a bitch again." He rubbed the steering wheel. "I missed you Baby."

Also getting into the car, Sam teased, "Do you two want to get a room or somethin'?"

"Aww, don't listen to him Baby. He just doesn't understand us." Dean reassured as he continued to rub the steering wheel. He started the engine and drove onto the slick highway. "Aww, isn't that sound nice Sammy? Listen to her purr. Have you ever heard something so beautiful?"

Sam pouted and repeated, "So, do you two want a room already?"

Dean remarked, "Sammy. I am sick of this attitude. That's why I always got the extra cookie." He gave a small grin. "Ready to mix some whiskey and yager again Sammy? Maybe even a little tequila?"

"Bite me." Sam hissed back and punched Dean in the shoulder who punched him back. "And don't forget about that woman in white."

Seconds after he finished speaking, Dean had popped a cassette into the stereo and now, the stereo turned up full volume to AC/DC. It was great to have things back to normal…or at least by the Winchester standards of normal. After all, their version of normal was screwed up.

Well, everything's back to normal. That's the end I guess.

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