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Author's Note: For those of you just joining us, the Prologue contains a quick recap of a few of the key points of 'A Life Interrupted' and the first season of 'The 4400'.


People disappear every day from all corners of the globe. Tragically, a great many of these disappearances go unsolved.

Over a period of almost sixty years, beginning on March 3rd 1946, forty-four hundred people disappeared without trace, and without warning. There was no known link between any of these people. They were taken from all over the world.

On August 14th 2004, what people had previously thought to be a meteor passing close to Earth suddenly and drastically changed course, and hurtled straight towards Earth instead. The unidentified object – a massive ball of bluish white light – settled over Mount Rainier, Seattle, and disappeared in a blinding flash. Once the light had dissipated, forty-four hundred people were standing on Highland Beach, at the foot of Mount Rainier. They had no idea how they'd gotten there, or where they had been, and none remembered anything about their disappearance. Some had been missing for years. Others, decades.

None of them had aged a day since their disappearances.

Among the returnees was Captain Samantha Carter, who had disappeared from Washington D.C. , August 21st, 1998. On the day she was abducted, her father had just informed her he had been diagnosed with cancer. When she returned, he had been dead almost six years.

After being held in quarantine for six weeks under the authority of the National Threat Assessment Command, the 4400 were released following legal action taken by the ACLU. Some were lucky enough to be able to return to their homes and reclaim their lives butothers were not so fortunate. Manystayed in America, with the majority remaining in Seattle, unable to explain why.

Nobody knew who had taken the 4400, where they had been or why they were back and suspicion and fear were running high.

General Hammond pulled all the right strings to allow Sam to return to active duty at the SGC. She rejoined SG-1 alongside her former team-mates, and Major Cameron Mitchell, the latest in a long line of people who had sought to fill the place her absence had left vacant.

Not long after their return, it became known that some of the 4400 had developed or were developing supernatural abilities. Not all have used these abilities for good, and not all have been able to exercise proper control over their newfound powers. During an off-world ambush by a team of Jaffa, Sam discovered she had developed telekinetic powers.

The news of Sam's ability spread quickly, and reached Senator Robert Kinsey through Colonel Makepeace. Kinsey made contact with Mitchell, and recruited him to spy on Sam while she was on the base or on missions.

Soon after this, a pair of former NID agents abducted Sam from outside her home. In an attempt to mask their intentions long enough to make their escape, they blew up her home. Several 4400s had recently been targeted for bombings, with one being killed, and although it would not take very long for people to realise Sam had not been killed in the explosion, it would have bought them all the time they needed to disappear with their quarry, had the naquadah in Sam's blood not allowed her to recover from the tranquilizers she had been injected with, allowing her to make her escape.

During the brief time Sam was gone, Jack was contacted by Harry Maybourne – still on the run from the authorities and his former employers – who offered to help. Like everyone else, Maybourne has a keen interest in the 4400, and strives to know more about them.

Furious about Sam's escape, Kinsey became desperate. He went with Mitchell and Colonel Makepeace to Jack's home, and ordered them to kill both Jack and Sam.

Mitchell, who had been in secret reporting to Jack and Hammond ever since first meeting Kinsey, shot Makepeace in the knee. Kinsey was quickly captured.

The official story is that Senator Kinsey was injured in a car crash, and later died from heart failure. In truth, he has become a permanent, unacknowledged prisoner of the United States government.

Seattle NTAC agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris came to Colorado to investigate the kidnapping, but also to find out what they could about Sam. Of all the 4400, she is the only one who has been afforded special dispensations in regards to the compulsory medical checkups and checking in with her local NTAC branch. Skouris is particularly curious as to why everyone up to the President is bending over backwards to accommodate Sam, and recommended to her partner that they ask their boss, Dennis Ryland, to make contact with some of his associates in the NID to try and find out more.

One of the 4400, Shawn Farrell, is Tom Baldwin's nephew. On the night of Shawn's disappearance, Tom's son Kyle was found comatose on Highland Beach, where the pair had been hanging out. Kyle remained comatose until Shawn used his newfound healing ability to revive him. Kyle, however repeatedly claimed that he was not Baldwin's son. Eventually, Tom brought 'Kyle' to Highland Beach at his request and it was there that he was told the truth.

On the night of Shawn Farrell's abduction, Kyle had been the intended target. Had Shawn not interrupted the process and been taken in his place, Kyle would have been one of the 4400, intended to act as a channel of communication between Tom Baldwin and those who had taken the 4400. During the mix up, an otherworldly life-force had become trapped within Kyle's body, resulting in his three year coma. This being – a glowing, tentacled creature – now emerged from Kyle's body and disappeared, but not before delivering its message; the 4400 were abducted by people from the future, at a time when humanity is dying out, granted the extraordinary abilities some had been manifesting, and reseeded back into the timeline in the hope of preventing an impending catastrophe.