Chapter 1

Yeah stupid title… I know

"It's hard to serve two masters 'ya know…"


"Well, Sasori-sama… it'll feel a bit awkward but you should be able to get used to this new body…"

"the great Akasuna no Sasori… asking my help…?? Well I'll be grateful to hel-"

"Stop it Orochimaru, or would you rather have your arms to render USELESS once again??" Sasori said as he grabbed Orochimaru's arm

"he… please stop the two of you… Sasori-sama, Orochimaru-sama" Kabuto interrupted

"and who told you that you can just interfere whenever you want to eh? Kabuto?" Sasori retorted letting go of Orochimaru's arm… giving a death glare to Kabuto.

"gomen ni Sasori-sama, but it's for your own good…" Kabuto said as he pushed his glasses, reflecting a small shaft of light from the candle on the table beside the couch when Orochimaru sat. a devilish smirk forming across his lips.

"tch… I see Orochimaru has taught you to be rather uncouth eh?"

"he… don't tell that Sasori-sama…" Kabuto said with the playful tone he has


"who knew my former Akatsuki partner had a spy with me…" Orochimaru quickly gave Kabuto a stare. "hmm… then after that, the spy you sent me asked me if he could go for a little trip… and when he came back… he was bringing you along to my humble hideout… DEAD… —well, not that you weren't— then asked me to heal you… interesting isn't it??"

"Sasori-danna… you know??… your spy has been of use to me… I guess 'resurrecting' you shall be able to repay my debt." Orochimaru said with an amused smirk.


"well then how about telling us who exactly was this you-so-call little girl who beat you into shreds eh?? Sasori-danna??" Orochimaru said chuckling

"I already told you… she'll be the one coming here… to find that Uchiha kid of yours…"

"oh… that inconsiderate brat…"

"but don't worry I'll be 'handling' her before she even gets here…" Sasori said as he slipped his Akatsuki cloak on "I'll be sure to get her… she'll be replacing all my puppets she destroyed…" he said as he fixed his straw hat unto his head making his blood-red orbs unseen. A smirk formed right after.

Sasori, a legendary puppeteer of the sand, now works as one of the members of the criminal organization Akatsuki. After being beaten by his own grandmother Chiyo and Tsunade-hime's apprentice, Haruno Sakura. He is thought to have DIED during their fierce battle. He did. But his so called 'spy' in the hands of his former Akatsuki partner, Orochimaru. 'found' him. He then brought him to Orochimaru's hideout… he was then 'resurrected' by Orochimaru.

He now heads to Konohagakure to find a certain pink haired girl…


(NOTE: yeah it sucks… curse myself)

"Tsunade-sama…??" a certain pink haired girl said as she opened the doors to the Hokage's office…

"eh?? Tsunade-sama's not here…" she said as she entered the room just to find that her master had left her with piles of paperwork. She went closer to her master's desk then she saw a little sticky note saying: 'Good luck Sakura-chan!!!'


furious, she started running thru the paperwork… truth is she's not that surprised… I mean she has been her student for like how long now?? Her master's …well… 'habits' doesn't shock her like it used to… yet there are still some 'times'

Apparently, she wasn't alone…

while she was cursing in her mind a certain manly figure was watching from behind… wanting to grab every inch of her supple body… wanting to devour her… wanting her TO BE HIS… all of these were just 'wants' which he is intensely determined to gain…

Yeah he was having a 'thing'!!! … craze… err… addiction!!! Uhmm… OBSESSION!!!

God, he was having Sakura fetish…

More of this 'madness' would make him insane —not that that would matter since he already is! Hello?? Akatsuki?? Before even turning into Akatsuki, for God's sake, you must already be freaking mad!!!—

'damn it' Sasori thought… Sakura unknowingly was making him insane… though he'd rather be insane than not being able to see her… her porcelain skin… her devilish pink hair, NOT HELPING to stop Sasori's desire for LUST no, not one bit… her eyes… god, her emerald eyes were drop-dead gorgeous… damn… every inch of her was like a piece of heaven brought unto just for him… yeah, he was taking the obsession thing a bit too much… his so called angel, which he took possession of labeling as HIS, was naively building up Sasori's hunger…

'god, why do you have to be THAT sexy??' this was enough punishment… if this was ever to be his punishment of killing all those innocent —some yes some not— people then he might as well admit he's guilty and surrender… well, surrender TO HER…

he actually dreamt about her doing a strip show, for him of course. O.N.L.Y. H.I.M.!!! and that definitely made a bulge in the front of his pants…


"huh??" Sakura murmured to herself… she somehow felt that she wasn't alone… leaving those …well… stupid thoughts aside she continued doing her master's unfinished paperwork…

she was gently humming some random tune to at least LESSEN her supreme boredom. Again ignorantly turning Sasori on…

'can't take it!!!'

'sustain yourself!!!'


'Your dick had enough torture!!! Go ahead and feed your impatient ass!!!'

'stop it inner Sasori no. 2 lusting doesn't solve anything'

'SURE IT DOES!!! And you know it inner Sasori no. 1'

'I beg your pardon!'

'Sasori… listen… she's a girl, you're a guy that just concludes that you two are meant to have sex!!! Now go for it!!'

'what about Kisame and Itachi?? They constantly have sex though they're both girls…'

'gay sex… it's complicated'



apparently, Sasori has two inner him… must be part of Akatsuki's 'requirements'… after all they all are mentally disturbed…

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