Okay, this time it really, really is the end. I wasn't planning on an epilogue, but I think a few of you thought I left it a bit too open ended I guess. So to everyone that either hinted or out right asked, here it is. An epilogue. (Of sorts)

It's not mine, the show that is, 'cos the story? Yeah, that was all me;)

The wedding

An epilogue in snippet form?!

Ashley's return...uh...second return that is.

After Ashley spent seven days in London to pack up her life and say goodbye to some friends, she returned to L.A. When the plane finally landed she was a mess. The plane had hit a lot of turbulence so she had been feeling nauseas for half the flight and the food had completely sucked, but most of all she just missed Spencer . Missed her so much her heart hurt and she promised herself she would not spend a day away from her again.

So when she finally spotted sun-kissed blond hair and smiling blue eyes she almost cried. The hug they shared was bone crushing and long.

"God, I've missed you!"

Spencer tightened her hold and kissed the bronzed skin of Ashley's neck before answering.

"Not half as much as I've missed you!"

Ashley's competitive side kicked in then and she dragged Spencer to the nearest bathroom she could find. It might not have been the most romantic of spots, but Spencer sure did not mind as Ashley proceeded to show her just how much she really had missed her. Then Spencer thought it was only fair to return the gesture.

Neither Ashley or Spencer ever looked at an airport bathroom without sporting an idiotically large smile on their faces again.

The same could be said for Earl Hogan, the plummer that had been fiddling around in the bathroom stall two doors down form the one occupied by Spencer and Ashley.


The first fight.


Ashley warily looked up from her laptop and stared at Spencer. It had been years since she heard that angry tone in Spencer's voice directed at her.


Spencer was scowling and waving around a box of Corn Flakes.

"Did you really finish my Corn Flakes and then put the empty box in the cupboard?"

Ashley thought it over for a minute before answering. So what if she got hungry and had the last of Spencer's favorite cereal at two in the morning, she did not see what the big deal was.


Spencer's left eye started twitching and her lips thinned out dramatically.

"So you put my empty box back in the cupboard, don't feel the need to make sure we buy more or even just inform me so I could buy more?"

Once again Ashley was not seeing the big deal about it.


Then the empty box whizzed past her head and knocked over a vase behind her. Ashley gave a scowl of her own now.

"Jesus, Spencer! It was just a box of cereal! I'll freaking buy you a new one, okay? Hell, I'll buy you the freaking company that makes them!"

That was a bad move on Ashley's part as Spencer speedily turned an angry purple.

"Oh my God! You can't just buy yourself out of this one! You can't just fix things with money! I just want you to show me some consideration here!"

"Show you some consideration?! You think I don't...All I freaking do is consider you, Spencer! Hell, I barely have a single thought in my head that doesn't involve you. And you think I don't consider you because I ate your cereal and didn't replace it? That's just stupid!"

They spent a good minute just staring at each other, both breathing hard and red faced before Spencer rolled her eyes and grudgingly spoke.

"Okay, fine! That was stupid of me to say. I take it back."

Ashley gave a curt nod.


Then they burst out laughing and had some pretty mind blowing make-up sex on the kitchen floor.

Also Ashley always made sure to buy extra boxes of cereal after that.


When getting married became legal.

They'd been living together for a good two years in Ashley's old house when the news hit. Of course this was not the first time that the legalization of same sex marriages had been discussed by the government and honestly everyone expected it to go as it always did on the matter. The bid for legalization would be denied.

So it was with some surprise that Ashley and Spencer sat on their couch in front of the t.v and listened to some buxom, bottle blond news caster report on the fact that the government had amended the law on the matter of same sex marriages. Amended meaning that it was in fact going to be legal now.

Dazedly Ashley had muted the t.v and turned towards an equally surprised Spencer. They sat staring at each other for seven full seconds in complete silence. Then they both spoke at the same time.

"You wanna get hitched?"

"Will you marry me?"

Both smiled brightly and once again spoke at the same time.

"Oh hell yeah!"

"God yes!"

Seven seconds after that they were well on their way to having newly-engaged-sex on the couch.


The matter of children.

A year and a half after their wedding on the beach they sat comfortably on their couch once again watching some t.v. Both were sipping some ice cold cranberry juice as it was an unnaturally warm night.

As Ashley was taking a rather big gulp from her glass of juice, Spencer suddenly turned to her with big, hopeful blue eyes.

"Ash, I want a baby."

Ashley abruptly choked on her juice and sprayed most of it through her nose and onto the white carpet. It was a bitch of a stain to remove.

Three weeks of utter silence followed the statement. Not wanting to upset Ashley again, Spencer kept quiet. Ashley for her part was trying to not think about it, because as much as she wanted kids, they had been in her ten year plan, not five year plan

So it was with some trepidation in her voice when, while having lunch at a small restaurant and observing a beautiful little blond haired girl smiling happily at her parents, she finally spoke about the matter.

"So, do you wanna adopt or are we doing it the old fashioned way?"

In the end it was decided, after what felt like days and days of discussions on the matter to Ashley, that they would indeed do it the old fashioned way. The kicker was that Ashley came out the winner on the 'who would be giving birth' lottery. The only matter left was to find a sperm donor. After even more debating on the subject a decision was made and they sprang into action.

When Spencer jumped right in and asked Glen to donate his sperm for Ashley's artificial insemination, he proceeded to choke and eventually spit his mouthful of red wine onto the white carpet. That too was a bitch of a stain to remove.


So to summarize.

They spent a life together filled with more love then anger and between the two of them raised a rather charming daughter called Sophie. Charming meaning that the girl, with her birth mother's crinkled nose smile and brunette hair and her other mother's bluer than blue eyes, was a little angel. Until she turned fifteen and displayed every one of both Glen and Ashley's worse traits. There was arrogance, anger, impulsiveness to the extreme and the severe lack of thinking before doing. Eventually she grew out of it and settled into a woman that strongly reminded of Ashley in looks and Spencer in manner.

All in all, when the time came for first Ashley and then Spencer to bid their final goodbye to the world, they did so knowing they had lived a full and utterly satisfying life and loved greatly and truly only the other. It had been a life spent well.


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