Fifth chapter

Hinata watched with delight as her boyfriend devoured his ramen like his life depended on it.
"Naruto-kun, I made plenty, so there's no need to hurry," Hinata said timidly with a small smile on her lips, pointing towards the steaming pot of ramen on the stew.

At that comment, Naruto stopped eating for a moment, and grinned embarrassed at Hinata, rubbing the back of his head in the process:"He he, I know Hinata-chan, but this is just too good!" he cheered and then gave his attention back to the appetizing bowl of ramen.

Hinata served him another 2 bowls of ramen, before eventually offering her own:
"Please Naruto-kun, take mine!" she pleaded and shoved her own bowl of ramen to his side of the table,"You look like you're starving!"

Naruto refused her offer with waving arm gestures, telling her it was alright, and pushed it back to her side. But when she insisted: "Please! I'm not even hungry!" he couldn't resist the appealing bow of ramen any longer and grabbed hold of the last bowl in both palms. He finished it quickly with one firm gulp and then started lap up the rest with his tongue, until not even a drop was left. Instead, chunks of noodles could be found all over his chin, around his lips, and on his chin.

Naruto leant back in his chair, obviously satisfied, his hand holding his now slightly bulking stomach. He looked at his girlfriend with curious eyes, who was sitting in the chair directly in front of him. Since the only thing she had on was his oversized t-shirt, which reached just below her bum, he could get clear look of her exposed legs, creamy and delicious. Unconsciously, he wetted his lower lip with his tongue and suddenly, he felt very hungry again.

The feeling became worse when she pulled her knees against her chest, her arms embracing her legs protectively. Cocking his head to the side, Naruto could get a tiny glimpse of her panties, and unclean thoughts started flowing through his mind.

"Jeez, Spending 3 years with Ero-sannin really did rub off on me" he thought, yet his eyes remained locked on that hot laced pair of panties, and soon images of what he could do with what was underneath it popped up in his mind. He could feel a small nose bleed coming up...

Hinata remained silent until, and followed his gaze. Noticing that he was staring at her lower regions, her smile vanished.

"Naruto-kun!" she screeched as she felt the hotness threatening to creep up her cheeks again. She hurriedly crossed her legs, and fidgeted nervously with her t-shirt, pushing it downwards in an attempt to cover up her legs. Her efforts were in vain, as the shirt kept on crawling back. Sighing in defeat, Hinata decided that it was useless and went back to her seat.

Naruto, on the other hand, found the whole scene quite amusing and couldn't help but laugh at her efforts. And in the end, he had won, because he could still admire her devine legs.

"You know, you should wear my clothes more often" he said before bursting back into laughter. Now if this was any other girl, he would have braced himself for the whack on the head that normally would follow such a comment.

But Hinata only pouted cutely, and Naruto couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, although he knew that Hinata was not Sakura, and never will be.

She's much nicer then his high-tempered and loud-mouthed ex-girlfriend.

But Sakura was also bold, a characteristic Hinata totally lacked. For Naruto that was hard to deal with. He himself was quite assertive and sometimes he really didn't now how to handle such a timid, innocent girl like Hinata. He was afraid he would break the fragile girl or scare her away. So he tried his best to be gentle with her, and hoped she would get more comfortable with him when time passed.

Four months passed since they first started dating and there was some improvement, but not as much as he would like. His own sexual frustrations didn't make it any better though. He tried his best to take this relationship on a higher level, but for some reason or another, his girlfriend won't cooperate.


At the conclusion of their third date, the couple arrived at the gates of the Hyuuga-compound. As usual, Hinata leant in to give him a goodnight-kiss. When she did so, a devious thought entered Naruto's mind, ready to be put into action, but he wasn't sure how Hinata would react.

So he moved with caution: he kissed her timidly on the lips and then, just when she was about to pull away, he grabbed her by the shoulders and passionately pressed his needy lips against hers once more. He took advantage of her initial shock and carefully slipped his tongue between her lips, which to his own amazement, she liked, seeing how eagerly she pushed her own tongue into his mouth, mixing her saliva with his.

Not long after that night they found themselves on the couch of Naruto's apartment, French-kissing like maniacs. He warily moved his hand upwards, and halted when it arrived at her breasts. With a little hesitation he dropped his hand on top of her right globe. Naruto half-expected her to slap it away, but she didn't, so he squeezed it a little harder and she mewled into the kiss.

Their make-out sessions became hotter and heavier after that, Naruto always taking the initiative, his hands and lips caressing her everywhere he could reach, and his girlfriend happily submitting to his touch.

Eventually, he managed to take of her shirt, and 'God, was she beautiful! That pale skin, contrasting so strongly with his own, those delicious mounds, begging to be touched. It made him lose control, and before he knew it, he was tugging on her pants, trying to get it out of the way. Through his one eye, he could see Hinata panick, but couldn't stop his fingers from grazing her inner thigh. While his one hand was still fumbling with the zipper of her pants, the other groped her breast, massaging it through her bra with his thumb.

"Naruto..." she begged him, her hands putting soft pressure on his torso. But Naruto pushed her on her back, and hovered over her. He thrusted forward, letting her feel his aching need for her.

At the feeling of something unfamiliar poking her between the legs, the unexperienced Hinata froze, and pushed him away with more force then Naruto had calculated. He rolled out of the couch, and landed on the hard floor, accidently hitting the coffeetable in the proces.

Moaning from pain, Naruto looked puzzled over to Hinata, who was already busy collecting her clothes. Holding her shirt timidly over her chest, Hinata quickly ran over to him - Byakugan activated - to see if he wasn't hurt. He could see her eyes search his body for injuries until they rested on that particular part. She was staring a little to intently for Naruto's liking, and a blush crept up his cheeks.

"Eh... Hinata?" Naruto said hesitantly, feeling a little awkward.

At his words, Hinata averted her gaze, her cheeks burning from embarrassement. "I-I h-have to go," she stuttered and slowly walked towards the door. "Gomen!" she whispered as she briefly stopped walking before continuing her way out at an increased pace, leaving Naruto behind with a painfully tight pants.


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