The Myth of Outsider

Date: November 24, 2007

My name is Anna Cross, I am a medium and historian on the Aztec culture, especially Aztec Myths. One such myth was said to happen during the 1300s, about a young woman that saved an Aztec city and later vanished from the face of Earth. I and my team of researchers will go and uncover this myth, the myth of Outsider.

The Mission:

Our mission is to go to a real live Aztec city still habited by Aztecs and asked around if they ever heard of Outsider. Our second mission is to examine the temple she disappeared in and prove that no one can just vanish without a trace. Our third mission is to collect samples of the site where they say that Outsider lived, strange really. Why dig up an old home to find nothing, my experience has told me numerous times that these sites are just places where an old house used to be but an old place dating back to the beginning of the 1300s would be harder to find due to the fact that when it rains it rains!

Being a medium is not as fun as it sounds, I just walk pass a cemetery I can see the dead. Some died with revenge, others want justice yet some did not die in vain. If the myth of Outsider is true we should be able to catch it all on film and perhaps solve this mystery that's over seven hundred seven years old. If the myth about her dying in the temple is true perhaps we will catch it on film and record the sounds too.

The Team:

Camera men: Lucas Cain - - - New York

Matthew Dwayne - - - New Jersey

Sound man: John Ott - - - Utah

Equipment women: Sarah Johnson - - - California

Tiffany Martz - - - Mississippi

Team leader: Anna Cross - - - Canada

Starting time: 08:00 A.M. November 25, 2007

Place: Vercruz, Mexico

Ending time: 08:00 P.M. December 25, 2007

Personal thoughts: I hope we solve this mystery and go home with enough footage to make some cash.