The Myth of Outsider

Date: December 7, 2007

It was nearly dusk, once we reached outside I could feel that we were safe but we had to close the hole before the Serpents come! Lucas did most of the work while I lifted as much as I could, we sealed it up as Juan came around the corner with a stick he seemed really sad. He looked at us and was startled, he ran to me and gave me a hug.

"Pedro told me that grandpa died and you guys too! I'm glad your alive!"

Lucas looked at me and smile, there was a gunshot. I screamed in terror! Lucas looked at him chest, another gunshot and another. Three bullet holes in his chest, we looked to see Pedro holding a magnum! Lucas looked at me he yelled and turned aiming his gun at Pedro only to be shot down. I couldn't move neither could Juan. Pedro walked over to us slowly and he was laughing.

"I told you before Miss Anna, no one leaves alive!"

He aimed is gun at us, just then the hole in the temple wall bursted open and a tail came whipping out. Its blade tip penetrates Pedro's shoulder, the tail twists and wraps, lifting him off the ground. Pedro was still alive when I saw her. She came out of the hole holding two black swords, she stood in front of Pedro. The tail drops Pedro to the ground, I watched him squirmed and scream as she thrusts one of her swords into his left leg. The tail circled the air as if it was waiting, she tapped the other sword on her leg circling him, she cut of one of his arms then his right leg.

"Please no more, have mercy!"

She stopped and faced me, it was Outsider. She then looked at Juan and smiled. Those eyes, from this distance I could see they were black and yellow.

"Please! Have mer - - -"

She thrusts her sword backwards into Pedro's face killing him instantly, she pulled it out fast and swung it behind herself decapitating him. She held his head under her foot, she kicked up into the air and bounced it on her knees then she kicked up to the tail which it thrusts itself through the skull. She pulled out her sword and then strapped them back onto her back. The tail gathered the rest of the Pedro's body, Outsider bent down to Lucas and did something to him. She soon stood up dropping the bullets to the ground, the tail retracts into the temple with Pedro's body, she stood at the entrance looking at Juan and me. I could see her eyes again, a beautiful teal green with yellow lines going through the iris. I love my good eyesight!

"He's right you know, no one leaves alive. He'll make a good meal."

She turned and entered the temple as the hole was rebuilt by that tail, the tail of the Knight Serpent. We ran over to Lucas, he was coughing and moaning. I held his hand and looked into his amber eyes.

"What the hell happened?"

I giggled and looked in to the setting sky, I could see some shooting stars. Juan looked at Lucas and grinned!

"We got out alive."


Date: December 10, 2007

We left Veracruz and headed back home, it took us a few days to get readjusted to Mexico. When we got home I had nothing to explain about what happened down there, only my memories. Before we left I asked Juan who Snake-Eater was. He told me that Snake-Eater is the son of a Great Elder named Fon'ki. Snake-Eater got his name from Outsider who named him that for it reminded her of a snake that eats other snakes. She told him that not all Serpents were the same and if he found one that was completely different to try and understand it. Outsider was sort of in debt to Snake-Eater for he saved her life after she passed out at the Mayan city, where she killed four Bad Bloods all by herself. But Snake-Eater would not let her be in his debt so he made his promise after she disappeared in the temple... so the myth goes...

Sure enough when we got back, I was fired for the deaths of my crew and was thrown in jail for killing Pedro. I told them I didn't kill him, they wouldn't hear it. I knew this would happen... who ever believes in myths anyway? . . . this myth made me believe. I was sentenced for ten years in jail where as Lucas was only charged for losing the cameras. I was glad he got off easy but I guess I did deserve this... Outsider is alive in the temple, its been stated that 'one believes she hid herself away and waits till they need her again.' it's true, she's there! The myth was true!

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