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"So what do we actually think about the girl?" Quinn asked, looking over at the other three.

Dave shook his head. Kate spoke up first. "Why didn't we arrest her?" She asked them, looking at her older brother.

"We need her out there. Some reason Edgar McCormick wants me dead. We need to find out why, and she could come in handy later on. She also may know who he hired to replace her and she saved my daughters life, she may keep an eye out for whoever they are." Marcus told them, as they went back to Dave and Kates place where Holly and her little brother Richard were working on there homework. Maddie, Hannah, and Luke were also at the table finishing their homework. Shari was in the other room with Daves' sister Sara.

Marcus walked in and Shari wrapped her arms around him. "What did you find out?" She asked.

Marcus kissed her forehead. "Got a few surprises that aren't so happy." Marcus told her.
"Looks like there is a contract out on me, and the person who was hired is Lucas Sarcellis' daughter." Marcus told her.

Shari looked at him shocked. "You mean the man who was hired to kill me?" Shari asked,
trying to get the facts straight. Marcus nodded. "But who did you meet tonight then?"

"The daughter. She is the one who shot the window the other day, and she was the one who saved Hannah and Maddie." Marcus explained.

"But she was hired to kill you. Why is she protecting us?"

"I don't know everything. What I do know is that Lucas was shot twice and I only pulled the trigger once. She shot him too."

Shari looked surprised. "She shot her dad?"

"Yes." Marcus answered. "We don't know everything and won't for a bit. So I was thinking that you and the girls and Luke go stay with your Aunt and your mother in London."

He could tell that she didn't like the idea, and was being a good sport when she replied.
"Mom would love that." She told him.

Marcus kissed her. "Did I tell you how much I love you today?"

Shari grinned. "Not since this morning."

"Well then. I love you so much. Now how about you, Kate, and Sara go and pack everyones bag. Dave and Kate will fly you out tonight."


Domino stood on the street corner, as the rain came down in heavy sheets. She had been soaked for the last four hours, but she was use to it. She was looking for a good place to catch a few hours of sleep, but all the cops seemed to be patrolling the area kicking people awake, and telling them to move on. She was getting to the point that she didn't care what the police did,
as long as she got a few minutes sleep. She looked across the street and was shocked to see Ezra standing on the corner talking to one of McCormicks lankys'. She cursed and started running, she jumped over homeless people, trying to sleep wrapped in old blankets and newspaper. She stopped to catch her breath at a 'don't walk' sign. When the sign changed she was off again. People looked at her funny. Then again she looked like a drowned street rat. She didn't know where she was going, but when she turned the corner into the park where a lot of homeless people slept, she ran full force into a police officer. She fell on her butt.

The police officer and his partner looked down at her laughing. "Parks closed. No bums are allowed to sleep in the park." The officer she ran into told her.

She went to stand up and the other officer took his government issued 'cane' off his belt and knocked her feet back out from underneath her. She landed on her butt again, and her left wrist. She cursed loudly. "That was uncalled for." She told him.

"Did I tell you, you could speak?" He asked. He looked at his partner. "I hate these punks who think they own the entire place. They are mouthy and don't deserve to take up space on this planet." He stated, kicking her a couple of times in the stomach and the head. His partner joined in. A few minutes later there was a crackle over there radio and they left her laying on the ground. She crawled off the pathway and went into a patch of bushes. She fell asleep there.


"Anything?" Marcus asked looking at Dave, who had just joined him and Quinn on the street corner. They had been showing Johnsons' picture around everywhere on the not so pleasant side of town and so far they came up with nothing. Marcus seen a boy in his early twenties, he had been following them for awhile. Marcus didn't know what else to do. So he walked up to him, and showed him the picture he had. "You know where I could find her?" He asked, watching the boys' face. He now knew the boy knew Johnson.

"What she do now?" The boy asked, looking at the picture Marcus had.

"Nothing I just need to talk to her." Marcus told the boy.

The boy raised an eyebrow. "Well you are going to have to give me more then that, if you want to talk to my sister." The boy told him, crossing his arms and stared at him. "So?" He asked.

Marcus was surprised at the new tibit of information. "Look she took a shot at me once, and then saved my kids the next. I need to talk to her alright?" Marcus asked.

The boy looked at him. "Marcus O'Malley." He said tersely. He took a swing at him, but Dave reached out and stopped him. Holding him back. "Do you know how much pain you cost her?" He asked him. "She got the crap kicked out of her cause she wouldn't take the shot. There are people around here that want her head, and you and your buddies come in to her part of town and start flashing her picture around. There are no recent pictures of her for a reason, so she can't be recognize, but here you are with one. You want to do us both a favour burn the pictures and get rid of any evidence that there was a picture of her." The boy told her. He shrugged out of Daves'
grip and walked down the street. He turned after ten steps. "You wanna talk to her or not?" He asked them. They looked at him a moment, before following. The boy lead them down a couple of blocks and then stopped looking around, they were in front a park entrance. The boy turned to look down the street. "This is where she usually spends the night." He told them.

"Not anymore boy." A homeless man pushing a cart, walking by them told him. "Police came in last night and kicked everyone out. Seen your sister in there, but didn't see her leave. The officers last night weren't doing her any favours if you catch my drift kid." The man told the boy before continueing on his way.

The boy looked back at the old man before going into the park and searching the usual spots were his sister slept. His last spot was the bushes by the North side entrance. He walked over and seen her white running shoes, that were being held together by duct tape peaking out from underneath the bushes. He ran over and gently slapped her a couple of times. "Hey Kid!" He said sternly.

She drifted out of sleep and looked up dazed at her brother. "What's the law against killing police?" She asked sleepily.

"It's illegal." The boy told his sister, pulling her up and over to the nearby park bench. "Especailly when there are three cops with me, who heard you."

Domino looked up and blinked a few times. She cracked a grin. "Five cops down not such a big deal." She told him. "Why are you here?" She asked looking at her brother Dayne.

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