When I smelt it on myself, I felt good. For most of my life, I've never considered myself a beauty of any sorts. I was cursed with the simplicity of brown eyes and brown straight hair. I never looked in the mirror and smiled at the girl staring back at me because, there was nothing to smile about. Apart of me wants to believe everything he tells me. That he truly does love me for the way I am. He tells me I'm beautiful. Yet he fears to touch my body, for I am too fragile. How am I to react when he touches me, I suffer with temptation. His icy touch tortures me with pleasure. Though, I long for more contact, and I'm not an idiot, I know he wants it just as much. Maybe even more. Then why is he so afraid? If he did love me, the way I love him. Then how could I not trust that he'd be careful? It is such false hope. At least I still had my thoughts to myself, and dreams of being intimate with him, before he changes me. I just want to feel that sensation while I'm still human. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is.

"Bella?" Charlie's voice rang through the hollow hallway. I jumped slightly as his tone, as it jolted me away from my thoughts. I tore myself away from the hallway mirror.

"What is it?" I asked warily, and I was certain he picked up on my uneasiness.

"Is everything alright, Bells?" A look of concern crossed his aging face, the lines on his lips, were pulled into a deep frown. Charlie continued to think he had to walk around on eggshells, whenever I was around. I quickly threw him a smile. His face automatically brightened up.

"No. Ch—Dad. I'm fine, you just startled me…that's all." It was the truth, was it not?

"What did you get in the mail today?" Charlie asked casually. I stared at him perplexed. Then realization kicked in.

"Oh. Renée…I mean Mom. Bought me some perfume…" I tried to sound indifferent. But in all honestly I loved the perfume.

"Ah…" Charlie responded, not totally paying attention as he read the morning paper and sipped at his coffee. I pulled up a chair and sat down, pulling my knees to my chest and resting my chin. I watched Charlie finish his coffee. He caught me staring through his peripheral vision, and stopped to look at me.


"Mmm?" I pulled my mind out of the daze.

"I'm taking a night shift tonight. Larry Codwell called in sick, and I offered. Will you be okay?"

"Uh. Yeah, sure Dad." I responded absentmindedly. He frowned again.

"Bells, are you sure you're alright? Did Edward hurt you again?"

I felt my face go warm and I shot my head up to glare at him. "Dad! Lay off Edward! Please?"

"I'm sorry, Bella. You cannot expect to welcome him back with warm hugs and kisses. Not after, what he did to you. I still don't even know why you took him back."


He snickered. "'Because…?'" He mimicked me perfectly. "Seriously, Bella. What does he have, that Jacob couldn't have offered." I stared at him wide eyed and nostrils flaring, and he backed down slightly, but not much.

"Edward has my heart, and I have his. I don't have room for Jacob. He could crowd the space and I'd get clausaphobic!" I remarked sarcastically. Then a rush of pain filled my heart. Jacob. I did love him; maybe I was in love with him, in a way. My whole heart and soul, I knew for certain, belonged to Edward. Still, Jacob would always hold one special place in my heart. Jacob. Where are you? Edward had told me, he had run away. I cried for days. Edward, bless him, held me for the duration of my heartache. Finally, Charlie spoke.

"Isabelle…that was cruel." His face saddened, and guilt washed over me, quickly. I felt moisture fill my eyes.

"I know…" I whispered. "I'm sorry, Dad."

"You sound, as though you don't even miss him."

"Of Course, I do. It's just…It's just much better this way, Dad."

"How so?" He honestly looked confused.

"Just never mind. Okay?" I snapped.

He gawked at me and began to get up. "Well, Isabelle…" I cringed as he used my full name. "I hope you made the right choice." It was now my turn to gape at him.

"Any choice, which involves Edward. Is the right choice! Charlie." He glowered and stormed out of the house. I could hear his cruiser pulling away. I was beyond glad, to not have to see him until tomorrow morning. I was fuming. My hands were shaking, sometimes Charlie knew how to push all the wrong buttons. In a fit of rage, I threw his favorite coffee cup. I watched as it smashed to the ground. Now, the guilt was really spreading. I left the mess and stormed off to my bedroom. I barged through the door and dove onto my bed. Burying my face into my pillow. Whilst screaming profanities.

"Maybe I should come back later." I soft voice entered my ears. I looked up from my drooled filled pillow. To see, Edward standing with his arms across his torso, an amused expression crossed his perfect features. I sat up, embarrassed. He came over and pulled the hair from my mouth. I smiled as he then tucked my hair behind my ear.

"Bella – I…" He stopped, his nostrils flaring. A pained expression filled his face.

"What's wrong?"

"I – I have to go." He said suddenly and ran for the window. I caught his wrist in time. "Bella, Please. I must get away from you. Right now!"

"What's going on?" I questioned, in a panic.

"Please? I don't want to hurt you. I'll be back in a few hours, I promise. If you love me, you'll go have a shower!" A look of confusion crossed my face, and he softened his eyes. "Please…" I let go of his wrist, and he was gone. My mouth hung open.

"That was weird…" I said to myself. His eyes weren't even black. He was well fed. What was his problem? The only reason I didn't hyperventilate, was because he promised, he'd be back in a few hours. I tried to comprehend, what he meant 'If you love me, you'll go have a shower.' What the heck did he mean by that? Did I smell rancid or something. Was it something that vampires can't stand? I took a deep breath and headed towards a bathroom. Once in the shower, I kept hearing him say. 'If you love me, you'll go have a shower.' Over and over again. What an insane thing to say, I guess it was the only thing he could have said, so that I would let go of him. I pouted as I turned off the water and stepped out. It was freezing in the house. I searched frantically for my favorite sweats and my holy t-shirt. Alas, my memory kicked in, to the sleepover I had with Alice the night before.


"What's this?" Alice's tone was mocking.

"My jammies." I said in a childish voice. "What are you getting at Alice?"

"You sleep in the same bed, with Edward. Wearing these?" She held them up again. I nodded in reply. "I'm burning these, and buying you new pajamas. Good lord."


I then mourned the loss my favorite pajamas, and stalked over to the closet. I hadn't yet looked at what she had bought me. I was slightly afraid. I looked in my closet. Overkill. She gave me a new wardrobe. I grimaced as I noticed that she labeled everything. Pants, dress pants, formal dress, sundress etc. I looked a little more and found 'Pajamas.' Or what I thought was pajamas…they looked like the runway for Victoria Secret. I wanted to scream. Alice was so devious, sometimes. I wasn't surprised that half of my new wardrobe was blue. I hate to find out, if Edward had anything to do with this. Monstrosity. I grabbed the first sensible thing I could find. The most comfortable as well by the looks of it. It was an electric blue silk robe. I wrapped it around my small frame, and pulled the towel out of my hair. I then sprayed more of that delicious perfume on my wrists and neck. I went to the bathroom again to brush my teeth. That's when I heard something drop. I froze. Someone was in the house. Edward couldn't have made that noise. I stepped out of the bathroom, and that's when I saw him. He looked…unbelievably sexy. His eyes were smoldering, his crooked smile spread across his lips. I went weak in the knees.

"Edward?" In two strides, his stone cold lips were on mine. He was devouring my mouth. I couldn't breath; he had never gone this far. I was unsure now.

"Edward…Stop!" I pushed him away, he pinned me against the wall. His nose trailing along my neck, he began to kneel down. His nose was always touching my body, inhaling my scent. He was on his knees now, and grabbed my hand. He than began sucking and kissing my wrist. This was unusual. I tried to pull my hand away, but he would not let go.

"Edward? What is going on?" He ignored me and moved to my other wrist. His cold tongue caressed my skin. As much as I tried to fight it, I let out a moan. He looked up at me then, and stood staring deeply into my eyes. I bit my lips. His lips were trembling.

"I cannot resist you, Bella Swan."

"I can see that." I whispered, looking away. Embarrassed. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.

"I think I'm strong enough." He admitted.

"You think?" I questioned, out of breath.

He snickered. "I thought you we're going to have a shower. You smell exactly the same. I'm craving you, right now."

"You must like my new perfume." I joked.

"Ah…that must be it. It's mouthwatering." He set his lips on my neck, massaging my skin with his tongue. 'I think I'm strong enough.' Then it hit me. I knew what he wanted now. I smiled and pulled him tighter to me. A low groin escaped his lips.

"You want me, correct?" He said seriously. I bit my lip and nodded. "Are you sure you're ready?" his lips were on mine as he talked.

"Yes." I whispered into his mouth.

He Smiled. "Do you love me?"


"Do you trust me?" He was more worried with this question.


"That's all I needed to hear."

With that he swooped me up off my feet and carried me to my room. Kicking the door shut behind us.

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