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This is set during OoT

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Bring Me to Light


The Sheikah stood silently, hidden in shadow, pressed against the cold stone wall, tensed for a fight but only through habit.

There was no danger here. There was only him, the blade and the body of the fairy, Navi.

The tiny creature's light had flittered out of existence over half a decade ago and along with that light, the hope of Hyrule had disappeared.

The blade, the mighty Master Sword, stood in its pedestal still, emitting a pale blue light that banished evil, keeping the weapon safe until its rightful owner finally retrieved it.

Hero of Time.

The boy who was to wield the sword had not been seen by Hylian eyes for seven long years. Seven years which had been fraught with misery.

Murder, pilage and rape were commonplace in this new, darker Hyrule. So dim were these times that even the sun seemed malicious and biased, drying out the land and creating stifiling heat that all but melted the pale Hylians, but was perfectly comfortable to the Dark King and his hordes.

Hero of Time.

A figure of legend, the stuff of myth and fairytales and bedtime stories, a name whispered with hope and reverence, a man who bore the weight of the world…but had no freedom to save it.

Trapped in dry heat, stone and sand, bound by chains and the words of the dark lord. Far to the west, the Hero of Time resided in that cursed desert.




Hero of Time.

Hope of Hyrule.

Saviour of the world…unable to save himself.

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