Chapter 1

"Who gave you this information?" Dumbledore asked, looking worriedly over to the boy who was facing him. The normally happy face was torn, he looked defeated, his face was pale and there were traces of tears on his cheeks. Harry had just told him the most disturbing news.

«Someone, I can't tell» Harry said and started to sob. Dumbledore hated to witness of the petit body shook as he tried to fight the tears and sobs.

«Please Harry, my boy. It is obvious that something happened to you»

"No, I can't tell you"

"Harry, please, if this person is on the other side we can help him or her" Dumbledore said and walked in the front of the chair which Harry was sitting in and lowered himself so he was face to face with the sobbing boy.

"No, there is nothing you can do. Please, just take the information I have given you and work something out of it."

"There is hardly any time left, I will wake the order up and call the ministry" the old man said.

Harry nodded and slumbered in the chair. He was soon asleep after the exhausting incident. Sighing the old man walked over to the fireplace as it started to spark.

"Dumbledore, I have disturbing news." Severus Snape said as he came through the fireplace.

"Young Mr Potter, came to me with disturbing news as well, before you say anything."


"Yes, it seems like Voldemort is attacking us tomorrow" Dumbledore said with a raised eyebrow.

"How come you didn't know Severus?"

"I did know, I just came back from a DE meeting where they told us. It was just Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy that knew before the rest of us"

"Someone else must have known." Dumbledore said.

Severus nodded, he agreed with the old man.

Harry woke up early that morning. Dumbledore must have carried him to his bed last night, because Harry woke up in his bed early the next morning. Looking around he saw his dorm mates sleeping peacefully beside him.. Harry quickly dressed before he walked over to Ron and nudged him.

"Ron, wake up" he whispered.

"What is it Harry?" the redheaded mumbled, still sleeping.

"Voldemort is attacking us in a few hours" Harry said, without a trace of feelings in his voice.

"I just thought you wanted to know why Dumbledore is locking you all inside of this room."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Ron said, still sleeping. Sighing, Harry took his wand and walked out where he knew Voldemort and his death eaters were waiting, and thought why, he of all people had to be the soul mate of Lucius Malfoy.. He saw his blonde soul mate standing next to Voldemort, and his heart fell. He had thought it was all a bad dream and he would defeat Voldemort so he and Lucius could live happily ever after. Tears threatened to fall but they never did. The death eaters spread and started attacking. Harry and Voldemort started fighting. They sent Avada Kedavra after each other until Harry's finally hit him and the dark lord fell dead on the ground. He started firing at the other death eaters, trying to see if Lucius was still alive or if he was captured by aurors. He turned around and saw a blue light hitting Lucius in the chest. His and Lucius eyes met for a second before the aristocrat fell. Harry ran over to him. Not caring who saw him. Looking down at the older man he saw blood on his chest. Harry just knew it was Lucius's blood, not somebody else's.

Lucius was conscious, but barely. Harry knelt down beside him and took his death eater mask of and tears started running down his cheeks.

"Hush I am going to heal the wounds" Harry said and opened the bloodied shirt. The wound was deep and blood ran freely from it.

"There is no point love, he-he used the spell that makes the wound bleed and no healing spell will fix it." Lucius gasped out between two breaths.

"No, please." Harry still tried all the healing spells he knew, but Lucius would be dead within minutes.

"Lucius, don't leave me." Harry sobbed. "Not after I murdered the bastard as you told me to"

"Sorry love, but we will meet again you know, I love you soooo much Harry, you are my life." Lucius managed whispering. He looked up at his younger lover. He saw everything that happened; he saw the magic in the air. He had felt when the dark lord died through his dark mark. He saw the two lights in Harry's abdomen. He smiled at what it was. Harry was caring his twins. He smiled and put his hand on Harry's stomach.

"I love you Harry." He said and felt the darkness surrender him.

"I love you too" he heard before everything went black.

Harry started crying. He did not care about what he hit with all the curses he threw. All he knew was that his soul mate had died. He felt like someone had taken his heart and soul and ripped them in two, leaving half of it, but that was what had happened. Half of him was gone, and he could barely hold the pain inside him. He shot after everything that moved. He felt like it took forever until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It is over now Harry" Ron Weasley's voice said.

Harry nodded and fainted.

Harry woke up several hours later in the hospital wing at Hogwarts. He looked around and saw many wounded around him. The dark haired man looked over to the bed beside him. Neville Longbottom lay there, with a large wound over his face and a bandage over his chest. He raised himself up and jumped out of the bed. He still felt the hole in his chest when he walked out of there. He walked over to the battle field and over to the people standing there.

"You are up Harry, can you try to put your name on the people you killed, everyone else have done it." Minerva gave him a sheet and a pen.

He looked over the list. He started writing down the list. Suddenly he saw Lucius Malfoy and the name on the person that had killed him on the list. Ron Weasley. Harry caught his breath and started hyperventilating. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.

"Mr Weasley can you follow Harry to the griffindor dormitory, I think this is too much for him." Dumbledore asked with concern in his voice. Ron nodded and was about to help him.

"NO, I will not leave here, I just need a couple of minutes on my own" Harry said and walked to a corner where he cried his heart out. He heard some steps coming closer and saw Hermione looking down at him before she knelt down and put her small arms around him.

"You lost someone didn't you? Someone close to you?" She asked. He just nodded and cried more. She did not ask anymore questions, she knew he would come to her if he needed it.

That night Harry did not sleep, he did not cry, he just laid there looking down on the ring Lucius had given him months before, when they had bonded. Inside it said. Love always, Luc inside Lucius's, the same was written except for Luc it said Ary. Suddenly he heard two voices coming closer, they were whispering to each other. Like it was a secret conversation.

"What are we going to do with all the dead death eaters Dumbledore?" Fudge asked him. "The ministry doesn't have the money or time to let them have a funeral, and beside I would rather use money on the winning side than the death eaters."

Dumbledore nodded gravely. "Yes, I see, but can't the death eaters family pay for their funeral?"

"No, we'll do as I said and bury them in the same big grave."

"That makes us as horrible as Voldemort was. It was not everyone in one family that followed the dark lord, and they might want to say goodbye in a proper way."

"My word is final." Fudge said and walked away. Dumbledore sighed and walked away.

Harry was furious. How dared the imbecile Fudge even consider burying his Lucius in the same grave as everyone else? He ran up to the owlery and found a school owl. He took out a paper in the paper bin and wrote a quick note to Draco Malfoy what they were doing to his father. He signed the letter; Ary.

The same day Draco Malfoy came walking to Dumbledore's office.

"What is this I am hearing about burying my father in a mass grave? That will never happen to a Malfoy, no matter what he has done." Malfoy said with an icy voice.

"How did you know this, Mr Malfoy? Only I and the minister knew this." Dumbledore asked.

"I got a note about an hour ago, saying what will happen to the DE's." Draco putted the note on the headmaster's desk.

"Who is Ary?" Dumbledore asked.

"No idea" Malfoy said.

Nodding Dumbledore tried a spell to show who it was, the answer was Ary Malfoy.

"Who is Ary Malfoy?" but one glance at Draco's confused face he nodded understanding.

"You don't know?"


"Very well, I will give you your father's body, to do what you please with it. He is with the others; I suggest that you transfigure a rock or something to make it look like your father"

"Thank you, headmaster" Draco said before he walked out. He had also gotten a letter from the lawyer about his father will. He was going to a meeting later that day. Outside the office he bumped into Harry.

"Watch, where you are going Potter" He spat before he walked away and not letting Harry saying anything.

Harry just looked after him. Earlier on the day he had gotten a letter from Lucius's lawyer, telling him to meet at his office. He watched the blonde walking around a corner and decided he wanted to tell Draco before he heard it from the lawyer.

Draco walked into the room where all the corpses of the DE laid. Everyone was just thrown in big pile. Frowning he started looking for his father. He started to move the corpses and under two other bodies he could glimpse the blonde aristocratic hair. Draco suppressed his anger and managed to get him out of the pile and levitated him to another room. He was lucky he didn't come across anyone else while he walked. Lowering the body down on a bed in the room he started to look over his father and what he saw raised a question to him.

His father actually looked happy. He had never had that peaceful look when he was alive. Draco felt his tears running down his cheeks and brushed them away with the back of his hands.

«A Malfoy doesn't cry, right father?» He asked the body, but there was no answer. He looked over the body once more before he saw the glittering gold on his finger. He took it off the cold finger and looked at the ring. It was extremely rare gold, and specially made. On it was a lion and a snake. He looked inside it saw what was standing there.

Love always, Ary

Was it the same Ary who had sent him the letter? He thought. He put the ring on his own finger and walked outside the room to take a breath.

«Can I talk to you Malfoy?» Harry came out of the shadows.

«Why? So you can tell me about how wrong my father was doing what he did, no thank you»

«No, please, it is important» Harry said and was about to cry again. Draco gave him a weird look but agreed.

They walked in silence to the room of requirement. Harry wanted a place where they could talk in silence. Inside the room there was a sofa and a table with red wine and champagne and a lot of other different alcoholic liquids.

«Why did you choose this?» Draco asked.

«I have something to tell you, and I need a drink or two» Harry said before he sat down.

«ok? So tell me» Draco said and took a glass and poured some red wine into it.

Harry saw the ring on Draco's finger. He took of his own and put it in front of Draco. First Draco didn't recognise the ring and raised an eyebrow to Harry.

«Look at it» Harry said. Draco took it into his hand and saw what was written inside of it. His eyes widened and he took Lucius ring of.

«You are Ary?» Draco whispered.

«Yes, we were soul mate's, he was my everything, I sent you that note because I can't stand the thought about Lucius's being buried in a mass grave» Harry started crying again, before he took a bottle with something strong and started drinking from it. «I miss him» Harry mumbled for himself, being less than 48 hours since they had slept together for the last time.

«You and my dad?» Draco said more to himself than Harry. He looked over to the other boy and saw how he gulped the liquid down.

«Relax Potter, you don't want to kill yourself do you?» Draco said and took the bottle away from a now a very drunk Harry.

«Yes, I want to die, I don't want to live anymore, what is the point of living when half of you are gone? » He buried his face into Draco's chest. «By the way, I am a Malfoy now»

«Hush, time will make it better» Draco rocked the sobbing boy until both of them fell asleep. Draco had heard the last sentence, but decided to ask him later.

In the griffindore common room Hermione and Ron was speaking.

«He said he lost someone?» Ron asked.

«Yes, I can't see who it could have been. We lost many, but I can't see any of them with Harry» Hermione said.

«Could it be Tonks? She was always overly friendly with Harry?» Hermione raised an eyebrow at this.

«No, she liked her men who were her age, I think Harry was a bit young for her»

«Who can it be then?»

«A boy?»

«Oh no, I can't think that of Harry, he would never do that.» Ron said almost angrily.

«You are such a phobic» Hermione said furious and walked to her dormitory. She had an idea that the person Harry had lost was a boy, but no idea who.