Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Lucius was shocked.

"Of course, let me call for a doctor. Try to stay awake" Lucius said and waved his cane around his head to call after the doctor.

Draco nodded and almost fell back into slumber. Lucius saw how much his son struggled to keep himself awake and it pained him.

"Speak to me Draco" Lucius said and took his son's hand again.

"I don't want it to die Father" Draco whispered. "But I am so afraid of death. Does it make me a horrible person?"

"No, no. Of course not" Lucius said and stroked the hair away from Draco's face. "It is still just a cell."

Draco gave a weak nod.

"I know I will regret this."

"Don't be to sure on that" Lucius gave a sigh of relief when dr Harvar rushed into the room.

"What is the matter here?" he asked Lucius and he gave a smile to Draco when he saw the blonde man was awake.

"You are awake I see, what can I do to help you?" he asked him.

"I want the baby gone." Draco whispered as more tears ran down.

"It is a wise choice Mr Malfoy" Dr Harvar said with a smile. "You have just saved your own life"

Draco nodded and Lucius held his hand as his eyes turned in his sockets and he fell back into the coma.

"I will call the staff and we will send him to the operation table within an hour, before he change his mind" the doctor said to Lucius and left the room. Lucius sat alone and looked at his son. The blonde man mourned the loss of his unborn grandchild.

Harry and his two daughters sat in the waiting room at St. Mungos. Everywhere the staff ran back and forth. The workers at the hospital surely had a hard work. Lucy and Faith sat and whispered to each other. Harry guessed it was something confidential between the two girls and did not want to ask. He was not interested either. Draco was on the operation table at that moment. Lucius had called him and told him what Draco wanted. Harry felt relieved that the blonde young man would survive, but he was not sure what to feel towards the baby that was taken away. Harry thought of his own child that was growing inside of him. He couldn't decide if he wanted to be happy or to be sad. His and Lucius's life would never be easy. His older husband would be looked down on for the rest of his life. Even if the ministry had cleared him off all charges, everyone knew he had once been a death eater. Harry on the other hand, was worshipped. People ran up to him everyday, asking him for his autograph or just to talk. Luckily his two girls had gone back to Hogwarts and did not notice how the world outside was.

Harry had not spoken with Ron and Hermione either. The incident the day he picked them up was still too fresh for him to take the initiative to talk with them. The pregnant man knew Lucy and Robin was the best of friends, but he had no idea how Robin's parents were. Harry wanted the three of them to speak with each other again and be friends, but somehow he knew that would never happen.

"Dad, is it all right if I and Lucy go and buy ourselves something to eat?" Faith asked him and took him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah, but I will accompany you." Harry said tiredly and gave them a small smile. He had nothing else to do. Lucius was with Draco under the surgery. The dark haired man had no idea how an abortion went in the wizarding world, but he could not understand how Draco could be awake during it all.

Harry walked behind the two girls and watched them whisper to each other. Faith giggled of something Lucy said and he had to smile of them.