What Goes Good with S'Mores?

D M Evans

Disclaimer - not mine. Mr Whedon et al owns all

Rating - FRT

Time Line – Sometime in the 1970's

Pairing - Spike/Dru

Prompt/Claim – Insane; Spike/Dru

Summary - Spike goes along with another of Drusillas crazy ideas.

Authors Note - written for the ficvariation's August challenge. Thanks to evillittledog for the beta.

She was bleeding crazy, but he'd always know that about his dark rose. He just couldn't tell Dru no, no matter how insane her requests might become. Sometimes he wondered where Dru came up with her barmy ideas, like this latest one. Spike had just rolled his eyes when she suggested stalking a Girl Scout camp. Like he wanted to go tromping around in the woods.

Dru was a city girl. He didn't know where she even came up with the idea to go blundering around in the bushes. Where had she even heard about camp? Spike had stood, stunned motionless, when he first saw her 'going to camp' outfit. He had never seen her in jeans and sneakers before, not to mention a T-shirt. Who had she killed to get that outfit? Spike couldn't tell if he was turned on or repulsed by Drusilla in casual clothes.

Either way, Spike wanted nothing to do with going into the woods. He grumbled, Dru put him in his place and here he was, walking around with brambles poking his ass. Drusilla made him carry a torch but he wasn't really sure why. Maybe for atmosphere since vampires had excellent night vision? The pale yellow beam barely did a damn thing to help pick out the path. Drusilla had laughed loudly when he fell over a root. What kind of moron sent young girls out to a place like this?

"This way, Spike," Drusilla said softly, crouching down at the edge of the woods. Before them sprawled a clearing ringed with cabins.

The smells of fire and S'Mores and mosquito repellant tickled Spike's nose but the sight of all that veal around the campfire telling ghost stories made him grin. He hadn't even really been thinking about why Dru would want to come out here but now he got it: lots of young girls and very little in the way of chaperones. Oh, this could really be fun. "Supper time, Pet."

"No pretending," she replied and he nodded. Often they'd pretend to be just another couple on the street to get close to dinner but that ploy wouldn't work here. Spike just wished he had been able to wear his black coat but he had left it in the car. He didn't want to snag it on a tree branch. Still, it would have been priceless to wait until just the right time in the ghost-story-telling to leap out like a Hollywood vampire swirling the edges of the coat like Bela Lugosi and his cape.

Even without that, they did wait until the girls were squealing from the spooky ending of the current story before rushing out of the woods. The camp counselors had no idea what was happening. Girls shrieked and ran everywhere. One spunky counselor tried to knock Spike into the fire. He felt the heat of it nearly setting his ass on fire before he snapped her neck. He scooped up the nearest Scout, drinking her dry. Was there anything better than fresh, young food? Spike hunted through the cabins, finding little lambs all over until he felt bloated and happy.

"Some of them escaped into the woods." Dru pouted as he staggered back out to the fire ring.

He waved a hand at the tree line. "Let 'em go. We've had enough and now, dessert." Spike fished up a dropped, cooled S'More.

Drusilla ate it daintily. "Mmm, blood and chocolate, perfect."

"My thoughts exactly." He kissed the chocolate from her lips. No matter how crazy, Spike couldn't imagine not indulging Drusilla's ideas. They usually ended so well.