Eternal Dawn

Eternal Dawn

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Chapter 1

Drifting Away

Bella's P.O.V.

The wedding was only three weeks away and I was more nervous than ever. Not only because the wedding was so close but after the wedding Edward would finally turn me into a vampire, and we would be together forever. I knew deep down that I made the right decision. My feelings for Jacob still hadn't change. I still loved him with all my heart. But I loved Edward even more. Jacob was my perfect soulmate. In a normal world, where vampires and werewolves were just fantasies and stories, we would have been happy. But he was overthrown by something more powerful, from a magical world.

Charlie told me that he spoke with Billy. Jacob left town, he had to get away, and I didn't blame him. I did send him an invitation so that he could have the choice to come or not, I couldn't force him to go, I knew that it would hurt him too much.

Telling Charlie about the wedding wasn't as worse like I expected to be he was taken aback and tried to oppose but in the end he said that if I wanted to ruin my life it would be my choice. Renee on the other hand; was a different story. Edward insisted that it would have been best if we would go and see her in person. She started freaking out and telling me that I would end up like her, stuck in a town I hated, with a child in my arms. After one week of arguing and fighting she finally accepted that if that was what made me happy, she would be happy too.

I finished my shower and I was finally able to dress into the Victoria Secret's silk pj's that I was able to bring from Florida. I combed my hair and went into my bedroom. As always Edward was staying over, just that tonight Charlie wasn't home. He was out with Carlisle and Esme. They were talking about the wedding.

"I haven't seen those, are they new?" Edward asked pointing to the pajamas.

"Yes and no. I brought them from Jacksonville but I had them for a long time."

I went to sit next to him. He took my waist and shifted so that I was lying on top of him. Once again he took my face between his hands and kissed me. This wasn't the usual way that he kissed me. This kiss was so intense and so passionate that for a moment my mind went blank. He moved his hands from my face into my hair, down my back, sliding his fingers up and down my spine under my shirt. I shivered, from his cold finger tips, and from delight.

I knew I promised my self that I would only do it after my marriage but my will turned into thousands of pieces, when he turned around and ended on top of me. I could none of his weight, but I did slightly felt his stone body against mine. I had no will to say no so I started to unbutton his shirt. I took his shirt off and started moving my hands against his chest and back while he unbuttoned my shirt. He kissed my cheek and started moving down, through neck and shoulder. I turned my head and drifted away.

Edward's P.O.V.

Bella was lying on the bed beside me, with a blanket around her. How could I have been so weak? How could I have let myself do this, when I was determined not to? I couldn't control myself anymore. Everything was too much. I wanted her. Her and no one else. I never imagined it could be so wonderful. I looked at my love and kissed her forehead, she was soundly asleep.

"I love you Edward, and I want to be with you for eternity." she murmured.

"I love you too!" I said back to her.

I started singing her lullaby. I looked at her and started thinking about the day she would be my wife.

Alice's P.O.V

I was lying in Jasper's arms when suddenly I had a vision of Bella and Edward. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. I was really glad that Jasper couldn't read minds. That didn't mean he didn't feel that my realizing emotions suddenly changed.

"Alice, darling, what's wrong? What did you see?" He asked.

"Nothing important" I said smiling up on him, "Just a vision of Edward and Bella."

"Hm" He eyed me suspiciously but eventually let it go and began kissing me.

My thoughts were still at the vision but a part of them on the wedding. This has to be perfect the wedding of the year. I thought. It was not like I was going to go overboard with anything. Well, maybe just the decorations.