A Kiss to Remember

Summary: Fuji collapses one day and wakes up five years later to a world where no one remembers that he ever existed.

Warnings: Shounen-ai, swearing

Pairings: Ryoma x Fuji, Tezuka x Fuji

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not mine.

Kagerou is back with another story! This time, the story actually has popular pairings! o: This is another story that, like 'To Return' or 'Painless' has a sci-fi/fantasy concept, but is not the main subject of the story. I apologize beforehand about the lack of Ryoma in this chapter, but don't worry, he'll come up (a lot) in the later chapters. Next story to look for from Kagerou: 'Mirror Mirror', a TezuFuji fic (maybe other pairings). I know the plot in my head, but I haven't started writing it yet. For now, just enjoy this story!

Again, beforehand (since I already told you that this chapter lacks Ryoma severely), I've never really written Ryoma as a main character in any of my stories before, so he might be a bit OOC. I apologize for that (and probably will again in the next chapter when he really comes)! xD;; Please read, review, and enjoy! Oh yeah, and I finally thought of some snazzy chapter names, after a couple of stories of not thinking of any! And this chapter is really short. So please bear with my until the next chapter when it gets longer. This is sort of like a prologue-thing.

Chapter 1: A Day to Remember:

Fuji's first thought was that the sound of raindrops on the windows was very distracting. He was trying to take a test here (well, not really trying, since he was Fuji Syusuke); didn't Mother Nature have any concern for him at all? He sighed. He wasn't normally this impatient. Today, something just wasn't right.

He had woken up to rain splattering against the roof, windows, and everything solid. The sky had been very dark and stormy, and he was grateful that his sister had offered to give him a ride to school that day, since tennis practice was obviously going to be cancelled. When Fuji had arrived at school, he had run inside the building as fast as he could. Of course it wasn't true, but it seemed like it was only raining around where he was.

When he got in the school, he was panting and catching his breath. He had suddenly felt nauseous and didn't want to be at school. But he knew he had an important test that day and didn't want to miss it. People around him kept asking him whether or not he was okay, and he told them he was fine, though he wasn't inside. But that was all inside, and at the moment, it didn't matter to Fuji.

Fuji rocked in his chair slightly and immediately sat up straight again. Something poked him in the back softly, and Fuji reached behind him to grab the note Kikumaru was passing to him. He slowly unfolded it and read it. Are you feeling okay?

Fuji scribbled down an answer. I'm fine, don't worry about it. He could almost see Kikumaru shrug and go back to his work as he always did. But little did Fuji know, the boy still kept a close eye on him.

As Fuji walked out of the classroom, someone approached him. As the person got closer, Fuji could see that it was Tezuka, the captain of the tennis team. Fuji felt his heart start to beat faster. It always happened when the older boy (1) was around him. Fuji feeling sick already wasn't exactly helping with the Tezuka situation. "Fuji, what's wrong with you today?" Tezuka asked.

Fuji chuckled falsely, though to a person that didn't know Fuji as well as Tezuka did, it did not sound false. "I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me." But Tezuka knew Fuji too well. Of course he could see through that.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Fuji inwardly cursed. Kikumaru. He sighed. "I already told you, there's nothing wrong." What was the point in trying? Tezuka already knew. Something, though, something inside Fuji told him not to look weak in front of Tezuka.

"If you're not feeling well, you should go home. You've already finished that test that you wanted to come for, anyway. Honestly, Fuji, I haven't seen you like this for a while."

Fuji smiled. "There's nothing wrong with me." Don't look weak.

Tezuka then turned to him fully and looked him in the eye. "Fuji, I'm not going to take no for an answer. We might as well just stand here until you tell me the truth."

Fuji chuckled again, though this time slightly more weakly. Normal people wouldn't notice, but normal people weren't Tezuka Kunimitsu and Fuji Syusuke. "I guess I can't hide it anymore, then." He opened his eyes and looked at Tezuka for a split second, and then he looked at the ground. "I haven't been feeling well all day. I don't know what's wrong." Well, so much for not looking weak.

"Well, if it's that, then you should just go home."

Fuji kept looking at the ground. "I don't want to miss school or tennis practice," he said quietly.

Tezuka took a quick glance out the window. "It's pouring outside. There is no practice today." He looked at Fuji again, and a look of true concern flashed across his face for a moment. But Fuji was looking down, so he didn't see it. Tezuka sighed. "I'll accompany you, if you would like."

Fuji looked up immediately. "Are you sure? I don't—"

"I have an umbrella. We can share," Tezuka offered. "It's for your safety. I should probably take you home."

Fuji looked down again. "I'm sorry to trouble you." But this time, he managed a slight smile. Perhaps being weak had it's upsides, too.

Fuji looked around the streets and at his surroundings. Despite the heavy atmosphere and the rain pouring down around them, he said, "Isn't it a nice day?"

Tezuka made no comment. After a moment of silence, he said, "No matter how much you try, Fuji, the mood will not lighten up."

Fuji sighed. "Tezuka, you're so pessimistic."

Again, Tezuka made no comment. The rain continued to pour around them, and the only sound was it hitting the umbrella steadily. Fuji only just noticed how cold it was and he shivered. Tezuka subconsciously wrapped an arm around the smaller boy, and made him blush a pale pink around the cheeks. But that wasn't the only reason Fuji's was flushed.

He began to cough. A little bit a first, but then it turned more violent to the point where Fuji couldn't continue walking. "Fuji!" Tezuka said. He turned to the brunette and rubbed his back. "Fuji, are you alright?"

Fuji nodded between coughs. "I'm…fine…" he said, holding his stomach, still coughing violently.

"You're not…" Tezuka began, but then Fuji stopped coughing suddenly and passed out in Tezuka's arms.

Omigosh! What will happen next?! xD;;

(1): Well, I personally think Tezuka is older than Fuji. I have been thinking it for many reasons, fandom reasons as well as logical reasons. Everyone seems to think that Fuji is older than (virtually) everyone in the series. Well, the Japanese school year starts in April. So their cut-off date must be somewhere in...uh...April or May (at our school, it's October first, and our school starts in late August)? So being born in February, in Japan, must be like being born in...say...July or August for the US? That means that actually, a lot of characters in the series are older than Fuji. In my opinion. Yes, I know he was born on the leap year. But if the series takes place in the 2007/2008 school year, then it would be impossible for Fuji to be born on a leap year and still in 9th grade. So I just sort of ignored that.

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