Uyoku Myou

(Wings of Life/Destiny)

Before I forget... This story is based on Naruto, all copywrites and trademarks still belong to their proper owners and I make no claim, implied or otherwise, to owning any piece of it. Only characters, likness, and some plot direction has been borrowed from the original owners. This is for entertainment purposes only and not for any profit what so ever. A big thanks goes out to Kishimoto for creating such interesting characters.


This will be the area where any important things will be kept. (BIG NOTE: all ANs are not spell checked, so don't complain if it seems informal)

Periodically I will be posting some things on this page as to progress and if I won't be making a release in case I'm out of town and such. I will be using this venue to keep the AN short as to not waste your time from getting to the story in the coming chapters. If I refer to read the notes, know that this is what I'm talking about.

Next on the agenda... Feel free to let me know if this story fits how you'd like to see things done, I can always go back and add stuff if you think I left too many things out as well. Chapter 1 is just a refresher and made to get you up to speed on what I changed and is a double length feature.

For all of you wondering, I will keep the story together as one, it will just be easier to keep my stories clean and you all won't have to re alert each part when they come out.

Now for those just coming by because you only want part two action, go straight to Chapter 17, there is a summary that sums up the major events in part one. Hope you all enjoy...

Now at the begining of Part 3 there is yet another summary that sums up the first two parts as best as I could. If for some reason you don't want to read the first parts, go ahead and skip them.

So I don't get any questions about it, The Pure Citrus Scene is only in Chapter 8 of Part three!

My Writing formatting:

"Speech, heard by everyone"

'Thoughts, not heard by everyone'

"Speech of something large - ie Kyuubi or Gamabunta"

'Thoughts of same beings, no one can hear'

"Speech of a special being, can only be heard by one or very few"

'Thoughts of same type of being, can't be heard'

Writing that is being read

Greeting loyal readers and fans.

I will be following pretty close to the original story line (until part 2), so if something is left out, feel free to imagine what happened in the original. I do this only because I don't like a wide focus in my stories. There are stories that try to tell you all of the happenings with every person in the Naruto World leaving some mediocre content. I feel I can make a better story if it is focused around just a small handful of people, but trust me, I will keep all the other characters in the story at some point (similar to how the manga puts Naruto on missions with the other teams)

Another note, if you aren't into part 1 stories, don't fret, because I will make a few refresher paragraphs when I post part two. In other words, you can come back for just part two and you wont miss much.

I hope all of my readers will return for this one, and like always you'll see some good interaction between our favorite knuckle head and shy heiress. I have had many people ask why I put her with him. Simple answer… I like shy girls (well, I guess I like almost all girls), that and it could happen.

Before I forget, this will take a more action oriented progress involving many fighting scenes over the course of the segments, and of course plenty of fluff.

Here is a break down of what is planned:

Part one: Entrance– 100 percent complete approx 80,000 words 16 Chapters total - this is locked

Covers content just like part one of the manga – rated T with little romantic activities going on due to people being 12-13. Introductions to new and interesting powers in the Naruto Universe (I'm sure the idea I had was also done by someone else, but who cares, mine is definitely different, I hope)

Summary: Naruto has a different childhood; he is raised and taught by his aunt who still holds his ancestry secret. Naruto still ends up hated by the village when he is forced to return when his non ninja aunt is taken away from him by bandits, permanently. What difference will having just a taste of parental love affect him, and what is this second, unusual power, that has joined the Kyuubi within him. The fight between light and dark rages on!

Part Two: Discovery– 100 percent complete guessing to get to about 100,000 words but might be more like 80,000 (Ended up being 62,000)

Covers from about age 16 and 17 still rated T, so no Lemons, but plenty of romancing and ninja battles, and maybe some romantic battles.

Summary: Naruto learns some truths of what he holds within and has to survive when his personality is split between two bodies, thanks to the Kyuubi. Two Narutos, only one ninja, how will it affect the world and his growth?

Part Three: Revelations– 100 percent complete. Total word count is over 200,000 - larger than most books in the Harry Potter series

Covers age 18 and on. Rated M so everything goes, you know what I'm capable of.

Summary: Hinata gains an unusual power, propelling her into an extreme force to be reckoned with and more heavy romance ensues as she continues to aide her love in fulfilling all their dreams.

Hope you all enjoy the story...Later