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"I summoned her to the inside of a toad, she'll be trapped there until we are finished here and she wont be able to escape if she happens to wake, now lets go and take care of Pein." They both stood up and looked directly at the Akatsuki leader. "Enough stalling, bring out your other bodies and let's get this thing going!"

Uyoku Myou

(Wings of Life/Destiny)

Part Three: Revelations Chapter 10

Naruto was about to ready himself for battle when he reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a small pouch and held it out to Hinata.

"Here, take it, you'll need the chakra." Hinata quickly took the pouch and opened it revealing a single chakra pill. She looked at it for a moment and then looked back to Naruto. "Go ahead, I have more than enough chakra remaining." Hinata took his advice and took the pill, instantly feeling rejuvenated and ready for battle.

"Now that that is over…" Pein started when a thin looking ninja made for a grab for Hinata. She saw it coming easily with her Byakugan, and jumped to the side as Naruto landed a powerful punch to the side of his head, sending him skidding across the ground.

"Not good enough, you'll need more than that to take us on."

"Done." Naruto and Hinata watched as the other forms of Pein arrived and surrounded the pair. "I am curious about what the toad hermit taught you, so I won't kill you immediately." Naruto was going to say something in return but didn't have the time as a large chameleon like creature was summoned to the field.

"Kuchiyose: Gama buraza-zu (Toad Brothers)" Both Gamakichi and Gamatatsu appeared before the chameleon and decided against the usual greetings and stared down the other summon. "Tell me Pein, do you train with your summons?" Naruto questioned while Pein remained emotionless as he looked over the new challenge.

"Why bother, they don't react to training like ninja do, they either have power or don't." Naruto smirked as the chameleon ran towards them before disappearing with the use of its natural camouflage.

"You have some things to still learn then." At that moment Gamakichi made a grab into the air, catching the cloaked tongue from the chameleon in his hand. The large toad made a painful shout before yanking hard on the tongue with one hand and unsheathing his sword with the other. Almost instantly the chameleon was visible, lying on the ground with a sword sticking from its body.

"Damn, it had acid on its tongue!" Gamakichi shouted as he shook his hand in the air.

"Come on Pein, you have to have more than that." Naruto goaded while Hinata healed the toad's hand quickly.

"Oh, there is more." Naruto's eyes widened when all at once the other versions of Pein fell to the ground as his summons disappeared, leaving only the real Pein, which Jiraiya knew as a child, standing before him. Naruto was expecting something unexpected, but this was too strange to figure out. "What is the meaning of this!?" Pein shouted, but only silence fell across the land. The Akatsuki leader started gritting his teeth in anger and leaped forward with his eyes laced with hate joining the Rin'Negan. Naruto moved to avoid the punch which he could easily see, but the movement didn't respond as fast as it should and Naruto caught a weakened punch to his throat. He choked for air as Pein jumped back from Hinata's furious strikes to keep him away while she tended to his care.

"Naruto-kun, was he that fast?" She asked after healing his injury.

"Much more I'd say." Before Hinata could reply, she felt herself being thrown through the air as she saw a kodachi being embedded into her husband's shoulder, just missing the point where her heart was positioned a moment ago.

"Naruto-kun!" The moment Hinata hit the ground, she was tearing off back to his side to protect his life. He was almost helpless at the speed Pein was moving and pummeling him. In a normal fight this wouldn't be the outcome, but something weird was going on with the leader. When Hinata finally a got back to him, she could see Pein unrelenting in his attacks, but they almost appeared like that of a child as he kept unintelligently pounding away on him. Without skipping a beat, Hinata kicked him off of Naruto and looked him over. She could tell his injuries were extreme and didn't know how to deal with them. That much power in one person was difficult, but in a child like tantrum, it was too unpredictable.

"Hinata…" She moved closer to his weakened voice as he tried to smile through his bloody face. "The rings." She immediately remembered them and quickly looked at her hand and tried to pull it off in hopes of finding the ability to win, but it was stuck and wouldn't budge. She soon felt an abnormally chilled and bloodied hand surround her small fingers and without effort he pulled the ring from her hand. His hand fell to the ground and let the small black piece of metal roll onto the dirt. Her eyes fell towards the ring and saw that Naruto's white one was already there. She screamed in horror as she realized that his finger was still attached to the ring, but not his hand.

"I didn't get stronger. Did you?" She then realized that Naruto did that to himself to try and free the blocked strength, but to no avail.

"I don't feel anything different." She muttered with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, I thought so… do you still have that kunai?" Hinata nodded and pulled out the small weapon and held it out to him. With the tears blurring her vision, Hinata didn't see Pein coming for them. With ease, he snatched the kunai and jammed it deep into Narutos stomach and twisted it for added effect.

"Nooo!" Hinata thrusted a quick Jyuken blast at Pein, but was easily dodged by his expert reflexes.

"He took my friends away, so I take him away." His reasoning seemed like that of a child, once again this wasn't the same person he was before, but Hinata didn't care as she saw the blood flowing from Naruto's stomach. She looked to his face and saw a faint smile and she knew it was the end for him. They both shared a single look and knew exactly what was on the mind of the other; their bond was unbreakable as they both mouthed the exact same words. "I love you."

Naruto soon after became eerily still. Using her Byakugan, she saw the very last beat of his heart, and then there was nothing. Hinata's screams could be heard for miles as she fell to her knees next to Naruto, but knew it was not safe to morn right now. She looked back at Pein with pure hatred in her once pure face.

"You! You will not live!" Hinata felt something like nothing she has ever felt, she truly wanted someone dead this time. She knew at that moment that she wouldn't have a problem killing to protect the ones she loved or to avenge them. She moved with such speeds that it felt like she was actually flying as she raced straight for Pein. Everything seemed like a blur as she felt her vision being blinded by a raging while light until everything became clear again after a dull thumping sound. She looked down and saw Pein was cut in half at the waist, but she felt nothing for him before looking to her hands, bloodied by Pein's blood and saw the instrument of the man's demise, a black and white Scythe. The top half of the weapon, the end with the blade, was black while the bottom half was white and had a less curved blade. She looked at the weapon with curiosity, but had something more important to do. She went to run to Naruto's side but suddenly she was disarmed and the weapon struck the ground near Naruto's body.

"Not bad, I was trying to wake up the Kyuubi, but instead I get what is inside you. I must say it was quite the development." Hinata looked to the strangely dressed man and immediately recognized him.


"Not anymore…" He reached up and pulled off the mask, revealing the dark, wild hair and unmistakable eyes of an Uchiha. "Call me Madara… Uchiha Madara." Hinata was shocked as she looked into the man's eyes, this was clearly not the same Tobi they met a while back.

"What did you do?" Hinata demanded.

"Simple, you find an easily influenced child with the Rin'Negan and manipulate him to your needs. I just removed the jutsu I used which turned him back into a sad little boy. A shame really, the Rin'Negan was quite powerful in the right hands."

"So how are you still alive? You fought the First Hokage."

"Right, let's just say we didn't invite Orochimaru into our group for his good looks. I worked on a special jutsu myself and was able to keep from aging past 70, but it was still not enough. Then Orochimaru came along and well I guess you can say I perfected his jutsu to make me young again. So now I'm guessing the Kyuubi is gone, but I believe whatever you have inside you can take his place in my plan."

"What plan?" Madara just smirked and pointed towards the ground where all the other jinchuriki were bound by straps of earth, unconscious.

"Don't worry, I didn't forget about that dragon either. I suppose you are the last ingredient before the world is rebuilt by my hand. Pein thought he was a God, but I will become a real god."

"You are going to destroy the planet?" Hinata asked in sheer surprise.

"Only to have it reborn again. I helped bring life to the desert where Konoha now sits, so why not the whole world? It will all be mine, but perhaps I can keep one such as you alive to help repopulate it."

"Not happening!" She shouted in anger.

"Maybe not now, but what about after a year? I think you'd be much more willing then." In an instant Hinata felt she was trapped and started looking around. The world was darkened and held a reddish tinge to it when the face of Madara appeared in front of her.

"Welcome, this is what the new world will look like. This is the world of Tsukuyomi. Itachi developed his after achieving the last level of the Sharingan, but where he can only trap you for what seems like a day in here for every second on the outside, I can make it seem like a year. I think I should start you out with a full week of watching your demon die over and over in so many excruciating ways, then the fun will begin as I show you how to become my personal slave."

Hinata struggled against the chain holding her still as she watched Naruto appear. Almost as soon as he arrived, she saw a huge mace heading for his head in what would be a very violent and blunt beheading. She tried to close her eyes so she didn't see it, but they refused to move. Just as the spiked ball was going to make contact, Naruto's hand caught the spiked end.

"I have died before, more than once, and I also promised your safety Hinata. I do not back down from my promises nor do I give up, even in death. You taught me that!" Hinata watched as his fingers tightened around the mace until it was reduced to powder with a loud crunch. Naruto walked up to Hinata and easily pulled the chains off of her body as the dark world started to fade away. Immediately she clung to his neck and sobbed on his shoulder.

"Is it really you?" She asked as she felt his arms caress her and slowly easy over her butt.

"It is me Hinata, just look at my eyes and see." Hinata smiled and pulled back and stared into his eyes, but there was not a bit of blue, just the Sharingan. Naruto's form faded back into Madara as he moved his grip to a firm hold on her small arms.

"You see, it is just that easy. You may think it is him, but it will always be me." Hinata's lips started to quiver with the tears in her eyes, she had no idea how to escape and she was sure this was going to effectively kill her in the end. "Now what else should I… aack." Hinata's eyes widened in horror while she looked at her body, which was now covered in blood from the injury. She looked back up and saw the point of a kunai sticking out of the Uchiha's neck from being forcefully stabbed from behind.

"He left out something… I promised that anyone I loved and cared for would never have to face the pain of losing a loved one. You are my most loved one and I will be there for you. Let's end this." Hinata watched as the world faded away once more but this time it was back in the battlefield. She looked over to Naruto and saw a large black pool of raging smoke hazing over Naruto's body. What she saw next chilled her very soul; Naruto stepped out from the darkened haze holding two black and white weapons, looking much different than before. One weapon was the one Hinata had found in her hands and the second had the same slightly curved, bladed end on each side.

"Don't be afraid my love, I am still alive, that kunai was actually the key that I disguised, the gate is now open. Hmm, these weapons I have seen before in one of my dreams, although they aren't quite how they should be."

"Naruto-kun, you look different." Hinata kept looking him over until she saw his eyes, they were almost completely black aside from a few wisps of blue.

"I feel different; now let's take care of this bastard Uchiha." Naruto set the weapons by Hinata and took off towards Madara. Naruto locked eyes with the Uchiha and could see the evil lurking behind the emotionless gaze. Instantly they found themselves in a place familiar to Naruto and he knew exactly where he was.

"How did we get here?" Madara demanded. "No one brings my consciousness anywhere without my permission."

"I do." Sounded a great voice, causing the ground to shake.

"Ah the demon, back to life I see… I have controlled you once, what fear do I have of you now?" Madara confidently stepped towards the sealed cage door and placed his hands on the bars. "Here foxy, foxy, foxy." He called out in a childish manner. Madara continued looking into the shadows of the cage until he saw a man standing nearly seven feet tall emerging. Suddenly the cage door clicked and swung open.

"You had no idea what you were messing with when you woke me! I was the one who created the ninja world with bestowing the first Rin'Negan upon my subordinate known as the 'sage of six ways' after protecting the Earth with my life. You have no idea the power needed to become anything like God. By just destroying the people and rebuilding the land will not make you god, God created the Earth itself and with it the protectors to keep an eye on his most valuable creation, humans. I am not the Kyuubi anymore, my name is Shikyo, I am death!" Madara found his consciousness back in his body as he looked to the couple now standing by each other once again.

"Hinata, this is it. This is your last task. I am already part of you and my lover is part of Naruto. This was how you two were meant to be together. I now know that I was sent here not as punishment for my forbidden relationship, but as a way to let me be together with him until our lives end. I always wanted to know why I was different and wanted a human like relationship, but now I know that was his plan all along, he saw it coming long before and set up a plan. Now I have to warn you, once you achieve the last level, I won't be able to speak to you again you both will be free from any burden, but our power will remain to watch over you both while our consciousness returns to where we belong."

"I understand Enzeru, goodbye."

"Goodbye young one." Naruto picked up the two weapons and held them by the white ends and held the black ends towards Hinata.

"Take the black pieces and put them together." Hinata did as Naruto instructed and pulled the weapons apart at the half and put her two pieces together. "As you know, in every person there is a good and bad, light and dark basically. The rings didn't limit our chakra, it took all of one half and stored it away to embody these instruments and like the rings, they should feel like they have always been a part of us. My ring trapped the light I held while yours trapped the dark you had. I always thought that light and dark were like two sides of a coin, you can't see both at one time. That was when Tsunade commented that if you had two coins you could see both sides at once."

"I think I get it. This black weapon I am holding holds my white chakra in check while the white one does the same for yours but without both of us, we can't make the weapons to exist without the other." Hinata looked down at the weapon and smiled. "So since we both are coins…" She held her black weapon out to Naruto while he mirrored.

"Then we each choose which side to show facing up." They both released the grip on the ends of the opposite colored weapon leaving the black scythe with Naruto and the white bladed naginata with Hinata. A great energy swept across the area as the couple were shrouded in the color of their chakra, huge amounts of the monochrome chakra filled the area. Hinata looked over and smiled as she saw Naruto despite the chaos. He returned the smile as the single black feathered tattoo on his arm started multiplying and spread out across his body. Suddenly they both felt two beings in their minds; together.

"It was your love; that was all that was needed for yo two to become one."

"That moment you shared where you seemingly read each other's mind was the moment it was finished, use the power wisely…"

The captured Jinchuriki regained consciousness and watched while the meeting allied forces surrounded the crater after winning the battle. They all looked down into the crater for fear of what was coming out from it since it gave off a power that made everyone of their stomachs churn. Out of each of the massive displays of chakra came feathery appendages matching the color of the chakra. Wings, feathered wings came outward from their bodies. Finally the chakra stopped being flaunted and there stood what looked like two angels sent to save them all. Naruto still had his blonde hair, but it was only the streaks left behind in his black hair that took on that color while his skin looked frightening being covered in such dark tattoos. But over with Hinata, her usual clothing was gone and replaced with a simple white dress barely covering her private skin with a glowing radiance which could drive any man insane.

"Naruto-kun, who are we now?" Hinata asked as she looked to her side and felt the movements she was carrying out instinctively with her new wings.

"We are us, we do what we always do. There is still evil out in this world and we must continue to protect them all to the best of our ability, now I believe we have a bastard to take care of."

"I suppose we do…"

"Uchiha Madara, You have directly attacked the guardians of earth, known here as the bijuu and tried to use them in your own evil plot. You are hereby found guilty and sentenced to death by the last order of the Angel of Death. Do you accept your fate willingly or do you hope for something more painful?" Naruto commanded with an impressive authority.

"I will defeat you not matter how strong you become!" The Uchiha shouted loudly.

"Wrong answer." Naruto and Hinata moved as one as they hovered above the ground making their approach even more silent and quick. Madara went to move out of the way but just with a simple raise of his hand, Naruto froze him still. It was a quick execution for the traitorous man. Hinata's spear like blade pierced him straight through the gut while the scythe sliced him cleanly into many pieces. Naruto quickly placed his two hands firmly on the scythe and funneled his chakra into the weapon, creating a huge black looking Rasengan on the tip of the weapon. "Ketteiteki jajjimento (Final Judgment)" The blast caused everyone to shield their eyes as it destroyed any remnants of the evil enemy.

The blast was still flinging earth and debris around when the young Kages felt an unfathomable power before them. "Yugito, Yuki and Rai. You have been great friends to us all, and now we will repay you with removing the burden from you. All the power will remain with you so you can protect your villages from evil, but we will free you from the consciousness within. All the bijuu must be freed." They watched as the two were covered in light and darkness and touched them on the forehead and then instantly they were gone with the abrupt end of the large blast. The allied forces looked down at their enemies and saw nothing remaining, they were all gone, even the great dragon disappeared. All that was left was the young Kages. A brief moment of silence fell and then the cheers started and echoed across what was left of the forest, they were victorious.

"Yeah, but where are our friends?" Sakura asked herself as she watched a river find its way into the large crater and started filling it with water.

"Gone… for now." Yuki mentioned as she stepped out of the crater and into the crowd before being quickly pulled into a strong hug by none other than an unruly looking guy with his giant white dog at his side.

"Good you're safe." Kiba whispered as he held her tightly.

"Yes I am, and don't you forget that I can still kick your ass."

"What do you mean 'for now'?" Sakura asked with tears threatening to fall. Yuki pulled herself away from Kiba's hug and looked at the pink haired girl

"I'm sure they'll return, but they had to release the bijuu first." Yugito mentioned in hopes of cheering her up

"That power is too much for even them to handle though." Everyone looked to Tsunade. They had no idea that she was even coming out to the battle so it was quite surprising for them all.

"You really think this is the end?" Shikamaru asked while eyeing the now mostly filled lake and smiled seeing the reflection from the sun and a few clouds.

"Maybe, but if anyone can return it would be those two." Tsunade turned back towards the village as everyone seemed a bit somber. "What are you guys waiting for? Saké is on me in Konoha!" The cheering started up again as the ninja jumped around happily drawing to close the end of the war and in celebrating the lives of their greatest heroes.

(Konoha Prison)

The two Uchiha brothers were being tortured by being bound to the wall of the same cell, only inches away from each other, yet they could do nothing to the other but shout obscenities. Each wanted the other to die, but knew they couldn't do anything in their condition. Suddenly a flash of white light and a wisp of pure darkness announced the arrival of the two most powerful beings, still charged with unfathomable power. Both Itachi and Sasuke looked up and directly at the intruders.

"You two have been a pain in my side for years, always saying I was nothing, now look at you." They kept their eyes locked on this dark guy that exuded the feeling of death. "You two deserve this end, but it was all started by someone more evil. Hinata?" The angelic looking girl smiled to her lover and nodded.

"You are right Naruto-kun, they don't deserve the freedom we will give them." Hinata stepped up to Sasuke and Naruto went to Itachi.

"I am taking back the power that was given by the Kyuubi and I am taking the Sharingan from your eyes; never will this power be wielded by anyone." Naruto reached out and placed his hand on Itachi's forehead. Itachi fell unconscious almost instantly and Naruto smiled. "Now, Sasuke, I'm removing Orochimaru from your consciousness, as one in tune with the angel of death, this is an easy task." With a smile and a flick to his forehead, Sasuke felt the snake bastard leave his mind.

"Now that he is gone." Hinata started. "I will remove your curse seal and take your Sharingan as well. No longer will there be this horrid dojutsu that demands the killing of their brethren. The Sharingan is dead, only Kakashi will keep it since he is not tied to it by genetics and that eye will soon go blind. You will also be stripped of the majority of your ninja ability, now you will be the dead last and a failure, just as punishment. Don't worry though, Itachi will still be your equal." Hinata placed her hand on his shoulder and concentrated for a few seconds and he too fell unconscious.

"Let's go Hinata, we have to free the sealed bijuu from that statue before the majority of our power fades."

"Hai." Then they were gone…

(Eight Months later)

Time passed and there was no sign of either Naruto or Hinata. It was strange how quickly the Uchiha brothers changed as well and were quickly released. They knew of their change, but not how it happened and they also knew the life of an elite ninja was out of their reach as well. Things started getting back to normal and the Kages were back in their countries with the ones they cared the most about and looked over the well being of their village. There were still missions to carry out since there was still plenty of evil lurking, so powerful ninja were still required, including one to lead them.

Tsunade was flipping through some papers; the last few months had been strangely harsh on the aged Hokage to the point that she didn't have the strength to keep her genjutsu on without strict concentration, so she actually left it off for most of the day. She was tired and wanted a way out of the office of Hokage but couldn't make up her mind as to who to appoint to the office.

"Shizune, I can't make a decision on who to appoint as the next Hokage. Each of these ninja are suited to the task and are approved by the council because of the help given to the capital of fire country, but I don't even know any of them. They are all from the capital, how can I decide?" Shizune walked over to the desk and looked at the documents and smiled gently.

"Tsunade-sama, they aren't multiple people but one person, those are all his accomplishments. The council is only telling you who should be the next Hokage in their mind. They just want your approval as well."

"Oh… I guess if he has done those things written here, then he should be capable of the job." Shizune knew Tsunade wasn't able to see correctly anymore and was fading fast. She surmised that it was due to her special healing jutsu that caused the sudden fall in her health since it shortened life in the long run.

"Hai, should I send for him?" She asked the Hokage.

"Indeed, I'm too old for this…" Tsunade looked up to the pictures of the kages before her and looked right at the fourth. "Your son should be here to take over, he would do an excellent job…"

About another week passed when a young man and his wife were reaching the gates of Konoha to accept the title of Hokage. It was a very long journey for the both of them, but mostly for the woman who was heavy with child. They were a happy couple and were clearly in love with how they talked and held hands while walking down the road. Eagerly they stepped inside the city gates and looked about their surrounding and inhaled the familiar scent.

"You glad to be home Hinata?" He asked with a bright smile across his totally normal looking, blonde haired face.

"Hai." She replied while smiling happily as she rubbed her huge belly. "I want my baby to grow up in this wonderful village, our home. There is no where I'd want to live more than here and with you, Naruto-kun…" He gently pulled her along and into the village, their village… their home…


The ending was a little abrupt, but this leaves an opening for more. I won't continue it, but if there area any others that want to take it further into the trials of actually being Hokage and such, go ahead...

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